How To Install The Baby Seat In The Car – Easy Steps

How To Install The Baby Seat In The Car

How To Install The Baby Seat In The Car

In the following link we tell you the specifications of the i-Size car seats. The handle belongs to the safety of the chair, it is essential to put it according to the manufacturer’s standards. The restraint belt or harness must fit snugly and without slack, so that the baby is comfortable and well protected. In addition to this, we must always take into account the developer’s instructions when it comes to having a car seat to confirm that our little one is protected and safe. As a general rule, the ISOFIX system is safer for baby seats than the seat belt, since it is specially designed for CRS.

Capable for use in tourism and also to attach them to strollers. It is also essential to follow a deep disinfection of baby seats. Wash the cover periodically and apply non-aggressive disinfectant liquids to the rest of the chair.

It is just as important not to lower the guard as the children grow, ”says Josep M. Vallès, president of the SmartBaby Foundation and member of the board of directors of AESVI. Likewise, it is really difficult to have 3 child seats in the back seat. It can be put on in both directions of travel, but it is recommended to use it in the reverse direction for as long as possible. There are seats that can be installed both with an Isofix anchorage and with a seat belt. Many cuckoos that are sold today have a base that fixes the child seat not only through the anchors to the car itself. It also does it by means of a vertical arm that must be perfectly taut and level.

Belt Extender

That it is not possible to install each and every one of the retention systems in the seats, since the car is small and the chairs do not fit. Each and every one of the parents is logically aware of the safety of their children in tourism, however, only between 36 and 53% of children are properly restrained in the car. The other half of the little ones usually have the badly installed car seats, as indicated by various foundations and automobile clubs. Only in these three cases is it valid to transfer babies in the front positions and to carry it out, a rear-facing baby seat must be installed.

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In any case – more than anything, due to the fact that there may be variations between the different models – what you should do is read the regulations for baby car seats. In this way you will know precisely how to install a baby seat in a car without Isofix —models prior to 2013— and how to install those that do have it that comes inside —for all passenger cars after 2013—. However, if we focus on the generic models of each one, we must take into account the following.

how to install the baby seat in the car

It seems that there is complete agreement among experts and road safety agencies that the safest seats to carry children in the car are the rear ones. Apparently the safest of the 5 usual seats in a car is the rear central one, as it is less exposed to shocks with other elements of the vehicle. The use of car seats reduces 75% of injuries caused by traffic accidents. However, 62% of parents do not install it properly according to research by BMW.

Isofix System For Increased Safety

For all these reasons, it is clear that children with a chair always have to go in the back seats. In the event that they must go ahead due to certain three exceptions, it will only be possible to do so if we have the possibility of disabling the airbag, something that is especially obligatory in the situation of rear-facing child restraint systems. It is essential to know that Spain is one of the European Union countries that has much more advanced safety policy for children in vehicles. Understand that the driver is directly responsible for not complying with the established regulations. In Spain, not taking the child in tourism with its approved and mandatory retention system entails a fine of 200 euros and the withdrawal of 3 points from the driver’s license.

For this reason, if we opt for seats with the ISOFIX system, we ensure a correct installation, as long as we follow the developer’s instructions. That said, if we choose to put the child with the appropriate homologated restraint system in the passenger seat in the front row, the first thing is to deactivate the passenger airbag. Many passenger cars propose the disconnection of this element as standard and many as an option, but in case of having an airbag and not with the possibility of disconnecting it, the child must sit in the rear seats. Understanding how to arrange a baby car seat without Isofix is ​​very simple.

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The ISOFIX is an anchoring system that universally regulates the installation of a child safety seat, and reduces the risk of failures in use. Child restraint systems are those gadgets that allow babies and toddlers to travel safely in a car. Until you are 12 years old or 1.35m tall, you are required by law to use these systems on the go. Make sure that the seat anchors indicator turns green. This indicator is a sliding tab on top of the seat anchors.

Below we will explain the basic essential specifications of the various types of child safety seats in the car, according to their age and weight. At the time that there are other inferiors occupying the rear seats in child restraint systems. In this sense, we remind you that children up to 15 months of age must be facing the rear for their greatest safety.

The New Traffic Law Increases The Penalty For Not Using Sri Or Misusing It

An invention used throughout the world for its ease and, of course, for its safety in terms of transportation. Since October 1, 2015, the General Traffic Regulations require children with a height equal to or less than 135 centimeters to occupy the rear seats of a vehicle, although there are exceptions. They will only be able to occupy the front seats when the vehicle does not have rear seats, all the rear seats are occupied by a lower seat and when each and every one of the CRS is not available in the rear seats.

In this link we explain why it is important that the child does not wear a coat in a CRS. The experts from the Spanish Coalition for Children’s Road Safety -AESVi- insist on the importance of properly installing the CRS in the car. “The inconvenience of the safety of the little ones does not end with buying a chair.

In addition to this, by law the airbag in this seat must be disabled, since it can cause serious damage to the baby. Mostly the baby seat should be used in the rear seats of all cars, except in some conditions the child can be carried forward. A transfer of a baby in the front seats could lead to fines and other points on the driver’s license. There are old vehicles that in this central seat have a two-point seatbelt instead of three, which prevents the installation of the SRI.

And to classify car seats by the height of the child instead of by weight and age, making it easier to choose the set of seats. Another virtue is that it allows the driver to observe the child more easily if he is located in the direction of travel. After reading this, many parents will throw their hands in their heads and begin to do the math. But relaxed, that there are up to 5 groups does not mean that we have to get up to 5 chairs.

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Where To Put The Child Seat In The Vehicle: The Much Safer Location

Since the upholstery is not a safety element, this anchorage prevents a potential turning of the seat due to the deformation of the upholstery of the vehicle seat. The use of a seat that is correct for the child’s size and weight, and that is properly installed, reduces the possibility of dying in a road accident by up to 75% and the possibility of suffering serious injuries by up to 90%. In addition, the fact that the minor does not use a Child Restraint System entails the withdrawal of 3 points from the driving license and a fine of 200 euros. It seems simple, but carrying a minor properly seated in the car requires some attention to fully exploit the safety systems of the vehicle and the seat. RiveKids child safety specialists explain how to do it.

For this reason, in addition to being an obligation, it is part of the instruments much more requested by parents. Then slide the belt through the back of the baby carrier, making it pass through the indicated blue mark. Setting up the car seat is very simple, just follow a few instructions and your baby will be ready to travel. On the other hand, make sure that there are no loose objects in the vehicle against which she can hit in the event of an accident.

Keep in mind that babies have to go in a reverse position to the march until they are 15 months old. For this reason, baby car seats of this age must have a base or be reversible. The base of these chairs is installed in the same way as children’s chairs, the chair is fixed to them —unless it is a reversible chair and it already has the structure for it—.