Google Sheets: How to Set Reminders When Using Sheets

Google Sheets: How to Set Reminders When Using Sheets

Google Sheets: How to Set Reminders When Using Sheets

Google is a very large platform where it brings its users different applications to use and do important tasks, one of these is Google Sheets, in this you will be able to create spreadsheets easily and with many tools that will help you.

If you do not know how to use these, you just have to keep reading this article, here we will explain how to set reminders when using spreadsheets so you can use Google Sheets easily and quickly.

What are the different uses that can be given to Google Sheets software?

The software Google Sheets has different uses which you can do just by entering, these will help you in different ways to make your files better creations, these are the uses that you can give them:

  • It will translate your texts: With this software you will be able to translate your texts easily and quickly without the need for an external application.
  • Connect or sync your spreadsheet: You will be able to connect your spreadsheet with those of other applications easily and safely.
  • It has many forms that can help you: This has many forms for your spreadsheets that will be very helpful in your work.
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How to include reminders when using these spreadsheets in Google?

In order to include a reminder when using these Google spreadsheets, you must install a specific plugin in order to use it.

Which plugin should be installed to get reminders in Google Sheets?

In order to have a reminder in Google Sheets you must have a plugin installed called G Suite Marketplace, with this it will be very easy for you, to install it you just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the G Suite Marketplace app from your browser.
  2. Enter the one you need.
  3. Click on add a new reminder.
  4. Click on install which is located on the left side of your home screen at the top right.

put reminders in google sheets

How do you configure this plugin to send reminders?

To configure this plugin to send reminders you only have to after installing it enter it and enter your email which must be the administrator that you are using in Google Sheets.

What should be taken into account when setting reminders?

You must take into account when configuring the reminder that these can be modified whenever you want, just as be careful when separating name and surname from spreadsheets, it is a bit difficult procedure.

When you add a reminder to your spreadsheet, it will be used in each sheet in the same way, only the date is placed and it will do the rest. With the reminders you would be organizing your things more in Google Sheets, this will be the way in which you can configure it easily and quickly:

  1. Enter the browser of your choice, choose the one that be faster for you to have a more efficient work.
  2. When you are in it, click on the search bar and enter the name of Google Sheets.
  3. Click on the Google option and start the section.
  4. After being in the official page click on open a new document de la app Google Sheets.
  5. Now you will see how a new page opens, in this press on the option of the main menu, that is, the settings.
  6. Press between the complete ones that you have here.
  7. A new list will open, you must click on the reminders option to enter a new one.
  8. After this, said reminder will enter your page.
  9. Click on the settings of this.
  10. After the settings click on Edit.
  11. The previously downloaded plugin will enter a series of necessary information that you can also modify, but you must add another one as the task that you will bethe necessary dates and finally provide the email in all the corresponding rows.
  12. Click on the option to add a new comment and now wait for a series of options to be made for you to choose, these are the ones that will appear:
  • Due date column: This will allow you to add alternative rows or columns with valid dates, you must place everything without any error so that it is saved correctly. To make a calendar appear, click on the cells, in this way it will appear in your spreadsheet.
  • Send Reminder: With this option you can send a reminder before the date you set earlier arrives, use it in case you need it, but do not make hasty decisions.
  • Recipient Options: Here you must enter the recipient of the shipment to be made, also select if you want to be notified when the file is sent and if you want the recipient to be notified when the document arrives.
  • Customize email: With this option, a new window will start asking you for a series of data, such as the subject, the calculation link, the body of the email. When finished, press the button that tells you that everything is ready, wait for it to be sent correctly.
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person entering spreadsheet settings

Is it possible to send Google Sheets reminders to other recipients?

yes you can send your Google Sheets reminderyou just have to have a contact that has an email account and with this send the information, to send it you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter your Google search engine.
  2. In this you must enter the Google Sheets application, you must continually start a section in it.
  3. When entering your email data, create the file you want to send.
  4. After this press on the + plus sign option, which It will open up some new options for you.
  5. In these you must click on email.
  6. After this they will ask you for the address of the mail where you want to send the said reminder.
  7. By entering the recipient’s email correctly, the email will be sent when you write some type of message.
  8. Wait the period of time you put for it to be sent.
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