How To Install Harry Potter Map In Minecraft – Easy Steps

How To Install Harry Potter Map In Minecraft

How To Install Harry Potter Map In Minecraft

Minecraft has one of the most active client communities and that has enormous virtues for each and every one of the players of the title. Competitions are organized, a lot of tips and tricks are distributed, and, perhaps most importantly, a lot of useful elements are generated for the players. In addition to this, you will not only have primary goals, but you will also be able to interact with many of the people you will cross your path with, and who will offer you additional challenges. Being Harry Potter makes you a beacon for many people, who will want to count on you for much more diverse goals.

All the magic of the Harry Potter books and movies come to the planet of Minecraft with Harry Potter RPG. A mod that has been developing for a long time and that is now finally free for download using the new Minecraft Ropleplay mod. The care and affection with which the popular planet of JK Rowling has been reflected is spectacular, and while we cross our fingers so that Warner does not carry out theirs, we can only applaud the good work. Minecraft School of Witchcraft and Wizardry goes beyond a simple reconstruction of the places we met in the JK novels. The map includes missions, paper elements and puzzles that we must overcome in a Hogwarts and surroundings that have been recreated in detail.

The Best Maps You Can Download

This announcement was accompanied by a trailer in which we can see some of the most emblematic locations of the license. Witchcraft and Wizardry is a map for Minecraft that not only recreates the iconic levels of the saga, but also allows you to play as an ordinary wizard from Hogwarts in an original role-playing adventure. Some esoteric elements, typical of the saga, will be present in the game. The most recognizable of these will be the wands and also the mandrake roots, which will scream just like in the movies and books. All of these items include their in-game FXs and can be used for recipes and enchantments. All our links are checked before publication, we are sure that there are no viruses or malicious software in the links they give.

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Minecraft was resurrected last year among the general public thanks to Microsoft updates and youtuber series, but if there is something that keeps the game alive, it is the imagination of its social network. Last January, from FreeGameTips we showed you the first advances of this group of modders with Minecraft and Harry Potter, whose result was close to what it is now. The planet of Hogwarts comes fully to the Mojang video game with its own adventure in the purest RPG style. The Hogwarts school with its mythical dining room and its different facilities.

Method 1Method 1 Of 2:Create A Custom Map

Open the “Downloads” folder on your computer and drag the downloaded zip file into the “saves” folder. You’ll need to extract the zip file in order to open the planet in Minecraft. When you’re done, DO NOT close the “saves” folder. Press “E” and choose the “Miscellaneous” tab denoted by a lava cube. This tab contains eggs for every creature in the game. Equip the egg on the action bar and exit the menu. If you right click with the egg selected, that creature will spawn in front of you. Open Minecraft and on the main screen select “Singleplayer”.

how to install harry potter map in minecraft

Once in that path, click with the right mouse button on an empty space in the Windows Explorer window and choose the Paste option from the context menu. As soon as the computer finishes pasting the folder, you can open the game (restart it if you had it open throughout the installation) and choose the new maps you have installed with either of the two methods. It may seem complicated at first, but in a short time you will get the hang of it and you will also install new maps in no time. It is an undertaking that managed to reproduce the city that appears in the Mirror’s Edge video game consoles.

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In it, we can investigate the Hogwarts school of magic from start to finish, train wand shooting, learn spells, complete goals and roleplay with the rest of the students. Although the download is completely free, Witchcraft and Wizardry is so well done that you want to give it to the authors of this fantastic mod. Below we show you the trailer in which we can see the new elements that will be available within ‘Minecraft’.

Webs To Download Maps For Minecraft

To get to that map you can download it or make your portal as shown in the following image. Download the best and much popular mods, maps, textures, shaders and other things for Minecraft 1.14. We will also visit all the surroundings of Hogwarts, and its depths, a kind of prison where we will have to face enemies of all kinds from the Harry Potter universe and solve puzzles that will use the mechanics of Minecraft. Another map with historical connotations is this one that recreates a city that could be built between the 19th and early 20th centuries, since it encompasses different architectural and artistic styles from both periods. Have you ever dreamed of living the adventures of Harry Potter in person? Well, you can now carry it out thanks to an incredible advance for Minecraft.

Everything you may require to enlarge the gaming experience. To download you must go to the end of the text where you will see the download link. There are many directories and websites to download Minecraft maps from among the communities with the most followers, we show the most attractive ones and the ones that are updated much more frequently. In some of them you will find them by categories so that it is easier for you to search, in addition to this it will be very simple to download them to use them later.

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It is also attractive to visit the forum of the website and the list of servers. In order to install new maps for Minecraft, the first thing is to download them. For this you can search the Internet or go directly to one of these websites that we have compiled and where you can find literally hundreds of different maps.

You can find this alternative at the bottom right of the screen. Login via communities does not work in incognito mode. Log in to the location with your username or email to continue. The mod goes far beyond Hogwarts and includes Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade as shopping malls. The players will have access to their inventories, they will be able to collect hundreds of magical objects and also elements that they will use to progress on the planet and grow as magicians.

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