How to install 2 dvd games on xbox 360 rgh – Easy Steps

How to install 2 dvd games on xbox 360 rgh

How to install 2 dvd games on xbox 360 rgh

Hello Players, as you may know, YouTube is close to closing the channel. I have taken essential measures so that it does not happen. The 360gamerRGH channel was privatized by me, it has NOT been eliminated, this while I make some changes so that they do not continue to eliminate videos and reach total closure.

XexMenu is basically the first thing to have after you’ve chipped your console with RGH. XEXMenu is a file manager / FTP server / control panel for Xbox 360, it can be launched for XEX Homebrew, games, applications and emulators from a USB drive, internal hard drive or even a DVD. So in the next video we can see how to have or use XexMenu for the first time. Comment that I have an xbox with freestyle and everything was going very well for me and each and every one of the games worked until the moment that forza 4 and battlefield 3 came out.

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(where is my StealthFiles folder?). This option is at the top of the Help dropdown menu. Startup/Shutdown and select Restart. Once the PC finishes rebooting, you can log in and start the development of creating the ISO file.

I can’t install them on the external hard drive I have. The Forza tells me that na de na and the Battlefield I install it, it starts and at the moment that I am going to hit the campaign it tells me to insert the other dvd. I put the 2 dvds of each game in the games folder of the external HDD, each dvd with a directory with the XBOX-360-ISO-Extract-V2.7.0 GD3 software. The Freestyle version I think is 1.20.

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How To Lay Out And Format Hard Drive Inside Xbox 360

It has the appearance of the original Microsoft NXE, being able to change its appearance through “skins” and adding new functions. It can completely replace the original NXE if desired, using Dashlaunch. In the rgh/jtag region we first choose the dash we want to do and finally click on make image. Creating a copy of a friend’s game to use on your console can be interesting, but doing so is just as illegal as downloading a free copy of the game from a piracy website.

how to install 2 dvd games on xbox 360 rgh

You look for the route where you have the games and you choose it. You do a manual scan and they should already show up in the FSD game library. FATXplorer is the ultimate Xbox 360 storage gadget explorer. Developed with speed, compatibility, and reliability in mind, FATXplorer aims to be at the forefront of your Xbox 360 arsenal of tools.

How to install the rgh chip in xbox 360

It’s just that I have a practically new xbox 360, they gave it to me 6 months ago and I haven’t opened it to date haha ​​but… wandering around CompucaliTV I’ve seen multiple good games, and my question is whether… I just download them and then? How do I make it run on the console? Playing unofficial copies of Xbox 360 games online is against the Xbox LIVE terms of employment. If you’re caught doing this, your Xbox LIVE account could be suspended. For your safety, it is better to play offline. If DVD Decrypter doesn’t work, you can try using a paid option, like MagicISO, to rip the Xbox 360 game. It’s in the bottom left of the window. Doing so will start the game to burn to the DVD.

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When doing this, make sure the label is facing up. If an “AutoPlay” window opens when you insert the disc, close it. Well that’s how I have it and it has worked for me 100, also other titles and I also do as well as battlefield 3 and as if nothing takes the games, I hope I helped you. I have the following inconvenience, I don’t know how to make an .iso lt 3.0 now patched so that it looks good, I have tried with 120% alcohol, with imgburn and another one. Hello, how are you, very good manuals just in case, my name is Alex, I’m from Chile. Thank you very much for uploading so many games, you have helped me a lot to cope with this quarantine at home. Pd if you want to put any of these editions on your console, I invite you extensively to take it to an expert, they are very difficult and tedious processes and the slightest mistake will leave your console unusable for life.

Play Games On Xbox 360 With RGH

FATXplorer makes your exploration of Xbox 360’s most engaging file systems more exciting than ever. When it is finished writing the nand we remove the power cable from the console and disconnect the usb from the programmer. Click where it says read, it will recognize the size of the nand and give you the option to choose how many copies of the nand you want to make.

Hello brother, putting games on the hard drive is somewhat ambiguous, that is, it is understood in two ways, to give an example. It’s at the bottom of the window. You can do it yourself or pay someone to do it for you. This process involves opening the Xbox, detecting the developer of the DVD drive, connecting the drive to your computer, and then laying out a program on that drive. So your Xbox will be able to play copies of DVD games.

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I saw there the issue of flashing and stuff, but I think that with rgh I forget about flashing. In short, let’s see if someone tells me how to do it, don’t explain it to me very complex with strange names of programs, extensions or files that I don’t understand a jot. It seemed to me that I only found a folder called “games”, in the plural. I put the 2 DVDs of Assassins IV there as it says there (extracted in GOD format), but then I didn’t see the game in the gallery anywhere…

The inconvenience is the next one when trying to open any of the 2 halo 4 dvds, the game loads me when I press start, it asks me to install dvd 2 and from there it does not let me carry out anything else… If someone has experienced this or knows how to fix it thanks in advance. How to burn the isos that I download so that the xbox can read it to me?

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