How to watch Dune – GEEK MATTER – Easy Steps

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How to watch Dune – GEEK MATTER

Dune is a popular series of books written by Frank Herbert. They were originally published in 1965, but like The Lord of the Rings, the books have remained popular and have been adapted into both movies and miniseries.

Danube (2021)

Dune has been adapted for film only once before in 1984, and a three-part miniseries made for television in 2000, and neither lived up to the expectations that fans of the series had. A new film adaptation of the novel was released this year and has been well received. Dune was released on October 22, 2021, a full year later than originally planned. It has an impressive 8.2 rating on IMDb.

How to watch Dune

October is behind us, which means that Dune is probably no longer showing in theaters, and it should be available to stream online. It was available on HBO Max for a while, but its run is over.

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If you want to see Dune, you will have to wait a bit. You can reserve the title, but it is unlikely that it will be available online before January 2022.

Dune can streamed on iTunes for $ 24.99 (rental) or $ 29.99 (purchase) in the US but in other countries, it may only be available starting January 13, 2022.

Dune is also available on Amazon Prime but only in the US You can rent it for $ 24.99 and buy it for $ 29.99.

Dune will return to HBO Max in January 2022. If you don’t mind waiting and are already subscribed to the service, you can catch the movie early next year.

Dune (2021) in Blu-ray

Dune will be released on Blu-ray on January 31, 2022. Just over a month to go, but since the movie is no longer showing in most theaters, there is little you can do other than wait. Once the movie is available on Blu-ray, there will also be more streaming options available on. For viewers outside of the US, waiting until January is the only option.

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Dune in theaters

Dune was in theaters in October 2021 and a movie is unlikely to be shown for more than a month, let alone two months. That said, Dune is based on a beloved book series, and much like the Harry Potter franchise, it’s quite possible that some theaters are still showing it. You can check out local cinemas and still find a night or early movie viewing. However, there are no guarantees; if you find it still playing in a theater, you’re in luck.

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