What are the Best Programs or Apps to Take Screenshots on my PC?

mejores apps para grabar la pantalla en video conferencia

What are the Best Programs or Apps to Take Screenshots on my PC?

A screenshot Worth more than thousand words, or at least, it’s worth more than a long, difficult-to-interpret text message or email. An annotated screenshot helps you communicate effectively with the people around you, and leads to better understanding, reducing miscommunication and perhaps some misunderstandings.

These tools they have made our lives easier in many ways. Students can now easily take photos of annotations given during online classes or use a good screen recorder program for future reference. The truth is that it has been indispensable both for work and for study, but let’s see much more about it.

Why is it important to take screenshots?

In a world where the best way to communicate is through the Internet, a screen capture program has proven to be of great importance. All PCs offer a prtsc button (ALT + PRINT) to take a screenshot at any time, but its application is limited.

Adding text, arrows, highlighting, or sharing images quickly will take extra effort and time if you’re using traditional methods. On the other hand, a screen capture application will allow the animation of it effortlessly and the capture of still images accompanied by numerous editing functions.

The best part is that these programs and applications are not expensive and offer regular updates. With the use of any of these applications, you will be able to share a personalized image and video seamlessly.

What are the best tools to take a good screenshot?

The time has come to learn how to take a screenshot directly from your pc and everything you need to know about them. You will see what its capabilities, functions, features, prices, pros and cons are.


It is the best screen capture tool for a fast and secure business communication. ScreenRec is a light, fast screen recorder with an easy-to-use interface. It’s not packed with unnecessary features and doesn’t require you to read a 100-page user manual to figure out how to use it.

Simply press Alt + S or the Camera button to take a screenshot. Furthermore, ScreenRec also has video capture capabilities, which essentially makes it a Screencast tool and a real-time video recorder.

Windows Snipping Tool

If you’re tired of hitting the “Print Screen” button and pasting your screenshots into Paint, Windows Snipping Tool can help. Hidden in the menus, this simple Windows screen capture application tries to keep things simple: To find the Windows Snipping Tool, click “Start” and type “snip”.

best programs and methods to take screenshots on your computer

It is well organized and easy to use. A particularly nice option is the delayed screenshot which allows you to capture the menus that appear when you mouse over. Additionally, it has a “Copy to clipboard” button that saves you a few mouse clicks.


It is a screenshot tool extremely reliable It has survived the market for decades. Not only is it flexible, it is also comfortable to wear. Equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition), it allows the user to edit the captured image, so there is no need to worry about the size of the resulting file. It’s a fee, but the versatile features and quality results make the SnagIt app worth every penny.


It is a screen capture application with many features that make it a complete option to work wonders with the images you capture. Of course, it allows you to capture images of a window, a certain area of ​​your computer or your entire screen, as well as, capture web pages in motion.

Screenshot Captor ocupa the PrtSc or Print Screen button on your PC, so you can take screenshots at the touch of a key through this software instead of using the app. You can also use the built-in toolbar to capture and edit images. You can add frames, shadows, blur, or edge effects to your images.

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