How to order a taxi from the Google Maps application? – Fast and easy

How to order a taxi from the Google Maps application?  - Fast and easy

How to order a taxi from the Google Maps application? – Fast and easy

The google maps app, it is widely used by people to see the walking routes or any place they want. This is thanks to the fact that it offers us the direction of any route in a simple way, and takes into account the best routes depending on the traffic.

It shows us which is the best option to travel, whether by bicycle, vehicle or transport. Recently, Google Maps added a new one and it is that of taxis. Which we will explain in this article.

What type of taxis can be requested from the Google Maps app?

Now that you know that through the google maps app you can request a taxi, then we will show you the types of Taxi that you can request from the app.


The first type of taxi that you can request through the google maps app they are the Uber, of course if this service is available in the city where you are.

The Google Maps platform will indicate the distance it will take from where you are and your destination. It will give you an estimate of how much the race may cost. Of course, later you can choose the type of driver, the vehicle, and the license plate so that everything goes in the best way. Uber, of course, has its own phone app.

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The second type of taxi you can order via Google Maps is Didi, which is very popular in Mexico and China. This, like all the taxi services that we will show you, has its own application. However, it is a novelty that Google Maps itself will help in this type of service.


Cabify is the other type of taxi that It can be ordered through the Google Maps application. This was created in 2011 in Spain by two young men named Sam Lown and Juan Antonio, and it is currently one of the most used services in that country, even more than Uber itself due to its more affordable prices.

Thanks to its great popularity, it has spread in various countries around the world, including: Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Panama, among others.


And finally in Google Maps you can also find types of taxi belonging to Beat service, which is very similar to Uber and the rest that we just mentioned. Previously, this application was called Taxibeat, but it was changed to just Beat.

With the push of a button you can communicate with a driver. This service is available all day and at any time. Originated in Greecein the city of Athens and then expanded to other cities in the world.

google maps taxi

Steps to request a taxi service on Google Maps

so if you want request a taxi service Using all the functionalities of Google Maps is very simple and we will explain in detail what procedure you have to follow:

  1. To start the whole process, the first thing you need to do is go to the google maps app as usual.
  2. Now you must search for a route as you have always done from point A to point B. You will be able to see in the upper right part of the screen of your device, if it is better to travel by car, on foot, by bus and now with this update by taxi.
  3. If you click on the taxi option, Google will tell you if there is a taxi nearby, and how long is the journey time you just added.
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Separate the application will show you the different types of services for taxis that is available, for example Uber, Cabify or any other. It all depends on whether it is available, on the area where you circulate. For example, in Spain at first it was released only with Mitaxy and Halio.

You will be able to see that next to each available service, Google Maps will show you an approximate price of how much the race will cost. As well will show the distance it will take to get there the vehicle with respect to where the user is.

ruta google maps
This is of great help, since with all this information, you will be able to choose the option that suits you best, whether it is for distance, price or time.

Another important aspect is that Google in those regions where there are various options for the same service, such as Uber. Maps will show us, it will also show various sections to choose the vehicle.

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Once you click on this relatively new feature, the Google Maps platform will direct you to the service’s own app, be it Uber, Titi, or any other.

Now you just have to follow the procedure that is performed within each of the applications. One of them is payment by card, either debit or credit. This is somewhat advantageous, as it allows you to travel without the need for cash. Best of all, the start of the search was started directly through the Google Maps app.

This feature is now available on both devices with Android system and on iOS. You just have to update Google Maps in case it doesn’t appear.

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