How to install bluetooth on a pc that doesn’t have – Easy Steps

How to install bluetooth on a pc that doesn't have

How to install bluetooth on a pc that doesn’t have

In the context menu we choose «Join a personal area network». The quickest way to turn Bluetooth on or off is through Quick Settings. To do this, we must click on the network icon that we find in the taskbar.

On desktop computers, however, they often come without it and we have to add a hardware component to support this type of connection. We explain the Bluetooth keys in Windows 10 from configuration to adding and removing gadgets and other details. Check if the Bluetooth module is enabled in your hardware settings. To accomplish this, reboot the laptop and also enter the BIOS/UEFI settings. In different BIOS editions, Bluetooth settings can be found in different menus. Look for an alternative related to the Bluetooth adapter and make sure that it is activated.

We click on it with the right button, select connect through and click on direct connection or entry point. If we want to add new wireless devices, we can do it by right-clicking on the Bluetooth icon that is enabled on the taskbar and selecting Add a Bluetooth device. Apart from the direct input that you have at your disposal in the control center, Windows 11 adds an icon in the system tray.

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There are many things you can check, and if you just bought it you have the option to return it. It is important that we do all the necessary checks on the equipment before ruling out that it is this one. It is also not superfluous to run the antivirus to find out if there is a virus, worm or security problem. We can even disable it for a while so we can see if it’s affecting the connection for some unknown reason, like detecting the device as not secure. We must confirm that the device is enabled, with enough charge and within reach of our PC so that it can connect. If, for example, the device has a certain range and is further away, it will not work.

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Similarly, if you want to use an Xbox controller or external monitors, use the rest of the options. If you cannot solve the problem that you are having with the Bluetooth connection on your Windows 10 PC, the PC itself can help you with this. Simply click on the Start button, access the Settings menu and then scroll to the section pertaining to Update and security.

You can carry it out by uninstalling them, from the device manager, automatically or manually, or even if it is required from Windows Update. Faced with any inconvenience with Bluetooth, we must ensure that the perfect airplane mode is deactivated. Sometimes it can be unintentionally disabled because there is a keyboard shortcut.

how to install bluetooth on a pc that does not have

We go down to the bottom and click on “Send and receive files via Bluetooth”. Once we have Bluetooth enabled in Windows 11 we already have the possibility to configure it so that we can link them with other gadgets. This is something that we have the possibility of carrying out by right-clicking on the Bluetooth icon that is activated in the taskbar and choosing “Add a Bluetooth device”. For this we write control panel in the search box of the Start menu and select it. Later we enter the Hardware and devices section, click on Devices and also printers, and finally on “Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices”. Once opened, we locate its icon, for which it will sometimes be necessary to expand the list.

In addition, most allow us to use them without losing signal at several meters. The bad thing is that we must recharge the battery of the headphones. Click on “About this Mac” and in the box that has been displayed, click on “Much more information”.

As you can see in the previous catch, the first result is Bluetooth and other device settings. Click on it to proceed to stop at the same section of the changes that we discussed in the previous section. Again, you need to slide the slider to Enabled to turn on Bluetooth.

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Manage From Windows 11

Then make sure the Bluetooth icon is in the notification area. As you can see, it is very simple and easy to check if our PC has Bluetooth and how to activate it. The advantages offered by this technology are many, so it is worth making the most of it. Almost all computers today have built-in Bluetooth, but if yours doesn’t, you can always get a Bluetooth Adapter. A window will open showing all the hardware and devices installed on the computer. Click on Bluetooth . Here we will see a list of each and every one of the devices installed on our device.

Another option that we have available is through access to the Configuration menu, which we can enter through the keyboard shortcut “Windows + I”. Later, in the left panel of Settings, we click on the “Bluetooth and other gadgets” section. At the end, on the right panel, we can find the “Bluetooth” button. If it is blank, the Disabled message appears next to it, so if we click on it, it will change to blue and show Enabled.

The moment we want to add a new Bluetooth device from the activity center, we will simply have to display it and we will find the Connect button. To do this, you can press Control + I, or look for the gear icon in the start menu or the notification panel. Once inside, click on the Gadgets section to proceed to the configurations related to the gadgets that you connect to the computer. If it turns out that your PC or laptop lacks built-in Bluetooth connectivity, you should know that there are several easy and cheap ways to add it and get it up and running. We expose you now, what to use and how to connect these devices via Bluetooth. You can enable or disable the Bluetooth module on most laptops using a separate button or by using the function key and key on the top row of the keyboard.

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The situations of the keys and levers tend to vary from one computer to another, but in any case you should not have special adversities to be able to identify them. You should take into consideration technical points of the adapter such as compatibility with the OS of your PC. Here we will get a button to turn Bluetooth on and off immediately.

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I explain experiments and other tricks using only a keyboard. Enable or disable Bluetooth with the slider that you will see at the top of the screen. Click on Bluetooth and devices, in the category catalog on the side.

How to Activate Bluetooth Windows 7 Using Usb Adapter

On the taskbar, choose the action center, and now select Bluetooth to turn it on. You may also need to check if there are any other drivers that can affect it, so we recommend that you update them and check all of them if possible. It is a basic function through which you can turn Bluetooth on or off, which sometimes works like when you restart the pc or turn off and on any device. On access, it points to the reference local account and gives admit. Once you have done everything you will have to restart the system in order for the changes to be applied.

In this section we will find the option to Fix problems and, in it, we will have to go to ‘Locate and solve other problems’ to get the specific entry of Bluetooth. It seems obvious, but it belongs to the first steps and one of the ways to fix almost any problem. Try to deactivate bluetooth and activate it again to see if this way it recognizes our device and we can synchronize both gadgets.

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