How to use your laptop as a monitor by connecting it to a PC? – Simultaneous Tasks

How to use your laptop as a monitor by connecting it to a PC?  - Simultaneous Tasks

How to use your laptop as a monitor by connecting it to a PC? – Simultaneous Tasks

When we are using our laptop to work, play games or make a video call by activating the camera, we always feel like going to another section of the laptop without leaving the area we are in, that is why currently there is the possibility of using our laptop as a monitor and use it to connect to other monitors and see through them.

With this, we can have a broader view of what we are doing, and we will have more accessibility when it comes to seeing the monitor larger and in this way we can have more vision of what we are doing. To do this, this article, where we will show you by way of excuse me use your laptop as a monitor

What do I need to know before connecting a laptop as a monitor to a computer?

Using a second screen is always beneficial for us, with it we can and have, a better view of what we are doinghaving a Word document on one monitor and the browser on the other to make reference is one of the best functions that this double screen can provide us.

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But before doing this, we have to take into account that a bad setting is these options when they are configured and everything would go wrong, the image would not be seen and would have a malfunction. In addition to that, the connection that we are using to connect the two monitors and cleaning the screen or monitor of the laptop without damaging it, are very important factors.

What are the connection options?

When we begin to connect our laptop to the monitor, we need a cable so that in this way we can send and receive the video so that what we need is displayed on the screen. We have different types of connectors that will help us and make this task the easiest

Among the possibilities we have, is the good old VGA cable. Older laptops have this input to share to another screen with this entry. But we also have and can use DisplayPort connections and configure two or more screens via HDMI that are used for this type of connection to send video and have the possibility of having two monitors.

using two monitors

How to adjust the laptop screen?

As we had already mentioned before, the adjustment that you give your laptop in relation to the other monitor, will give you the possibility of having two monitors. To do this you must enter the options and go to the ‘settings’ then ‘System’ and choose the option that best suits your needs. OR You can use the multiple Windows options by entering ‘Windows + P’ and choosing ‘Extend’.

What is the version of the operating system?

The operating system is also a very important factor when let’s connect the screen to the laptop. Old systems do not give us a configuration as wide as the new ones, a very special case is for those who use Windows. From the version of Windows 7 onwards we can make this possible, and with newer versions it will be better and better, we can even put different wallpapers for each monitor.

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How is a laptop used as a monitor when connected to a computer?

You can use a laptop as a monitor when we connect a computer to it, it is different depending on which system we are using, since Windows and MAC are very different, but we can for practically the same. We can have a video call on one of the screens and be working on the other. And not only for this, many tasks to see two different places thanks to the two screens.

What's the laptop?

For Windows laptops

To do this from the Windows system, first you have to connect the cable from the laptop to the other computer. After this you will have to start configuring the options so that the view of the two screens is possible. For this, go into the settings on the laptop and:

  • Select the ‘System’ part and there you will have to choose in ‘Project to this PC’
  • We will be shown several options that will help us for this task. Choose the one that suits you best.
  • Here you will have to connect the two computers and pressWindows + P’ to open the multi-monitor options. You will have to use the Extend option for your laptop to act as a second monitor.
  • After these steps you will see and you will have to accept on your laptop for the two devices to connect.
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If your laptop is a MacBook

If we have a MacBook, and you want to also have the possibility of using it as a second monitor. You must have both computers turned off and connect the two devices using the DisplayPort cables. Turn on both computers and press the keys ‘Command + F2’ to open the screen mode options and select the resolution. In this way, you will be using your MacBook as a second monitor.

Why is my laptop screen only on and how to fix it?

If we’re in the process of using the laptop as a monitor, and we’re getting bugs like it’s only the laptop screen that’s on, there must be a problem. configuration problem.

When we are in the configurations we must be pay attention to which function we are choosing to see and use our laptop as a monitor. Since, there are options that allow us to only have the laptop screen on and the computer monitor off.

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