How to install two WhatsApp on a dual chip cell phone – Easy Steps

How to install two WhatsApp on a dual chip cell phone

How to install two WhatsApp on a dual chip cell phone

Now you will have a new WhatsApp on mobile, with a small stacked logo in the lower right corner. This WhatsApp clone works completely independently from the original, so you can set up another WhatsApp account linked to another phone number. With Dual Space we have the possibility to start multiple accounts and keep them online at the same time, switching between them with the press of a key.

You can combine rates to save money, for example, a data line and other calls. For people who like to have love affairs, it is good for them, to also have two WhatsApp. Finally, we would like to point out that the “Twin App” function only works with the official EMUI launcher, so if we have another one installed, we will not be able to use this feature. To duplicate an application, all we have to do is go to the EMUI 5 Settings menu and look for the “Twin application” entry. However, there are others that are highly valued by the individuals themselves in the Google plus app store and whose mission is exactly the same.

Since its 1.4.0 update last February, the Cloner Application also allows you to have a double WhatsApp on smartphones. Once the app is saved on your smartphone, the list of apps that you can copy with it will appear. As, in such a case, we want to clone WhatsApp, we will click on it. The moment it is finished, we will be able to enter the WhatsApp that was created in App Cloner and activate it.

Click on the browser options menu and check “Computer version“. i ️ If you plan to ignore some calls from one of the cards in particular, remember to put two different ringtones on each SIM, to avoid possible errors. i ️ You must ask your line operator if it is compatible with DUAL SIM operation.

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We will use Samsung’s implementation of Dual Messaging as a base, which should be similar to the rest. If you have any questions, consult your phone’s user manual. In this way you will have the secondary WhatsApp account in the mobile browser and your primary account in the WhatsApp Android app. It is somewhat inconvenient and you need 2 mobiles to carry out the process, but it works perfectly. This application is responsible for making a parallel workspace by enabling the duplication of services. It works for WhatsApp, but also for many other apps.

But first we have listed the steps for certain popular brands. In the event that your phone does not support this feature, there is one more solution you can try, listed at the end. Parallel Application works a bit differently from the rest of the applications already seen. What this tool does is make a second desktop on our mobile. So we can locate and manage the apps we want on it.

But don’t despair, we have the possibility of providing you with a free and totally safe alternative that you can download without any fear. This is called Dual Messaging for WhatsApp, and you can find it in the App Store. This app allows us to have 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same phone, apart from being able to have the same account on 2 different gadgets.

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Remember that you will be able to have a new account in this application without this affecting the performance of the main one. Free on Google plus Play, it is one of the most useful apps if we want a double WhatsApp on our smartphone. Parallel Space is a virtualization engine for Android applications. For this reason, we can have the same app open a couple of times and use those 2 accounts at the same time, even customizing its themes individually.

how to install two whatsapp on a dual chip cell phone

This allows you to duplicate apps downloaded from the Google+ store, the Play Store. Once we run Parallel Space we have the possibility to easily duplicate the WhatsApp application. Which means that, if, for example, you have a work cell phone, you will be able to register the line of that number on your personal phone, and thus switch from one account to another to check your alerts and messages. Although it is not much more comfortable, you can clone WhatsApp on Android to duplicate applications from the settings or by using specific apps that are dedicated to “cloning” others, as we are going to explain.

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If at any time you wondered how to install 2 WhatsApp accounts on one phone, then you have come to the right place. What this application does is create a new APK of the app, giving permission to install it again as if it were a different one. The vast majority of phones come with the ability to use dual SIM, which allows you to exchange calls and messages with two lines from the same device.

Although it is true that WhatsApp is making several merits to measure up to the threat of rivals such as Telegram, the issue of multiple accounts is not yet among its free functions. If you, like me, are one of those who have two phone numbers for work -or for pleasure- and you would love to have two WhatsApp accounts on your terminal at the same time, continue reading because this interests you. Proceed to settings of your mobile and select the app mirroring menu. As you might guess, Parallel Space can mirror any other app where you want to have two accounts on the same phone with different numbers. For example, imagine that you wanted to have 2 Telegram or Tinder accounts on your Dual SIM phone, since you could with it. Having 2 WhatsApp accounts on the same Android or iOS mobile is possible.

Whatsapp: It is possible to have 2 accounts on the same cell phone. How to do it?

Although it is a great and simple option, before installing Parallel Space check if your mobile phone has a specific app to duplicate applications. For example, Samsung has the Dual Mail application, Xiaomi is called Dual Apps and Huawei and Honor have the Twin app. These precisely allow cloning of applications and are designed for dual phones.

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As with Disa, it will be possible to use WhatsApp from the official application on the one hand, and the second line will be managed from Parallel Space. B2B Technical Service. Repair of mobile phones and tablets for Companies. The only problem it provides is that after the major version update, you would have to repeat all this development.

Whatsapp And The Methods To Achieve Having Two Accounts On A Single Cell Phone

In OnePlus, just go to the changes, enter “Utilities” and look for the “Parallel applications” option. This means that in the same cell phone, you can have 2 different phone numbers, and that they receive calls through these 2 numbers. There are other applications in the Play Store that allow this operation, and even phones that have the possibility of directly using 2 WhatsApp accounts as standard. Of course, we advise against using unsigned apps, at least if we are not sure that their developers are trustworthy. In addition to both accounts, the application allows you to have a secret account, which will not leave traces in the telephone system. “You can hide your private account and other users cannot see it, so your data security is guaranteed and your privacy is protected,” they explain in Google plus Play.

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