How to Install Google Apps on Huawei P40 – Easy Steps

How to Install Google Apps on Huawei P40

How to Install Google Apps on Huawei P40

Huawei’s new phones do not have Google+ services. Close all the apps, (you will no longer have problems with the alerts). Open the running apps screen and close them all. Choose Step 3 and install the only APK file that is . Go back to Home, start the LZPlay application; and then, from the screen choose Activate and then Allow.

If you do not carry it out, your mobile will work normally, only you will not have access to the applications offered by the Google plus company, such as Gmail, Google plus Drive, Google chrome and Google+ Play. Do you want to understand how to download and use Google+ services and applications on a Huawei? Here we will explain in an easy way how to carry out this procedure. In the next tutorial we are going to explain in detail how to have Google+ Play on Huawei P40 Lite; the Play Store and other Google+ Play services that are not preloaded on Huawei phones. The main problem is that, in addition to not having the Google+ certificate, the experience that we are going to have after installing the GMS through the choices that we have explained to you may not be the same.

Among the drawbacks of this type of method is that you need to download applications and files from a third-party location. We absolutely trust the source of this video, but if the development goes viral you will find these files in more places. The solution is so easy that it is surprising that it has not been approved before. Huawei allowed GSpace to enter the App Gallery and thanks to this, you can use the Google+ app store on Huawei without any problem. It is worth mentioning that the creator of the app suggests – although it is not an obligation – to format the device before continuing.

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How To Have Google+ Play On Huawei P40 Lite Tutorial

For example, Netflix is ​​not available, and to be able to use the service we have to make a living by installing an APK of version 4.1.6 of exactly the same. The one that is available in the virtual store of the smart mobile. And it is only enough to index the service in the search engine to install the application. Now, open the app, forget about the username and password fields and click on Detect device, which will be located at the bottom of the screen. The first thing to consider is that yes, we do have Google plus services installed, but the device is not Google plus certified or eligible to pass Safetynet.

There are several recent paths that lead us to be able to access the Google+ application store on a Huawei smartphone. Since the movement from the United States, many tricks have appeared and disappeared, each with its own characteristics. Still, many Huawei phone owners want to get the Google+ Play store on their newly purchased smartphones, but there is no official way to do it.

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Open Play Store, ignore the errors and download the VTecno Device ID app. Install one at a time in consecutive order. Download the package prepared by EloyGomezTV to have Google plus Services from here. Huawei P40, P40 Pro, P40 Lite, Mediapad M6 or Honor smartphones released in 2020.

This means that, as has happened so far, Chinese smartphones manage to work with a non-certified version of Android, that is, they cannot use Google+ services. These services allow you to pay with your phone, enter the phone’s location and complete countless tasks. This procedure has been created by XDA user bender_007. It should be noted that, in case your device is updated, the Google+ store will continue to work.

how to install google apps on huawei p40

After waiting a few seconds, the Google+ login menu will appear. At this point we will have the Google plus app store installed on our device, although we are not going to proceed with the registration. We restart the device and continue to delete the Chat Partner app, which is in your usual list of apps. This ‘Chat Partner’ app will open, with a main screen where you can log in. We pay no attention to these spaces to enter name and password to look at the ‘Detect Device’ section, where we must click.

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This was seen as a result of the commercial blockade that occurred a few months ago. That is why when getting a smartphone from the Huawei company, we are forced to manually install Google+ services. Tap on Step 5 and also install the apk (installation file) for Google plus Play services. Go back to the file manager app and navigate to the folder that includes folders again.

(This folder will be used in a later step). Touch and hold the zip file; then tap the menu button at the bottom right of the screen ., and choose “Extract to / This folder”. Despite the fact that Huawei is doing the highlights to compensate for this knowledge of Google plus on your mobile with the AppGallery application, many still feel this lack, for that reason you are going to learn how to have Google+ services on Huawei 2022. Regardless of the version of EMUI that we have on our mobile, we will have another procedure similar to that of Gspace, but that is more convincing and functional for many clients. It becomes the alternative for some Huawei models that for some unknown reason cannot use Gspace.

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Luckily, at this time there is an effective trick to have Google plus services on a Huawei smartphone or tablet that puts an end to these headaches. Now this sunroof has come to an end thanks to an infallible method to have Google+ services on Huawei. From the moment Trump’s veto took effect, Huawei gadgets no longer have Google plus services and although there are tricks to install them, in the short-medium term they stop working. Go by completing the steps indicated on the screen. As you continue, Google+ services and applications will be installed. Even in 2021, it is still possible to have Google+ applications and services on Huawei platforms.

And the unbeatable thing is that you can create a direct access to the desktop without needing to be doing cumbersome steps and that’s it. There are many alternative methods to download Google+ services on a Huawei device and honestly this is the most permanent and, above all, much easier to install than all those that exist on the network. However, there is a small problem and it happens that GSpace is not compatible with all Huawei smartphones. To give you an idea, it only supports a few models, including the entire Huawei P40 family, the Y-range phones and the Chinese brand’s MatePad tablets. Once you have it, now you will know how to download Google+ services on Huawei in a very simple way.

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