How to Install Google Drive Backup and Sync – Easy Steps

How to Install Google Drive Backup and Sync

How to Install Google Drive Backup and Sync

This step would fix the issue if the sync issue is related to the app. This is only a temporary solution, but if you are in a hurry to upload files, this would be your best option. On your Android phone or tablet, open Chrome or any browser you like and go to Google+ Drive. Sign in with your Google+ email and password to continue to fix Google plus Drive not syncing issue. It should be said that the resolutions in the cloud (those that we have seen until now in this article and generally) have the limitation of not being a complete copy, but rather a selection of folders.

The download link and coupon code have been sent to your email. You can also click the button to get the software directly. Once downloaded, installed and synchronized, we can find the tool itself in the lower right part of the screen. Actually, it creates a new icon located in the system tray. In addition to this, many recent technology companies presenting their storage platforms of this type to us. One of them is Google+ as we mentioned, but for example Microsoft also has its own, OneDrive.

Google Plus Drive App

For example, Wondershare UBackit is the best and most affordable Google+ Backup and Sync alternative. It is packed with many advanced features and will let you backup or restore your data as and when you want. While Google Backup and Sync plus provides a hassle-free solution for storing your notes in Drive, it can be quite expensive and has limited storage. Therefore, if you are trying to find an alternative to Google+ Backup and Sync, then you can give Wondershare UBackit a try.

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If the OneDrive window doesn’t open after installation, or if it’s now installed on your system, find OneDrive in your Start Menu and open it. If it’s already running, you should find it in your notification area. On the other hand, high resolution videos refer to HD resolution. Much larger photos and videos, such as 24MP or 4K, will typically be resized. People are used to shooting only HD video and are used to taking 16MP photos.

When you delete a file by mistake, “Restore” will let it be put back; will be copied from online storage. If you really want to remove it, “Remove” will also delete the online store files. On the other hand, Google+ Backup and Sync is the application built for Mac and Windows computers. It lets you access files on your Google plus Drive using your PC. In addition, it also creates backups of your chosen local files to Google+ Drive. This platform also allows you to add images to the Google plus Photos.

But now it is also available as a desktop tool, which is what we will talk about in these same lines. If you use Drive on multiple interfaces, this may cause a problem when syncing. Then try to sign in again on your Android device.

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Google Plus Backup and Sync Download

This way you will have the opportunity to see and change these files at the time you want and from the place you want without requiring an Internet connection. We teach you how to modify the offline mode in Google plus Drive on Windows and Mac devices. Whether due to hardware failure or malicious software, data loss can also occur in backup copies at any time. Therefore, it is important to backup Google plus Drive. Use IONOS to automate the data backup of all your gadgets with MyDefender. Regardless of the mobile device you are using, Google+ Drive must already be downloaded and also installed on your device.

how to install google drive backup and sync

The storage or technical input is necessary for the legitimate purpose of saving preferences not requested by the subscriber or user. You can temporarily stop Backup and Sync from backing up or synchronizing by using the pause function. Or it’s useful if you’re using a metered data network (such as your phone’s hotspot), or if you’re on a slow connection and syncing is using a lot of bandwidth. Select the folders of our computer, that we want to keep a backup copy in Google+ Drive, we can choose the quality of the images and videos.

A Complete Guide to Google+ Backup and Sync on Mac

You need to check whether the network your Android device is connected to is permanent or not. This would prevent the app from reaching the storage server, causing it to fail to sync its data. You can also use the exact same software to recover your backups in case you have lost your files on your phone. And that’s it, from now on you will now be able to browse all the files you have in Google+ Drive.

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Part 4 Recommended: Delete Backups to Free Up Space

Click on it and you can see your laptop or desktop. Click on it and you will see the folders on your PC that are currently stored on your drive. To sync in this situation, you need to open Google+ Drive, expand the “Computers” directory. Here, find the folder you want to sync and drag it to the other PC’s directory.

If you’re on a business trip without connecting to Wi-Fi, you can work, and the moment you’re back online, your changes will sync. The best of all is that, when you disconnect, you will be able to continue accessing those files and the version you will see will be the one that was active when you disconnected. As the demand for higher quality media increases, so does the need for spare space to store these media.

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