How To Install Google Services On Huawei P40 Lite – Easy Steps

How To Install Google Services On Huawei P40 Lite

How To Install Google Services On Huawei P40 Lite

We have tested the process first-hand and have not found any problems. The next thing the store will ask us is to log in, which we can do as we would normally do and without limitations to enjoy all the services and applications. Now, every time we install an app from Google plus Play, it will be announced in this folder that works like a world apart.

If this is not the situation, display the signal bar and click here on the notice of the downloaded file. Of course, before getting into the matter we have to communicate that the development may not be safe for the terminal and the user’s data. We do not have the frequent protection of Google plus plus, and we will have to download a file from the Internet, which can open the door to viruses and hackers.

When we do this, we will be able to receive our Gmail emails in the native Huawei mail app, but no content will be synced considerably more. To serve as an example, we will not be able to have our contacts or our calendar events as long as it is linked to Google plus+ services. For Googlefier to work, it is required that you grant each and every one of the permissions it asks for and then follow the rules shown on the screen. These apps that we touch will be installed from different sources of the network based on completely reliable election stores, so we will not have to worry about their origin.

The answer is that not all Android devices include the Google+ Play Store; Sometimes phones from Chinese manufacturers replace the Google+ Play Store with a single App Store for their phones and tablets. This is the situation of Huawei; but you can still install Play Store on Huawei P40 Lite and other Huawei company phones. Yesterday Huawei presented its new Huawei P40 Series, three high-end platforms that boast top-notch cameras and designs, but that came without Google plus Play Services.

This, today, becomes the fastest procedure to have these services in one of the much more recent Huawei. We can now open the Play Store and start configuring our Google+ account to use it normally. After starting the session, we will now be able to access Google plus Play and download applications “as usual”, something that we will clarify much later. In the same way, the Google+ section and its synchronization will be available in the changes of our Huawei, with which we will be able to make backup copies, synchronize contacts, calendars and others. After waiting a few seconds, the Google plus login menu will appear. At this point we will have the Google plus app store installed on our device, although we will not proceed with the registration.

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Therefore, it is advisable to perform a full backup. After this step you will have to wait a few seconds for the Chat Partner installation to finish. You will know that this is the case when the menu to enter your Google+ account is displayed on the screen.

Prevents an app from spending a lot of battery and improves the autonomy of your smart phone

The best thing is that it is done in Spanish, so you will be able to continue the process easily. It is a somewhat more complex procedure than the previous one, but it will be enough for you to continue the steps in order to have everything ready. Previously it took a few seconds and now you will need multiple minutes. Of course, you will only have to carry it out once to be able to enjoy Google+ Play and Google plus services on your Huawei. There are many alternative methods to download Google+ services on a Huawei device and honestly this is the most permanent and, more than anything, much easier to use than all those on the Internet. However, there is a small drawback and that is that GSpace does not work with all Huawei mobiles.

In this way, we can have the apps we need without having to complicate ourselves by installing Google plus services on the Huawei mobile. Today we have very good news for each and every customer who bought or is thinking of getting a Huawei device without Google+ services. Now there is a new procedure to be able to install the services of the great G, Google+ Play and have a normal device like the ones from a couple of years ago. Storage or technical access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. You can download the Huawei AppGallery store now from the link below. Keep in mind that we are talking about an APK and therefore you need to enable unknown origins on your mobile phone before installing it.


You will have to download the second app that appears in the list, since it is the full version. It will be downloaded as an APK and in a few seconds it will be on your phone. Open the app and verify that it works properly. Thanks to a new APK installer, it is now possible to have Google+ Services easily on Huawei smartphones.

how to install google services on huawei p40 lite

Of course it is not an official method, simply a workaround found by the community, and we do not understand how long it will continue to work or if it is absolutely safe. Try it only at your own risk, if you are willing, and if you are, make us participants in the comments of the result. Well, despite not having this set of services, Huawei devices are still based on Android, at least until HarmonyOS begins to gain traction outside of China. Close from multitasking and reopen it to check that you receive it. If you do not receive it in a matter of a few minutes, restart the mobile.

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A procedure that is repeated in the same way as others that we can find on the internet, although in such a case without adversity for us. If you search Huawei’s app store, you won’t find Google+ apps anywhere due to the ban imposed by the US. However, the Chinese developer uses a trick from our Google+ to facilitate access to its services on mobile phones that do not have GMS. We are talking about the Quick applications or instant apps that are available on the web.

When offering it, we will get a notice indicating that our device does not accept services related to Google plus and that we have the possibility of solving it with this tool. You will see a very attractive button with a ‘Repair Now’, where you have to press. In the same way, the same will happen with the operating system, which you can update without problems to the different patches that the Chinese developer is doing. However, we recommend you not to go from one version of EMUI to an exclusive one, as it could happen in the event that any of these Google plus applications remain on the path thanks to a new performance by Huawei. Nothing should happen but exactly the same it is impossible to use Googlefier in EMUI 11, possibly when moving from EMUI ten to the latest version of the system certain apps stop working as before.

Certain Android phones do not have the ability to download Google+ Play. Today we tell you how to install Google plus Play Store on Huawei 40 Lite and other android platforms. If you want to take advantage of our best mobile sales and promotions 2020 or you want to enjoy playing League of Legends on mobile, this information may come in handy. Installing Google plus+ Play Store on Huawei is very simple.

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Erase Data From Google+ Framework

Let’s tweak Huawei’s phone boot interface. At this point tap on Step 3 and install the Google+ Services Framework APK file. Open the running apps screen and close all of them. Then go back to the previous error screen, and choose Next, and you will return to the QuickShortcutMaker screen. Go back to Home, start the LZPlay application; and then from the screen choose Power and then OK. The first thing is to download the Chat Partner application to your mobile, which weighs about 147 MB.

We Tested The New Method To Have Google+ Services On A Huawei Mate 30 Pro With A Single Apk

Select Step 4, and install the only application in APK format present for Google plus Play services. Then tap Browse, and open the 3-dot menu that appears at the top right of the screen and then Browser sign-in. Tap the Force Close feature and then Uninstall. Click on the 3-dot menu and choose View system processes. Copy the downloaded file in ZIP format to the USB flash drive, and connect the external device to your Huawei P40 Lite.

Search Apps On Huawei: Petal Search

Although before turning off the Huawei P40 Lite you will be able to see that the Google+ Protect service appears in the alert bar to guarantee that all the contents installed on it are protected. Or that the Google+ Play Store app icon appears with the rest of the installed tools. Wow, it’s already an Android mobile with Google+ services. Improving the screen quality of a Realme smart phone is… When you finish the installation, restart your device, then uninstall the Chat Partner app and that’s it, now you have the Google plus+ Play app.

The only difference will be that we will not be able to use Google plus+ Drive for backups, but we will have to use the copies of the internal storage of the phone itself. I have exactly the same problem as the previous comments. Next, we will proceed to touch the Shortcut Maker application that has this folder inside and carry out all the processes that it indicates.

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