How to Install Non-Play Store Apps – Easy Steps

How to Install Non-Play Store Apps

How to Install Non-Play Store Apps

To carry it out you have to go to configuration, security section and also go to unknown sources and activate the option to accept installation from unknown sources. Afterwards, it will be time to download the APK file of a higher version. Of course, you must activate the Dispose unknown apps function and activate the browser you use (in our case it was through Google plus Chrome). After downloading the APK, we will click on it and it will proceed to install it on the phone.

In Android, having apps that are not in the store is something very common and simple. The nature of the Google plus operating system is open, unlike what happens with iOS. Android allows the installation of applications from different sources, while iOS limits the installation of applications to free ones in the App Store controlled by Apple, although as you now suppose this is not exactly the case, and hence the reason for this article . It is feasible to have applications from outside the official store and in many cases even without jailbreak.

If your smartphone does not have access to Google+ Play due to a configuration problem, because you are in a country that does not allow it to be used, or because the manufacturer cannot provide the store, following these steps you will be able to download the apps you need. The only thing left for you is to send yourself a direct link for the application on Google+ Play to any app that allows you to click on it. Choose to open it with the Aurora Store and, now, yes, you can press the Install button to download it and also install it on your mobile, wherever you are. Now, so be it because we have a phone like a Huawei or because we simply cannot find the application we are looking for, using the Google plus app store is not possible in all cases.

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Alternatives To The Play Store To Download Apps On Android

Android has an excellent file and package organizer, so the APK downloads will go directly to the “Downloads” folder. Before you continue, thanks to our professional and ethical level, we are obliged to warn you that applications outside of Google+ Play are not guaranteed to be free of viruses or bugs, and can damage the operation of our phone. It is strongly recommended to use only and exclusively the Play Store as the official source of downloads and installations due to the added protection in the applications that are acquired from there. If this application is malicious, it will not appear in these privileges, but it can guide us on its exact intentions. Now we will be able to install any app outside the Windows 10 store.

In addition to this, if there is any slope it will also be shown with a small red circle. From here, we will be able to start downloading the new updates of the different software of our phone with EMUI. AltStore was born as the first alternative to the App Store, an application store that allows us to install any free app in this store on our device, without having to resort to jailbreak. In order to use this application store, it is necessary to use the official application, an application that is free for both PC and Mac. The second option available to install apps outside the store is using iTunes.


Imagine that you want to download the original Google plus Pixel camera app to your smartphone. With a different smartphone it is impossible to download it directly from Google plus Play, so you would have to choose to download the file from other stores or repositories, such as Apk Mirror or UpToDown. You can also use applications such as Aurora Store, an alternative option store that allows downloads to smartphones that do not have Google plus Play services installed. Play Store is the app that gives access to Google plus Play, the official content store for Android devices.

how to install non play store apps

Not only to improve small bugs, but also to add new features. But, if you are one of those individuals who does not know how to update them, you are in the right place. At the time of the launch of this new alternative app store to the Application Store, we have very few apps at our disposal, but the one that attracts the most attention is Delta, an app that allows us to enjoy the traditional Nintendo. This app, being an emulator, is not tolerated in the Application Store from which it was withdrawn shortly after being available some time ago. When the process is finished you will be able to see its icon on your screen, click on it to access the app.

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Ways To Install Unofficial Apps On Ios

For our example, we will try to download Google plus Fi, the official Google+ application for your data and calling plans in the United States. Google+ only provides these services in the US, so the app does not appear in Google+ Play accounts in other countries. If you enter from its link, it shows you the error “This application is not compatible with any of your devices” in the Google+ Play web page and “This item is not available in your country” in the Google plus Play application. Not only Samsung has its repertoire, since Huawei also has an Application Gallery. A store that has been on its smartphones for a while, although they began to push harder after the US veto the Chinese company. For this, we are going to enter the store and then access the Management tab, in the bottom bar.

To have an iPhone application with Cydia Impactor, you must first download this software, it is available on Windows and Mac. Then, in the ‘Config’ section, you must specify the version of Android and the brand of phone you want to simulate. In addition to this, you will have the option to choose a specific smartphone model. When everything is configured, click on the ‘Generate download link’ button. To get started, go to the Apk Downloader website from your PC or smartphone browser.

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How to Find an Apk File on Your Phone

Thanks to AltStore, we can have apps on our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without having to go through the Apple app store and without the need to jailbreak our device. A few years ago, jailbreaking our device allowed us to access a large number of applications and functions that we could not find natively in both iOS and the Apple App Store. However, as the years went by, the interest in jailbreaking has diminished considerably, to the point of closing Cydia, the jailbreak app store.

If you are going to install applications from any source, it is advisable to have an updated antivirus so that our device is always protected, although Windows 10 itself already comes with its own “Windows Defender” antivirus. Learn how to remove the restriction that has been established in the latest Windows 10 update that prevents the installation of applications that are not from the Windows Store. SlideMe is an alternative that stands out for having paid content. Its publishers, with the help of the community of individuals, strive to review published applications for malware and pirated versions.

In the case of estimating to install an older version, we must first uninstall the app. In order for your phone to download apps that do not belong to the Google+ Play Store you have to do the following. Then click on the Advanced changes tab and then on Security. Activate it, since with it you will be able to have those applications that the phone does not consider as official.

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