How to Install Apps on Windows 10 Without Store – Easy Steps

How to Install Apps on Windows 10 Without Store

How to Install Apps on Windows 10 Without Store

Download any and all apps from the Windows Store without signing in with a Microsoft account. As a Windows 10 user, you have the opportunity to download and also install programs from different sources, such as the Microsoft Store, the Internet, and even a removable drive. Next, we explain how to install applications and programs in Windows ten, whatever the origin. Here we will tell you that the developers of adguard are popular for having now developed other programs that allow us to bypass Microsoft interfaces and directly access downloads. To serve as an example, they have a tool to download the official Windows and Office ISOs, both final and Insider. And, also the interface that we will talk about this time that allows us to download any application or game for free without the need to go through the store.

If we did it in Windows 11 we will have to resort to the last trick that we are going to see to restore this store. Your PC settings may prevent downloads from unknown sources in order to protect your device from malware-infected installers and unwanted third-party apps. Windows 10 comes with some apps now built in, like Skype and OneDrive, but many more are available in the Windows Store. Regardless of how much you want to do with your computer, there is an application for it. To enter the Windows Store, click the Start button and then select “Store”.

Disable Microsoft Store In Windows 10 Step By Step

To do this, store the .exe file of the application in question on your PC and click on it to run it. Since the first release of Windows 10 in July 2015, it is possible to install and use Windows 10 without a Microsoft account. An end user who is not comfortable with a Microsoft account can create a local user account and use it to sign in to Windows 10. This is done by Windows 10 in order to link the online account, but we simply have the possibility of closing this window to continue the usual installation process and in some applications we will see the following.

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how to install apps on windows 10 without store

The first of them, without going any further, is that the installed UWP apps will not work, or they will do so with many problems. If we try to use paid apps, with DRM, by not being able to validate the license, they will not run. We also won’t be able to keep Windows UWP programs up to date, missing out on likely new features and experiencing issues. Windows 10 arrives with a lot of apps pre-installed on the system that may or may not be to the taste of each of the individuals.


In the Choose where you want to get apps from section, open the dropdown menu and select one of the options that start with “Anywhere (…)”. In this way, you choose if you want the device to inform you if there is a related app in the Microsoft store, to remind you that you are going to have an application outside of the Microsoft Store or if you prefer not to show you any message. Having said that, you get a lot of mileage out of logging into the Store.

Create a new value by right-clicking in the right pane and selecting the New / DWORD value option named AutoDownload. Enter the Windows Store menu and select the Downloads and updates option. Now you can simply open Start and launch the app like any other app. If before we did not want to use this store, but now we dare to use it again, it is feasible to re-enable it very easily without having to completely format the PC. To do this, it is enough to follow the same steps and set the value of RemoveWindowsStore, which we created before, to 0. With the release of Windows 11, Microsoft has made it much more difficult to free us from this store.

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Install Uncertified Apps In Windows 11

Download the latest version of the app you want to install. Our blog is full of Linux manuals, something logical while it is more difficult to configure and also implement something in it. But I do not want to leave behind the creation of Windows tutorials that, although much simpler, certain tips are always necessary to support us in certain conditions. In this particular case I will show you how to have apps from the Microsoft store if you need to enter exactly it. As we are a denied country, we are prohibited from entering the Microsoft store, so we must manage to have apps of exactly the same. Basically it is very easy like everything that is done on Windows, I will show you both methods.

But despite everything mentioned, if from time to time or frequently you download these programs from the Windows platform, you have other alternative ways to achieve it. It is precisely all of the above that we will talk about in these lines, downloading UWP applications without having to use the official operating system store. Among the novelties that little by little are being introduced here, Microsoft brings all kinds of applications, whether they are native to the platform or not, to its official Windows store. At the same time, you want to provide an environment and interface that provides a quick and easy experience for browsing, installing, and updating apps.

After all, it is the best way to manage online, where information gives power and options. In W10 we must enter an account to exploit all the virtues it gives us. One of those virtues is the opportunity to access thousands of applications, including themes and funds through the Microsoft store. Find in our download section a wide variety of applications, games for video consoles and tools for your PC.

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The first thing we are going to do is open a PowerShell window, with administrator permissions, and run the following command. With it we are going to see each and every one of the packages that are installed in Windows 11. INDEX From the Microsoft Store From the Internet From a removable drive How to install programs from the Microsoft Store? As a security measure, Windows Store programs go through a review and must comply… Double-click on the .exe file of the program you want to install on your PC.

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If during the development of the package installation we receive an error, it is that they do not meet the necessary and mandatory dependencies for the application to work. So we’re going to have to download and install them as well using the exact same method you chose. To do this, what we must do is open the Windows Configuration menu, and go to the “Update and security” section. Here we will move to the “For developers” section, and we will activate the “Developer mode” box.

If we decide to look for an app in the browser, we may come across a page in English, with the download link down, or we may have to go from window to window looking for the right link. In addition to this, many websites abuse advertising with annoying windows and banners that can end up causing us to download unwanted files and software and even malicious software. By downloading the app from the Microsoft store, we avoid advertising from websites and the installation of malicious software. Microsoft Store is the official Windows application store in it we can find a rigorous catalog of applications available for this operating system. Of course, we must understand that it does not have support for the dark mode, although it could arrive in subsequent editions of the store.

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