How to Mention Another TikTok User in Your Posts

How to Mention Another TikTok User in Your Posts

If by using the popular social network TikTok you create, watch or get a published content worth sharing with your friends, acquaintances and other users doing it is very easy, since you can tag, mention in the comments or in the description of the video the tiktoker of your choice.

In the same way, you can share TikTok with interesting content andn all your social networks like Facebook and WhatsApp; using useful alternatives such as sharing the content link, downloading the video on your mobile device and sending to other users.

What steps should you take to tag your friends on TikTok videos?

You are looking for or want to share a video on TikTok with your friends, don’t worry. Next We will teach you the step by step to tag other users in videos of this famous social network.

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If you comment

If you want to share a video with a friend through the comments, go to the TikTok application from your mobile device. Next, press the “+” icon on the bottom bar. Record a video from the TikTok app or upload it from your gallery. Once recorded or uploaded select the “next” option.

Among its many virtues, you can adjust the playback time, place filters and add artistic effects to the content. Make the corresponding adjustments and press the “next” option.

Choose the option “describe your video”, press @, the friends you have added on TikTok will automatically appear, select the ones or the one you want and add a comment related to the video.

If you recorded the video

On the “Publish” screen to tag whoever you want, press the word “friends”. There are different ways to search for the person you want to tag: In recent contacts, all users or use the search engine to select a specific user. This way you will tag the person in the TikTok application.

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Finally, press “publish” and the user will be tagged in your multimedia content. Another way to do it is to go to the icon of the comments of the video you want to share, in add comments write @ and it will allow you to select the user to mention. On the other hand, the mentioned user will see the notice that he was tagged in his notifications.

What are the alternatives you can take to share the videos you see on TikTok?

These alternatives will work for us if we want share a TikTok video through another app by directly submitting the content or submitting a link to a different application. There are different ways to download a TikTok video or share content through a link, here are some ways to do it:

Downloads and shipments

Download video from TikTok with watermark: Open the application, go to the video you want to download, select the option with the 3 dots (…) located at the bottom right, in the row below choose the option to save video and finally look for it in your gallery.

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alternatives to share videos with your friends on tiktok

Download with the link: Go to the application, choose the share option (…), in the first row select “share link” and copy it, open your browser of preference, search TikTok video download, Go to the page, paste the copied link in the application, click the download button, choose the video option, download it and look for it in the downloads folder.

Download with applications: 1. Downloader for TikTok: Install it from the Google Play Store application, copy the TikTok link, paste it in the application to download and look for it in the gallery of your device. 2. Video Downloader for TikTok – No watermarks: Install this application on your device, copy the link of the TikTok video, paste it in the application, download it and look for it in the download folder.

This last option from either of the two download applications will allow you to share the downloaded video directly from the application on various social networks. You must take into account avoiding penalties for copyright, take all the precautions not to incur mistakes that you will later regret.

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Send the link

To share the link of your video or the content of your preference, you just have to: Log in with your account in the TikTok application, go to the 3-point option (…), choose the option share link, copy it and paste it into any other application you have.