How to Install Dual Whatsapp on a Dual Sim Cell Phone – Easy Steps

How to Install Dual Whatsapp on a Dual Sim Cell Phone

How to Install Dual Whatsapp on a Dual Sim Cell Phone

We enter the duplicate application, we register with the other number and now it is, we now have the option of 2 simultaneous accounts, one from the WhatsApp application itself and another in Parallel Space. To use 2 WhatsApp accounts in a Dual SIM smartphone, the first thing you should do, for logical reasons, is to insert 2 SIM cards with 2 different phone numbers in the mobile. Each inserted phone number will be used to manage each WhatsApp account. Duplicating applications on Xiaomi mobiles is very simple and allows us to have 2 WhatsApp accounts among many other things. Dual SIM or double SIM mobiles are phones that have the possibility of using two SIM cards, that is, they allow the use of two different telephone lines in the same terminal.

Parallel Space is probably the best option, due to its ease of use and reliability, so it’s worth a try. The Dual SIM in WhatsApp will let you have 2 different numbers, each one with its name, contacts and others. So if you were looking to live this experience firsthand, then you have come to the right place. In the case of Apple gadgets things are not so simple. Dual app alerts will appear with the same app icon along with the dual app icon to the bottom right of it. Once installed, you will be able to log in with a different account than the one used in the exact same app considered primary (without the double app icon).

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I leave you our updated compilation of the best dual SIM smartphones that you can buy in case you find it interesting. You will receive a message with a code that you must use and simply open access to the different chats. You can easily switch between accounts by tapping on the top left corner of the app. Although basically each and every one offers the same, being able to duplicate or clone an app to be able to use it with 2 different accounts on the exact same phone, all of them have their characteristics.

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how to install double whatsapp on a dual sim cell phone

However, if you have a Dual SIM smartphone but you only want to use one line, you can use it as if it were a monoSIM phone, without inconvenience. It is also useful to combine the best smart mobile rates to save. There are people who use the Dual SIM to exploit free calls on one SIM and a fee with a lot of data on the other. Or for foreigners or people who call abroad, they have the possibility of combining a rate with calls from all over the world with another normal rate or they can also use a SIM from a foreign operator.

Clone Whatsapp To Have 2 Accounts On The Mobile

By having these two accounts of the app, the usual thing is that we have the possibility to use them simultaneously, depending on the method chosen in this case. So we can receive messages instantly in the account, without any problem. On other occasions, it could happen that only the account whose SIM is activated will work, if we only have one activated on the phone. When you log in, choose “Not a business” from the company category. Relaxed, WhatsApp will not block your number or prevent you from using its business messaging app for personal purposes.

If you have a dual SIM phone, you can use the different SIM cards to make calls using separate numbers; and send SMS using different numbers. But did you know that you can modify two WhatsApp accounts and use them on the same phone? If at any time you wondered how to install two WhatsApp accounts on one phone, then you have come to the right place. Every time we are with much more dual SIM mobiles, phones that allow us to insert 2 SIM cards at the same time and therefore a lot of functions that you probably had not imagined.

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The first thing we have to do is configure our mobile, because without this configuration we will not be able to carry out any of the virtues and tricks that we are going to show you now. Part of the inconvenience of using WhatsApp comes from mixing personal and work messages on the exact same phone. Although also people who even prefer to have two different WhatsApp accounts to use both at work or for personal use. The next step is to select which apps you want to have in that parallel space. Parallel Spaces preselects a few apps, but if only WhatsApp is interesting to you, it is best to choose only WhatsApp and deselect the rest, to improve performance. The Dual Mail configuration is fairly hidden in the mobile changes.

How to have two WhatsApp numbers on the iPhone?

This tool is among the most used to clone accounts and get support for multiple sessions in instant messaging applications. By having 2 phone numbers doing a job on the mobile, we will be able to use each one with a different WhatsApp account. In some phones with a dual SIM slot and a micro-SD card reader, the space of the secondary SIM is shared with that of the SD card, so you have to select between one or the other. If you want to avoid this, the phone you buy must have specific slots for both SIMs and a special one for the micro-SD. This time I am going to talk to you about how to modify a dual SIM Android phone so that you can make calls and send messages from 2 different lines. If you have a personal account and a work account, a solution to this is to carry it out with WhatsApp Business.

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Do you have a Dual Sim Smart Mobile? This Way You Can Use Two Whatsapp Accounts

Of course, we advise against using unsigned apps, at least if we are not sure that their developers are trustworthy. The key application to have duplicate WhatsApp is Parallel Space. This allows you to duplicate applications downloaded from the Google+ store, the Play Store. Once we run Parallel Space we can easily duplicate the WhatsApp application.

The app stores are full of fake WhatsApp apps. WhatsApp has many features, but it lacks some interesting options that we can find in other messaging applications. ” you authorize the processing of your data by XFERA MÓVILES, SAU (MASMÓVIL) in order to provide you with the information requested on receipt of the MÁSMÓVIL newsletter. You can exercise your rights by writing to More information in our privacy policy.

Otherwise, just type in the verification number and you’re good to go. In case you don’t receive the SMS, you can also press the Call button on the screen to get a verification phone call. 3-You will see a list of apps that have the possibility of running with the function and alternate between them. If our smart phone does not come with this kind of functions as standard, we have the possibility of choosing to download a third-party application that allows us to clone WhatsApp and thus have 2 accounts on the same smart phone.

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