How To Uninstall Directx 12 And Install Directx 11 Windows 10 – Easy Steps

How To Uninstall Directx 12 And Install Directx 11 Windows 10

How To Uninstall Directx 12 And Install Directx 11 Windows 10

However, if in your case you do not have the latest DirectX release in Windows 11, we will explain how you can download it from its official page and also install it on your device. There are times when to play a certain game we need to have certain libraries from versions prior to DirectX 12 in our OS. For this, the first thing we must do is go to the official web location where we can download it. Now we are going to open the popular registry editor, a kind of utility that will let you remove hidden folders that collect everything that happens in the system. We are going to search for regedit in the Windows search engine (or carry it out from the perform tab), which will take us to the so-called registry editor. This editor has data from all the applications and everything that happens on your computer, for this reason, be very careful to delete only what I tell you to delete, while if you delete something much more, the consequences could be fatal.

Now we will observe how it offers us the option of having the Bing bar in the browser, something that each of them will choose to do, although in our case we are going to uncheck that option. The relevance that they have with respect to games and some multimedia content means that we are facing something of practically essential importance for many of what we do on our computer. This happens when several of the API files that we are talking about here are corrupt or damaged. Therefore, when the software in question cannot access exactly the same, it returns this error. Sometimes we manage to find a message that says Could not initialize DirectX. Well, this is often caused by a bug in the APIs themselves, so the best we can do is update or remove them to make them available again.

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Better performance in terms of graphics and other functions happen due to its use and bugs like .dll have the possibility to be related to lack of update of it. If you don’t know how to download it and also install it, now we offer you a series of steps that will make it much simpler. Depending on what type of Operating System you are using, you probably do not need to update it, so first check on your PC if you are using a matching DirectX, in this way you do not need to carry out this development.

After uninstalling the update, restart your PC. Possibly after upgrading to Windows 10 authors you will encounter Windows 10 DirectX error. Therefore, you must revert to the old update and uninstall the new one. Click on a small box in parallel “Uninstall the driver software for this device”And click on ok to uninstall the driver program for this device and click on ok.

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The dxdiag will continue to show you 11 because it is the largest of the one you have installed, and it goes without saying that the previous ones also hold. The reality that I understand from this 0, in the Aion directory was not the folder, so I am going to try to update the libraries manually but it is not clear to me what this means. If you give us the peculiarities of your equipment, OS and the games where you have noticed the downturn, post them and we will see what you fall short of or what the problem may be. If you are excited, update to 9.0c here, but it will continue marking 11 because it is the largest your system can handle. At the time that NVIDIA launched its RTX graphics we could see multiple Raytracing demos applied to different games, one was Battlefield V, the latest installment of the Battelfield combat saga where we saw the improvements in…

However, sometimes they can fail and not work as they should, which can be a problem. DirectX is a stream of resources and also application programming interfaces developed by Microsoft for Windows. Its objective is to facilitate the development of multimedia content, especially games for video consoles and videos, so that they can be squeezed to the maximum within the operating system.

how to uninstall directx 12 and install directx 11 windows 10

Try to perform the software and see if there is DirectX failure after updating Windows 10 Creators fixed or not. Installing missing .dll files can also be risky, so it is advised that you copy those missing .dll files from another PC. Download the missing .dll file and move it to the WindowsSystem32 (windows version bits) folder and WindowsSysWOW64 (windows bits version) folder. Someday the moment the file is out of Visual C++ Recurring Files it becomes irrelevant then DirectX bugs can manifest. Therefore, it is advised that you download and install the latest common Visual C++ package and check if the issue is resolved or not. After opening Device Manager, go to Display adapters and locate your video card driver.

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This one specifically says that DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable fault. This same window asks us to check the registry file and does not allow the use of the application in question, or the game. What’s more, this is an error box that can appear when we play games like WarZone, or Call of Duty, for example. But the first thing we must understand at this point is that DirectX are a set of APIs developed by our Microsoft for its operating system.

If you’re using Windows XP SP2 or SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10, games can’t update the version of DirectX you’re using. Although they may come with the DirectX 9.0c runtime installer, the latest version of DirectX for which Microsoft gave one, will not update the version of DirectX you have installed because DirectX 9.0c or later is already installed. . If you are going to remove DirectX, I would like you to have a reason for it, since many people who think they know a lot about computers are dedicated to removing programs with strange names assuming they are viruses, without knowing what they are for. Remove DirectX is only for emergency cases, such as its poor performance, since not doing it properly could bring you the following inconveniences in the operation of your device.

This thinks a major advance in computer graphics. It belongs to the latest DirectX 12 version in the form of an extension. It often happens that the games that we download provide their own DirectX installation wizard at the end of the game installation. We recommend skipping this installation, since it could have older or less balanced editions than the one we have on our system. Despite being the much more recent version of DirectX, it gives a remarkable optimization for support on much older computers. This is because they have implemented updates that clearly reduce resource consumption and promise up to 50% better performance optimization.

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@MarkRipley TheNate is wrong for reasons I’ve already explained. I have a couple hundred old games installed on my Windows 7 PC and none of them refuse to run due to the fact that they require an old version of DirectX. That includes Multiple games using DirectX 5. They can run because Windows 7 gives each and every interface of DirectX 5. Dude, I was not given directX as a plus in a game or program. They specifically told me to search, download and also install directX from Windows. It was probably because it was on xp. Besides this, what about non-windows users, hmm? I’m convinced they have to install it for compatibility. At least assuming that wouldn’t break things.

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Accordingly, you can try to download the missing DLL files, but make sure you do so at your own risk. Today, Microsoft no longer provides a separate DirectX SDK. Much like how the DirectX runtime became a part of the Windows OS, the Direct SDK is now a part of the Windows SDK. They also stopped updating the D3DX library. On its site, Microsoft recommends that developers use “third-party” libraries that they can include with their games and don’t need to install separately. However, one day Microsoft decided to change the way developers could use the D3DX library.

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