How To Install Play Store On Samsung Smart Tv Without Android – Easy Steps

How To Install Play Store On Samsung Smart Tv Without Android

How To Install Play Store On Samsung Smart Tv Without Android

All these services and others that will arrive much later will allow us to play in the cloud with our television, in the same way that Steam Backlink already does. In addition, we will be able to pair Bluetooth controls to our television so that playing is just as comfortable as carrying it out with a console. This new feature will arrive in Spain during the last quarter of 2022, so we will have to wait to see which Samsung Smart TVs are compatible.

Smart TVs are becoming more popular due to the possibility of downloading applications, as if they were a cell phone or tablet. To install applications, more or less the same resource is required as on mobiles, that is, having your Smart TV connected to the Internet. Just like opening apps or Samsung Apps, you have to tap on the Smart Hub button on the remote, which can be seen with these letters or as a colored square in the center of the device. It is not an application but a free television system with channels that allows you to access content such as series, movies or programs as an extra to your apps. This is the case of Atresplayer that only works on Samsung televisions after 2016, for example.

You will be able to download them for free, although to watch series or movies on the different interfaces you will need to be registered on them, as is the case with Netflix for video or Spotify to listen to music or to set up a home theater. When you now have Internet, via WiFi and cable, you must install applications on the Samsung Smart TV. It will depend on the model that you have to access in one way or another to the different applications that you want to have installed… Although the control may vary or the OS changes, each and every one of the televisions allows us to access. In case you only want to use whatsapp on your smart tv, and you don’t want to download any other type of application, what you can do much more simply is to enter whatsapp web from your TV browser and then scan the QR code with the app smart mobile.

how to download play store for your smart tv from pc?

You have already verified that the development to download and update the Google+ application store, Google plus Play Store has other update methods, but it is something that we must carry out sometime to verify it. The procedure that we have to do to update the Google+ app store is not the same as the one we carry out when we update the rest of the applications on our mobile, for this reason it is important that you follow the steps that you will see during this product. You may see this cumbersome process, but it is not like this, you only need a computer and a flash drive to start the development and obviously follow certain steps. Keep in mind that the apps you choose must be compatible with the OS of your Smart TV. In order to access the app store and also install them on your TV, the TV will ask you to sign in with a Samsung Account. If you do not have one, you will have to create it using a valid e-mail and it will only take a few minutes to carry out this process that will allow you to express the uses you give to your television.

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Once in the app store, you will be able to search for the app you want in the catalog, from the different categories, or by using the search engine. Desktop computers have become a common fixture in many people’s homes. Likewise, many have found in them an assistance at the time of being able to see some kind of web material in a more comfortable way, relying on HDMI cables that are connected to TVs and PCs, to make the image of the computers watch comfortably on televisions. However, it is common that some of them do not have the Play Store installed previously.

But if you are thinking of downloading the Play Store application for a television or Smart TV without Android, it is impossible, since it does not have the Android system nor is it capable of reading the applications in .apk format. The Smart TVs that already have Android, have a great advantage over their competition, if you have children who are small, you can serve them as a means of entertainment by downloading various games and interactive apps that they have the possibility of using through their led screen . If you have a Samsung TV and you want to download and also install the Play Store on it, it is possible since most Samsung Smart TVs are compatible with the Play Store and have the ability to download applications. If you are a user of an Android smartphone, you surely know the application with which we download the rest of the apps, Google plus Play Store. Each and every one of the applications of our smart mobile is updated through Google+ Play, but sometimes you will have asked yourself the question: How is the Google+ Play Store updated?

As soon as you get to the Google+ Play Store information section, search for and press “Clear data” and “Clear cache”. A number will appear under the name or at the bottom, type “2.15.20” as we can see in the image. Go to the applications section of your Smart TV and check that the application is installed correctly on your computer. However, this procedure is very complex and you should not activate it if you do not have advanced understanding of computer science. Using this method we can brick our Samsung TV, that is, make it completely unusable. For the same reason, only use it if you know what you’re doing.

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The file system that the USB memory must have is the FAT16 or FAT32 format and this formatting process can be carried out peacefully from your PC. In addition, smaller USB sticks are recommended for these processes, since most Smart TVs recognize them faster. This latest feature will let you have third-party apps on your Samsung TV or even make your own shows for your TV. It is a procedure only suitable for people who have programming knowledge, and that Samsung makes available to individuals so that they can get the most out of their televisions.

Go to your computer, right click on the flash drive and format. Now you will copy the app in the memory without only and pass it to the pc. Before you have to disable the automatic updates from the changes of your TV. It’s time to connect the USB to your TV and you will see the notice that the application is being installed. If it does not appear, it may not be a coincidence and there is no way to dispose of it, but before discarding it, try another USB port.

How to Install Applications on Smart Tv by Usb

In other words, under your full responsibility, because it is not a secure process and you may download it with a virus or it simply does not work. When looking for applications for our TV, we must take into account the year of the TV. In the previous texts we have explained certain simple and fast options to install Android on a normal television to transform it into a Smart TV, but here are other alternatives that you can use and that are equally valid.

how to install play store on samsung smart tv without android

Some channels are available for free or some programs if we download the app on Samsung without needing to pay, just by registering. Others require a monthly payment of Movistar+ Lite or any television package from the operator that allows us to access programs and channels directly, deferred programs, series, movies and reports. You can ask each and every one of the models compatible with Movistar+ Lite in Samsung from the Movistar website. This is a process that we must carry out under our own responsibility, since we are going to be the ones who must download the app externally and then “inject” it to our TV from a USB memory.

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In The Next Video We Show You How You Can Download Or Have An App On Your Samsung Smart Tv

Netflix has millions of individuals around the world and allows us to access a catalog with thousands of series, movies or documentaries. From the Samsung application on your Smart TV we can register or enter our account on the platform to enter the different categories as we search for children’s content, family movies, action movies. All this will be recorded in the app until the moment we close the session, so you can turn off the TV whenever you want and when you turn it back on, you will continue the series exactly as you were going, whether you have finished the chapter exactly as it is. half.

After installing it you will be able to open it like each and every one of the others on your TV. Don’t forget to check if the app is paid or not; if it is, the price will appear on the screen and you will be asked for a purchase confirmation. After that, it’s just done and the app will now appear on your TV’s home screen.

To repair it, we must use the Equipo Orientation app to modify the orientation of the screen. So that the download is finished we are going to move on to the Play Store installation development on our TV, for this using the remote control we must choose the “INSTALL” button and end. To start downloading the Play Store apk on tv, you have to use the downloader app, which works as a download manager and browser. For the rest, you will have to obtain the files from the ZIP file of the application on the USB memory. We advise you to delete any other files on the USB memory before connecting it to the television.

Beyond the fact that having the app directly on a Samsung TV is not possible, there are other possibilities that will allow us to run Android on a Samsung TV with Tizen OS. We will have to enter a PIN code which is 0000 by default. If you have changed it and you do not remember what it was, you can press the mute button, the numbers 8, 2 and 4 and the power button. If you press all at the same time, the PIN will be 0000 because it will be reset.

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