How to Install Macos Big Sur If I Have No Space – Easy Steps

How to Install Macos Big Sur If I Have No Space

How to Install Macos Big Sur If I Have No Space

If you already have another Apple device, like another Mac, an iPad, or an iPhone, it’s recommended that you use the exact same account and password to keep all your data in sync. If this is going to be your first Apple device, you’ll be able to create a new account. …Personally, I won’t even make a backup for this.

Firstly, reboot your system the way you want. If it doesn’t respond, press and hold the Power button and wait for it to turn off. To make much more changes, you can click on the “Open Language and Region” feature from here.

Today, Apple released its 17th version of macOS – Big Sur (11.0), a successor to the widely known Catalina (10.15). The first announcement from Apple was in June 2020, the publication was supposed to be on November 12 and many users were waiting for it. Sometimes it is likely that we download files, movies or music that are already on our Mac more than once and that we store it in other folders thinking that we did not have it on our hard drive.

The following are several of the recurring drawbacks associated with this unwanted situation. Another reason could be that you simply don’t have enough storage space. Usually, a macOS download fails if you don’t have enough storage space.

Make a Backup Before Upgrading to Macos 11 Big Sur

Finally, in the Advanced tab you can make the “Show filename extensions” box (something useful in many cases), and you can also choose things like automatically deleting files from the trash every 30 days. From the little edge that makes an appearance we can choose precisely which folder is exposed when you first open Finder. You can also choose if you want to open folders in tabs and not in windows, and change which items are shown on the desktop. Be that as it may, you may want to understand some tweaks, tweaks, and apps that you can add to the apple system to enhance your experience.

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Exactly the same with the performance drawbacks, it is possible that the battery lasts less at first, this is probably because macOS Monterey does a job in the background to finish configuring itself. But if after a few hours or a day things haven’t calmed down and your battery life is still draining faster than usual, update your apps. If you get the “gateway timed out” or “bad gateway” error, start your Mac in Safe Mode (hold down the Shift key on the keyboard while it starts), then try downloading and getting macOS Monterey back. If you receive an error message such as “Installation failed”, “Network connection was lost” or “Installation of macOS could not continue…”, it is possible that the problem comes from Apple because there are many people downloading macOS Monterey .

Airdrop doesn’t work

Apple’s social network discussion forums and other professional spaces have been inundated with customer reports of the error “An error occurred while installing the chosen updates” while trying to install Big Sur. The problem seems to happen much more frequently when customers try to download it through the update launcher much more than from the Mac App Store. The download folder is the place where each and every one of the files that we download are stored. Internet, either via a peer to peer application or through messaging, mail or some other type of app. As a general rule, once we have downloaded the file we need, we usually move it to the folder where we want to store it, or if we are talking about an app, we install it quickly. In this case, it is very possible that we later forget to delete the app that we have downloaded and it is left occupying valuable space on our hard drive. This concludes our informative guide on how to fix macOS could not be installed issue.

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Finally, while there are more changes throughout the OS, the last major change is Safari. This is another area of ​​the interface where everything is going to feel different, but also very familiar. In the Desktop & Screensavers section you can change your desktop background, and with macOS Big Sur there’s a great selection of dynamic backgrounds that change based on the time of day. The macOS file explorer shows you a sequence of shortcuts in the sidebar that may not have everything you care about in it, and defaults to opening in the “recent” section, which might not really be your favorite . Vitualbox is the most common of the two, helped by the fact that, of both, it is the easiest to use.

how to install macos big sur if i have no space

If after a day it’s still slower than normal, try restarting your Mac or MacBook and updating all your apps and software to the latest version. Press enter then restart your Mac and now it will ask you to create a unique Administrator account. Updating your Mac to the latest version of macOS is really simple. Once release day has arrived, when you open the Mac App Store you will see a banner informing you that the update is free. This version is also coming to the Updates category of the App Store so you can get in. Now, here is the official Apple catalog where you can see which Mac models are compatible with this new version of macOS.

Edit Your Home Page In Safari

Keep holding until the moment your system boots into recovery mode. In the event that the system becomes unresponsive, you can press and hold the Power button to turn it off. If you are already using it, just go to the main menu and click the “Restart” button. There is probably some conflict with the existing OS or software profile on the computer. Open the Finder window, choose “Go” from the top menu, and choose “Proceed to Folder.”

In our centers, in cases where this technique must be used for repair, we always talk about recovering the data manually. If it doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to enlist the support of our certified technicians to reinstall the update. If your pc is a Mac mini or Mac Pro, apart from checking the nutrition, make sure that the connection with the screen is not the problem. When the Mac is impossible to update, it is best to restart the computer to check that it works normally. Once the download is complete, the installer will appear automatically.

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How To Fix Macos Monterey Download Problems

Simply click the “Reinstall macOS” option and follow the easy on-screen instructions to complete the installation. If the system already has multiple clients, there may be a problem with the installation. Make sure there is enough free space on your system to fill the installation.

This is always the best solution if you need to frequently work with large files due to your profession and they are videos that you cannot delete. Once you have the installer handy, plug in an external USB to create the bootable media. Make sure you have at least 12 GB of free storage. Also, make a backup in advance as Mac will format it.

We need to make sure we select the correct format for macOS and proceed with formatting the drive. If we have an AMD processor we can also do it, but it is convenient that we use the Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7, since otherwise we could find that it is not possible to achieve our goal. Of course, in such a case without graphics inside, since the AMD APUs could offer us inconveniences.

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