Microsoft publishes Windows 10 21H1 beta Do you want to try it? + Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 21H1 beta

Microsoft publishes Windows 10 21H1 beta Do you want to try it?

Microsoft has extended the availability of Windows 10 21H1 beta and recommends its use to all members of Windows Insiders who are using what will be the next windows update. In addition to the official testers, any user can use it by various methods that we will see in this article, be it transforming its version to Insider or downloading the ISO image for independent use on any compatible computer.

Microsoft held the IGNITE 2021 conference this week and left a ton of announcements. Of some like him Power Automate Desktop We have already spoken to you here, but as the event has been aimed mainly at companies and professionals, we recommend the complete special that our colleagues from MCPRO have published, with news for the Azure cloud; development with Power Platform; mixed reality with Mesh or improvements in security and customer experience.

Windows has also had a share of attention through a mini informative session carried out by the product director Panos Panay in which he has ensured that “2021 will be a huge year for Windows”. The executive refers especially to “the new Windows” that we expect for this month of March and which is none other than Windows 10X. The launch is very ambitious and Panay is paving the way for the major marketing campaign that is expected. It will not be the only one and the same IGNITE has announced the availability of the previous version of Windows Server 2022.

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And of course the “regular” versions of the client system that, as we have been insisting, in no case will they be replaced by Windows 10X. If the 20H2 version that will arrive in autumn will be the most interesting of the year, Windows 10 21H1 will arrive earlier, probably in June, and it will be a minor update, a mere «Service pack»With improved stability and performance, but no notable new features.

The reasons are known. Microsoft wants to include some of the new features of Windows 10X in the desktop versions and given the delay in the launch of it when expanding its use to laptops, it has chosen to leave the update of functions for the end of the year. More development and testing time should limit system errors, which should be the primary goal.

How to test Windows 10 21H1 Beta

Microsoft recommends Windows Insiders testers to use this version that has been moved to the beta channel for ease of deployment. It can be tested by Insiders or by any user using various methods. Although very little has changed compared to the last stable version (20H2) and new functions are not expected before the RTM version, remember that they are trial versions not recommended for production environments since maximum stability is not guaranteed and they may have undefined errors depending on the hardware where they are installed, drivers or the software they run.

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Knowing that recommendation we can test the version in different ways:

Windows Insiders. If you are enrolled in the trial program, you will automatically receive the version. You can also download it manually in Settings> Update & Security> Windows Update. In both cases the compilation is Build 19043.844.

Windows 10 21H1 beta

De 20H2 a 21H1. If you want to be part of the test program, nothing is easier than transforming your version of Windows to Insider from the Configuration tool> Update and security> Windows Insider Program. In addition to the beta of 21H1, in the same way you could jump to the next version in the previous phase, the commented 20H2 (build 21318 and following).

ISO Windows 10 21H1 beta. If you want to try the Insiders versions without registering for the program and without affecting the stable version of Windows 10 you are using, nothing better than downloading ISO images. For it:

  • Access the download page Windows Insider Preview Downloads.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft ID account.
  • Select the version to download, in this case Windows 10 Insider Preview 19042.
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Microsoft publishes Windows 10 21H1 beta for any user Do you want to try it?  32

  • Select the Spanish language.
  • Select the 32-bit or 64-bit edition and download.

Microsoft publishes Windows 10 21H1 beta for any user Do you want to try it?  3. 4

You will already have the ISO image of this Windows 10 21H1 Beta that you can “burn” on an optical medium or better on a USB pendrive to make them self-bootable and install it on any compatible computer. Another great possibility to install without occupying any equipment is to use virtualization, a great method for software testing.

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