Nvidia releases security update for out-of-support GPUs

actualización de seguridad de nvidia kepler

Nvidia releases security update for out-of-support GPUs

nvidia released a security bulletin on May 16, 2022 informing customers of a new software security update for the Nvidia GPU display driver. The update fixes security issues in previous versions of the driver that could lead to “denial of service, information disclosure, or data tampering.”

While it is common for companies to release security updates for their software applications and drivers, it is rare to receive updates for products that are no longer supported.

In this particular case, Nvidia released security updates for Kepler series graphics adapters that are no longer officially supported by Game Ready Drivers.

The company recalled most of the products. GTX 600 and GTX 700 Kepler series membership in 2021. The first Kepler-based video cards were released in 2012 by Nvidia. The complete list of

Retired products can still be used, but Nvidia will no longer release Game Ready drivers for these products once they are retired. Nvidia promised to release security updates for products until 2024 to address security issues in drivers.

nvidia security update

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The Windows release notes highlight that the update was released for Nvidia products that no longer support Game Ready Drivers.

NVIDIA has released a software security update display driver for desktop Kepler series GeForce GPUs that are no longer supported by Game Ready drivers. This update fixes issues that can lead to multiple security impacts.

Windows and Linux versions of the drivers are affected according to the security bulletin.

Updates can be downloaded from the Nvidia Downloads website. All you need to do is use the dropdown menus at the top to display the available drivers for the selected product.

The security bulletin lists a total of ten vulnerabilities in Nvidia’s GPU display drivers. Most are vulnerabilities in the kernel-mode layer on Windows and Linux devices, while some address security issues in the DirectX11 user-mode driver in Windows or a vulnerability in the ECC layer.

Nvidia has also released driver updates for most supported products. Updates to Nvidia Studio and Tesla R510 are expected in the week of May 23, 2022. All other supported products have already received security updates.

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