How to install linux and windows 7 on the same pc – Easy Steps

How to install linux and windows 7 on the same pc

How to install linux and windows 7 on the same pc

In the end I have chosen to use Ubuntu because it is perhaps the best known and among the ones that give much more push outside the much more purely Linux environment. However, its work platform is not so similar to that of Windows, so if you want a more familiar experience, you may be more persuaded by Linux Mint or variations such as Kubuntu. On the other hand, if you want a distro much more similar to the macOS interface, elementaryOS would be among the most visible options. News and also information on software, both for Windows 10 and Open Source. Tutorials, guides and tricks to exploit the main programs to the limit, both desktop and web apps.

Once everything is accurate, the next thing will be to choose the “Install” option. To start you must get the copy of the version of Windows that you want to have, once you have it you have to create a USB drive where the Microsoft program and several of the drivers for the Mac will be installed. This USB drive must have at least one aptitude 8GB storage. Among the most complicated resolutions at the time of buying a computer is choosing which OS you want, while depending on it will be the performance of the device.

Dual Boot With Windows And Linux Mint

In his analysis he almost forgot to mention the proportion of viruses for which windows 7 wins by far against ubuntu from linux with 0, on the other hand windows also wins in the number of dollars it costs compared to linux which also costs 0. The benchmarks they are attractive, but I don’t think that absolutely anyone has them in mind when using an operating system. Of course Linux has an added value, it’s free and I’m very happy with several other aspects, such as on the subject of viruses and the great social network of people that surrounds it, always ready to attend. I consider that I will always miss things from Windows and in turn also from Linux.

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From our experience with UEFI systems, there is no default OS to boot a dual-boot computer. The last booted OS will be the one that appears as the default, regardless of the UEFI application settings. Another of the much better known is VMWare and you will find virtual machines available that allow you to import directly.

It is just as simple as the previous case except for the previous step of freeing disk space to later have the GNU distribution, since new computers that preinstall Windows usually have all the disk space occupied. But hey, even so I still love linux, although at the moment as it is, I completely refuse to return. Reading all those racist and empty comments, when I refer to these 2 fantastic systems, the truth is that I believe that any system can be good, as “Jose” mentioned in a comment that was there. Ok… I understand that my expressions will not change from looking to the planet, lo c. But really, they should feel a little embarrassed and even reason a little bit. I have Vista Home premium and the reality is that I don’t have any compatibility problems, it all depends on how you want it to work, just as it depends on how much shit it does to the hard drive.

In other words, if you have previously installed this OS on another computer, then you will have no problem continuing. In this case it is important that you check the “BootCamp” box and the format must be NTFS. Next, the system will offer us to update the OS that we have installed, or perform a new installation from scratch, choosing in our case this second option by clicking on the “Adapted” option, as we can see in the window in the image below. Before continuing, the installation system will warn you that you are about to make irreversible changes to the hard drive, deleting everything you have to distro.

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We are talking about Microsoft’s own operating system software that allows us to use Linux as a guest OS without having to give up the system that we have installed. It has been working since 2020 with the WSL 2 version that adds updates and allows you to use the original version of the Linux kernel. It is a very interesting option if you want to run Linux programs without adversity.

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As soon as you review it, hit the Arrange Now button to start arranging the distribution with the organization you have predetermined. In this section, you must choose the layout of the keys on the physical keyboard of your PC or laptop so that they are configured so that the v is where the v is and the ñ is where the ñ is. To this we must add that they are two of the most popular distros out there, which means that there are hundreds of weblogs, forums and communities created around them where you can find assistance when you encounter certain problems.

To turn on the virtual machine, it is only necessary to press the “Start” button. To turn on the virtual machine, it is only necessary to select it and press the «Start» button. I am delighted with Linux and I do many things better than I did on Windows. There is no OS better than the other, simply the one that suits your needs.

how to install linux and windows 7 on the same pc

In contrast to the product where we teach you how to install Linux on an old computer, in this case we are not going to put any restrictions on the age or capacity of the PC. This means that, starting from a modern computer, you can use the distribution you want. In Xataka Basics we have already cataloged the main Linux distributions so that you have where to start.

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Having Windows 7 and Linux on the same PC is something that changes depending on the distro to be installed, but this product will be very useful if you take it as a reference. The last partition we will create is going to be the swap partition, unformatted space on the disk that the system will use as virtual memory. In the Use as option we will select swap area and click OK. The recommended space for installing Linux Mint 17.1 is 10 GB, but if you have enough disk space, anything larger is fine. The default file system is Ext4 journaling file system, which will be useful for this configuration.

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Ubuntu is updated every 6 months, but each of these versions is supported for 9 months. There are new LTS every two years, with each and every one of the news, and its minimum support is 5 years. Although there is malicious software for Ubuntu and other distros, the probability of being infected with it, or of being the victim of a computer attack, is practically nil. We don’t even have to have an antivirus on our PC, so the performance will be much better. Gone are the days when a dual installation was only possible for experienced people, nowadays, when you know the procedure, it takes longer to download the ISO and copy it to the flash drive than to install.

But don’t go away, we still need to change the configuration that is made at startup so that our laptop starts directly with the hard drive and not with the other storage entities that we select. There are cases when the OS installed on your laptop does not work with certain programs. A Linux subsystem in Windows 10 allows us to run native Linux tools directly on Windows. We have the traditional Windows desktop but we have the possibility to evaluate Linux without changing the OS.

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