Without them noticing

tomar fotos secreto discreto

Without them noticing
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There always comes a time when it is needed take a photo with the screen off. That is, taking photos without them noticing. Having people around and opening the camera app can be very intrusive or downright telling.

There are several APPS that allow you to take pictures secretly or discreetly. You can capture a scene by tapping on the off screen or pressing the volume button. Even while using other apps. If you are sneaky, no one will be able to suspect that you are taking a photo. Just be careful where you take those photos and to whom, to avoid getting into legal trouble.

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APP to take photos with screen off

The open source Android app Spy Camera OS (spycameraos.com, APK available) serves just that. Just use the “Darken” option on its floating panel. Once the screen is off, tap on it to sneakily take a photo. You can also press the volume down button to take a photo. If you use the “Minimize” option, this last way is also valid for taking photos while using another application.

This APP to take spy photos also serves to record video with the screen off. In this case, you have to adjust the application settings to change the action of the volume button (by default, when you press this button, the application will take photos).

Note that when the discrete mode explained at startup is activated, a notification is set in the status bar to close the application or to switch to the mode with on-screen controls.

By default, photos and videos will be visible in the Gallery of the device. The files are saved in the internal memory of the phone, in the SCOS folder.

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Take photos without them noticing

Instead of darkening the screen or minimizing the floating panel as instructed, you can keep it visible. With the side bars you can reduce the size of the camera viewfinder and take photos without people noticing nearby.

Silent Secret Camera HD (APK) is another application for this purpose. In addition to allowing you to take photos with the screen off, you can simulate that you are browsing the internet and take photos with the volume buttons.

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