How to Install the Pilot Cables of a Trailer – Easy Steps

How to Install the Pilot Cables of a Trailer

How to Install the Pilot Cables of a Trailer

Hi Carlos, if you have the 7-pin plug, the reverse gear will not work for you. If the problem comes from the vehicle, check the fuses. Hi Emilio, pin 7 is for the Left Situation Light, it is rare that the kit you have bought does not have pin number 7.

Make sure this wire starts at exactly the same point as the rest of the wires in the wiring harness. The cable that we connect to the terminal number one of the cone, connects with the right intermittent, the cable that we connect to the terminal number 2 of the cone connects with the right intermittent and in this way successively. One was attached to the base of the stool at the front, and the other at the left side. Right now I have them attached that way because I put the battery under the seat, let’s see if you can identify the control unit with this photo… No, it doesn’t have a control unit, it only has one cable with 2 connectors.

Everything works, except the brake light, but the fault key appears on the panel, I notice that the flashes go faster and in the house they have told me that everything is fine in the installation of the socket. Could you point out a viable cause. The question is, will the reversing light work for me, when I connect the trailer to the vehicle, with the pineapple plug of 7? Disassemble the plug from the trailer and check that it has the two situation cables that the one who did the installation of the trailer did not connect the two position lights to pin 7, if it is not in this way you will have something wrong connected. Secure all cables in place with clamps or electrical tape. The best way to test the wiring to hook up a trailer and see that the vehicle signals are output correctly for the trailer taillights.

You have a fault in the negative, you may have a bad connection to the negative in the headlight, in the pineapple or in the vehicle. I have a tailgate bike rack that covers lights and license plate. Our trailers were designed with a very low center of gravity to offer high stability. We take care of even the smallest aspect to achieve fast trailers that allow a greater load. Remove all the old lights from the trailer and install the new ones.

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In some places it says that if it only has one cable for position, pins 5 and 7 should be bridged, but that doesn’t mean what. Towing a trailer can reduce the visibility of other drivers’ lights, and having a working set of trailer lights is the best way to correct this problem. In most places, that is also the law. A basic trailer electrical system powers turn signals, markers and brake lights. More sophisticated systems add electric brakes, batteries and backup lights to the trailer. These systems can mitigate towing hazards by increasing your visibility and observation of other drivers when you are stopped.

In this way, when you plug in the position lights, the water pump will work. Find vehicle’s left turn signal wire. Link this wire to the yellow converter wire with a wire connector. Scotchlock connectors clamp the wires together without the need to cut and splice the existing vehicle wire. Connect another 14 gauge blue wire if the trailer has electric brakes.

Hello, the front and rear right taillights of my Renault Scenic 2 do not work

If there was now communication between the LM and the AHM and it is interrupted today, a record is made in the memory of faults or failures of the light module. The AHM forwards fault messages in the trailer current circuits to the LM. Diagnosis is carried out through the light module. The air conditioning control does not work, nor does the heating of the car, nor the air conditioning… I will change the LED pilots for common pilots with bulbs. Fixate well if you have a small cable plugged into the chassis of the trailer and if it is oxidizing, the problem will undoubtedly be in this cable.

how to install the cables of the pilots of a trailer

I have a derby drd racing from 2007 and I have a problem with the turn signals, I kited them for a long time and now to pass the ITV they ask me to have them and it no longer works for me and I bought new ones and I did not want to understand if it is because the… Teach an assistant to enter the vehicle and apply the parking brake. Autobuild specialists discuss the basic steps for arranging a tow hook. I hope it is this way, because the trailer does come from another van… Attach the blade connector to the frame of the trailer using a self tapping metal screw. With the drill, slowly turn the screw into the metal until a small starting hole has been established, then increase agility until the screw begins to work its way into the frame.

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Pineapple Plug Trailer Scheme

If I plug in the trailer and move the jack by hand, the turn signal timing returns to normal after a while. I have a 2017 Peugeot Partner that I ordered from the factory with a hitch. The pineapple is 13-pin and I hook up a quick trailer that has a 7-pin plug using an adapter. Hello, in my tourism the fog light did not work and it was due to a plate that did not make contact inside the 7-pin pineapple. The 13-pole plug basically uses the same order, only that on Pin 8 we put the reverse gear and as several Pins are free we have the possibility of putting direct current, ideal for a caravan or an electric winch. Path green wire from the converter on the right side of the vehicle.

Run the new wiring through the chassis rail on the side of the trailer. Leave precisely 1.2m next to the trailer end of the truck, split the white wire of the wire harness first, and do not connect it to the trailer. I thank you again for the diagram you sent me of how you see the cables of the trailer lights, but a doubt has arisen and it is that in said diagram I do not see how the cable for the brake of the left driver would be. I bought a trailer but the lights don’t work well, could you tell me where I can find a diagram of how these lights work, I don’t mean the pineapple but the rear lights. Cut the white wire a few inches or centimeters where it is still attached to the others. Install a solderless ring terminal on the cut end and attach it to the trailer frame with a self-drilling screw.

How Are Trailer Lights Connected?

Uses a solderless ring connector and a self-tapping metal screw to tie the cable to the trailer. First of all, remove all paint and rust at the point of contact. Today, when I parked the car facing forward with the lights off in the garage, as I approached the wall I stepped on the brake and noticed that the right side of the tail lights dimly lit up. I checked the rear brake light on the same side and it came on… Connect the yellow wire to the red one on the left tail light using a solderless rear connector. Connect the green wire to the red wire from the right taillight using a solderless taillight connector.

Mount the new equipment on the brackets where the old ones were. These lights get their ground from the mounting screws, so keep in mind that you’ll need to remove any rust where the nut contacts the light bracket. FER I suggest you get informed about putting a non-serial towing system. Some time ago there was talk on the forum of the drawbacks of molding a trailer hitch that did not have the original function. Trailers must have lighting on the license plate. Besides they have to have cat’s eyes, and position, stop and turning lights in the rear.

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The rear stop lamps do not light up in the 2 sets of bulbs, the right and also the left. Brake pedal switch I remove cables and one does not light lamps either. Pull out left bulb assembly remove lamp and connector… Determine if your car uses separate lights for turn and stop signals, which is known as a three-wire system. If so, identify the left brake light wire and connect it to the colorado converter wire with a wire connector. Find a protected spot to ground the white wire to the trailer frame.

The caravan/trailer connections are standardized, their function is to make the exterior lights of exactly the same and the interior in the case of caravans work. The most common connection is 7 poles in the case of trailers and 13 poles in caravans. The problem is that I have unhooked the trailer and neither the rear sensors nor the parking camera work.

Next to each pin of the plug you can see a number, with this number and the tones of the cables we can distinguish where it should be connected. Purchase a trailer connector that matches the tow vehicle, unless this vehicle has a 4-pin connector. This is the connector that comes with the trailer light kits, so you won’t need to buy another. Attach the trailer connector to the multi-color cable with the solderless connectors.

Remember that the number of poles between the plug and the trailer connection must be the same. Each of the plugs is responsible for a different function of the lights, so they must engage with each other. In the following product, we explain in easy steps how to connect a car trailer plug.

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