Tricks and options in Whatsapp Groups and Broadcasts

Tricks and options in Whatsapp Groups and Broadcasts

what you can do in a group chat on Whatsapp, notification management and difference with Broadcasts

Groups on WhatsApp and the so-called Broadcast, are among the most used functions on the most popular messaging app in the world as they allow you to chat with friends in a single space to organize dinners or meetings or to stay in touch.
However, the group chat can also be a great distraction: if there are many participants, in fact, you will be able to receive numerous messages throughout the day, of which you do not always want to receive sound or visual notification. Thankfully, in the application settings WhatsApp per Android e iPhone, you can configure the notification options for groups, differently than you can do for one-to-one chat.
In addition to WhatsApp groups, we can also use Broadcast, which allows you to send a single message to many contacts all together, so you can send greetings for a holiday or alert more people without the chaos of a group.

How to use WhatsApp Groups and Broadcasts

To begin with, the WhatsApp group chat has very specific characteristics and they are of two types: gruppo o broadcast. By touching the button at the top right or by taking us to the menu Chat (on iPhone) and pressing the right button anyone can start a group or a new broadcast.

What is a WhatsApp broadcast

The difference between the two types is that col broadcast it’s possible send the same message to multiple people via WhatsApp together, ideal, for example, to send Christmas greetings. The recipients of the broadcast receive a message from us without seeing the other recipients, as if it were sent only to them and their replies will only be visible to us.
Broadcast WhatsApp

To send a broadcast, simply press on the top right of the menu with the three dots, then press on the item New broadcast, so you can choose the users to send the message to (up to 256). On iPhone, just open the menu Chat at the bottom right and press on the item List broadcast.
It is possible to use broadcasts to always send a certain message to the same group of people (note that replies do not appear in the broadcast). To add more contacts to the broadcast, open it (it has the megaphone icon) and tap on the title. If you want to make it more recognizable in the list, you can change the broadcast title in a custom way (but not the icon).
Broadcasts can only be sent to recipients who have our number saved in their address book: We will therefore not be able to send messages to people in a group we do not know or who are not in our address book.

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What is a WhatsApp group

Groups, on the other hand, are conversations where all participants can speak and read what others write. The group must be given a title and invite participants by tapping the + or writing the name. In a group they can participate maximum 256 people and, at the same time, a maximum of 50 groups can be created.
WhatsApp group

To create a group, press the three dots at the top right (on Android), select the item New group and we choose the people who will compose it (up to 256). On the iPhone we can create a group by opening the menu Chat at the bottom right and pressing on the item New group.
The group is managed by whoever creates it who becomes the administrator and only he can invite other people to chat or delete those who are already present. For remove group participants you have to tap on the title and then press and hold on a participant’s name until the menu appears to remove it. From the same group information screen you can press the key to exit.
You can also simply tap and hold on the conversation name from the chat screen to leave the group. From the same menu it is possible, on Android, to put an icon “shortcut“of the group on the home screen.

If the group manager decides to leave, a random person of the participants becomes the owner (and therefore will have to invite the old administrator again, if he wants to return).
In a group, anyone can change the icon and title. To do this, just go to the group information and tap the pencil next to the title or the icon in the top left to set or edit them.
In a Whatsapp group, it is possible for an administrator demote a participant so that they are no longer an administrator, to do this, just go to the group info and tap on its name. The only exception is the group creator, who will always be admin unless he leaves the group.

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After a service update it is also possible tag people on WhatsApp in groups to notify them, so you can write only to the people mentioned without waiting for the messages to flow and get lost.

Within groups it is also possible make Whatsapp video calls

Tricks and settings for WhatsApp groups

If you don’t want to leave a group but however, you do not want to receive sound notifications of each message sent by the others, from the conversation window you have to press the options button (top right or fixed button bottom left depending on the Android or iPhone smartphone) and tap on “Mute audio“. Here are 4 options: mute the audio for 8 hours, a week or a year and then whether or not to show the notifications. By removing the notifications, the messages will still be received but on the smartphone you will not receive any notification for new interventions. in chat. You can unmute audio and notifications from the same option button as the group chat, by tapping on “turn on audio“.

In the general settings of WhatsApp, in the notifications section, you can choose how to display group message notifications which have separate options from private message notifications. You can therefore choose a different sound, a different color of the LED (on mobile phones with a flashing LED) and whether to use the vibration. If you choose the notification tone, “nobody“, there will be no sound to signal a message from the groups where you are chatting.

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Finally, it should be noted that even group chats have the notification of the received message with double blue check in WhatsApp. The double blue check appears if the message is read by all the participants in the chat, otherwise, you must touch and hold on your message and then press the i on the top menu to find out who has read it in the group. The WhatsApp group chat also has the function of showing, in real time, who is writing and what.

If we wish to leave an annoying and annoying group, we have seen how Leave a WhatsApp group and block it from being invited.

If, on the other hand, we want to avoid being added by anyone, we can choose who can add us to Whatsapp groups.

As for the vowels, we then saw the guide to Whatsapp Voice Messages, tricks and problems solved.

Finally, do not forget about delete Whatsapp images from groups and chats to free up memory, given that often the images and videos received in groups fill the internal space of the smartphone.


WhatsApp is clearly the best application for group chats and to send single messages to several people at the same time, also thanks to its widespread diffusion: for those who can’t stand the limits of broadcasting, we remind you that we can create groups, super-groups and of broadcast channels also on Telegram.
Do we want to learn how to manage WhatsApp privacy? In that case we can continue reading in our article on WhatsApp privacy: hide ticked messages and last accessed.

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