Why is Fortnite Crashing on my iPhone? – Solution

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Why is Fortnite Crashing on my iPhone? – Solution

Fortnite is no longer part of the exclusive games to download on iPhone, all this is due to the dispute between Apple and Epic Games, something that contributes to the whole issue of the glitches and bugs of the video game on iPhone. Today we will discuss the possible reasons why Fortnite is failing on your device.

How to fix Fortnite bugs and issues on my iPhone

Before starting, it is necessary to understand that Fortnite does not have authorization from Apple to run on its devices. All this is due to a dispute between both companies, which in short makes you can’t download Fortnite from the App Store, although those users who already have the game installed can continue playing.

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This limitation has made people who played Fortnite migrate to other games, something that greatly increased the download of strategy games and other titles that were not famous before. Anyway, understanding that there are ways to install the game, we present the solution to certain faults common.

Reinstall Fortnite?

It is something very rare, since the Fortnite launcher has its own data verification system. Still, there is a possibility that the game data is corrupted. If this is the case, there is no other choice but reinstall Fortnite.

In fact, the best thing to do is uninstall Fortnite. To do this, simply locate the application icon and press for a few seconds on it. Later, click on ‘Delete app’. In any case, be careful, as the matter can get complicated, because it will be necessary for you to download Fortnite again.

There was packet loss

If you see stutters when playing or the game just doesn’t run smoothly, check for packet loss. For this, it will be necessary enable ‘Network debugging statistics’You will find this option by entering the Fortnite settings and then the ‘Game UI’ section.

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Once in-game, focus on the ‘Packet loss’ stat which should show 0%. If you see that the percentage is very high or above 0%, then there are packet losses, which it will deteriorate the performance and connection of the video game.

Verify that you are compatible

Fortnite’s compatibility list is very broad, although in the case of iOS the matter is complicated due to recent disputes between the company and Apple. In any case, technically any iPhone device from iPhone 6s should be able to with Fortnite.

reasons why fortnite does not work on iphone

Check the game status

Doing a check while you are playing does not hurt. We have talked about packet loss and we will also tell you about Wi-Fi, but it is It is necessary to analyze how faults are presented that affect you, that is, if it is a performance failure, that the game closes, etc.

For example, if your game is slow, it is recommended to lower the graphic qualityOn the other hand, if there is an unexpected shutdown, there are other actions you must take, and it is often necessary to reinstall the game. Then analyze the causes of the problem and apply some of the solutions that we have mentioned.

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Check your Wi-Fi power

It is recommended to play near the router in order to get the best possible connection. If you are too far away then you will have lag and losses of packagesTherefore, check that the Wi-Fi connection is adequate, simply look at the connection icon and verify that you have a good signal.

Close and reopen Fortnite

The simplest solution of all, but one of the most functional. A simple restart of Fortnite can help in case you have problems within the game. In fact, we also recommend restarting your device, something that can help if the Fortnite does not work well on your iPhone.

how to play fortnite without problem from the mobile

On the other hand, if the title does not work on your iPhone in any way, it is best to look for a Fortnite alternative for your mobile. Maybe for the best understanding the current limitations, in turn, it can be a breath of fresh air if you’ve been playing the Epic Games title for too long.

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What is currently happening with Fortnite on iPhones and iPads?

Throughout the previous text, we have mentioned the limitations of Fortnite on Apple devices several times. If you are not aware, since May 2021, Fortnite is not available in the Apple app store, so it is impossible to update the game using this method.

In any case, Epic Games has stated that, although you cannot receive updates, if the game was already installed on your mobile before the dispute, you can keep playing it. For this reason, if you want to play Fortnite, it is important that you already have it installed on your device and be careful not to delete it.