8 Best Apps for Pregnancy, Cycle, Ovulation and Fertility

The smartphone can never replace the figure of a doctor, but it can offer valuable help to all women who are pregnant or want to get pregnant, or simply who want to monitor their menstrual cycle to know ovulation and fertility in detail, thanks to many app available for free and your payment Android e iPhone.

And precisely because the market offers so many options in this regard, you may find it difficult to choose one or more applications to rely on to perform this task. To help you clear your mind and make a more informed choice, in this article we present the best apps to monitor pregnancy, ovulation and fertility.

Best pregnancy apps

Let’s start our in-depth analysis with the best apps dedicated to pregnant women who want daily updates on the baby and their body.

Pregnancy – Sprout

Pregnancy – Sproutalso known only as Sproutis among the most popular pregnancy apps in Italy because it is the same one she used Chiara Ferragni during the gestation of her two children, Leone and Vittoria.

Based on information from SIGO (Italian Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics), Sprout provides detailed fetal development images, as well as numerous useful tools including a contraction timer, a diary for keeping track of fetal movements and a weight.

The Pregnancy – Sprout app is available for free in a complete way for the first 14 days of trial: at the end of the trial period, you can continue to use the application for free but with limited functions (to have full access to all the features you need subscribe to the premium plan).

Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker (Ovia Pregnancy Tracker: Baby Due Date Countdown full name) is another pregnancy app that boasts numerous international accolades. Here in Italy this too has become famous, after having peeped into the influencer’s Instagram Stories Chiara Ferragni during the pregnancy of the firstborn Leo.

The application allows you to keep track of the growth of the future unborn day after day, through detailed photos of the baby. In addition, a calculator is available which indicates the possible date of birth on the one hand and the countdown on the other.

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The Ovia Pregnancy Tracker app is completely free.

Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

Pregnancy +

Pregnancy + App

Pregnancy + (or Pregnancy +) is a popular pregnancy app downloaded by over 45 million moms around the world. Its main features include:

  • interactive 3D models to follow the child’s development
  • detailed guides for each week of gestation
  • contraction timer
  • baby kick counter
  • pregnancy calendar
  • calculator of the possible date of birth
  • weight log during pregnancy
  • customizable birth plan

To the many features already mentioned above, Pregnancy + also adds a substantial list of things to buy for the unborn child, a detailed guide for preparing the bag for hospitalization and a list of thousands of names to choose from to call the New arrival.

Last but not least of the others: the app is 100% free.

Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

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My pregnancy

My Pregnancy App

My pregnancydistributed on iPhone and Android smartphones, boasts over 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store and a average review score among the highest in the category (4,7).

The pregnancy app developed by Neiman allows mothers-to-be to monitor the gestation week after week and the growth of the baby. In common with the other popular apps it has the contraction timer, kick counter, fetal size and development week after week, a list of things to take to the hospital for admission, and a valuable weight tracking tool. .

The My Pregnancy app is also 100% free and does not have any advertising banners.

Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

Best ovulation and fertility apps

Now let’s move on to the apps for ovulation and fertility, or rather the best apps to get pregnant. Knowing the days in which you are most likely to conceive – by ovulation we mean the moment in which the woman is at the peak of fertility – is as important to realize the dream of having a child as to avoid having unprotected sex. with your partner to drastically reduce the chances of an unwanted pregnancy.


app iGyno

Previously only available for iOS, iGyno is considered the most competitive app of its category. Developed in collaboration with some doctors of the European Gynecologists Association, the iGyno application acts as a virtual gynecologist, allowing you to have a detailed forecast of the menstrual cycle, with fertile days and the day of ovulation.

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Another supported feature is the suggestion of the ideal date to take the pregnancy test in the presence of a menstrual delay, as well as push notifications to report ovulation, fertile days and the arrival of menstruation.

Future mothers who choose to download iGyno also have the exclusive possibility of requesting a gynecological consultation carried out by a team of professional gynecologists: usually the answer arrives within an hour, at any time of the day and 365 days a year.

In the Android app, the cost of the gynecological consultation is € 1.99, while a fee of € 2.99 is required to remove advertising from the app. The app for iOS, on the other hand, is only available for a fee (€ 0.99).

Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

Flo menstrual calendar

Flo Menstrual Calendar

Flo menstrual calendar is one of the most popular ovulation and fertility monitoring apps in the world, as evidenced by over 230 million downloads and an average review rating close to perfect (4.7).

Over the years, the application developed by Flo Health Inc. has earned the respect and esteem of millions of families, as a partner of the United Nations Population Fund in terms of reproductive health, as well as for the presence of more than 100 doctors and experts in the company’s Medical Committee.

Here are some of the main features of the Flo Menstrual Calendar app:

  • monitoring of each phase of the menstrual cycle
  • calculation of the exact day of ovulation
  • lifestyle and physical activity monitoring
  • notifications about sleep quality, number of steps and fluid intake
  • virtual health dialogue for proactive information based on your profile

The Flo Health Inc. application can be downloaded for free on iPhone and Android devices: to take advantage of the full functionality of the app you need to subscribe to a annual subscription from € 32.99 (a free 30-day trial available) or a monthly one from 6.49 euros per month.

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Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

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Ovia Fertility

App Ovia Fertility

After Ovia Pregnancy Tracker, the pregnancy app developers themselves came up with Ovia Fertility (Ovia Fertility: Ovulation, Period & Cycle Tracker) the full name. The application allows you to monitor your menstrual cycle with a precise calendar of fertility and ovulation: the accuracy of information is one of the main strengths of Ovia Fertility, an app used by millions of women all over the world on both iPhones and Android smartphones.

In addition to accuracy, another valid reason to install the application developed by the company Ovia Health is the absence of in-app purchases, that is, it means that the app is completely free.

Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

Femometer – track fertility

Fertility Tracking Femometer App

Femometer – track fertility is another interesting app to monitor ovulation and fertility. Among other things, it allows you to know the fertile window in advance, identifying the exact day of ovulation, then offers the automatic recognition of hCG pregnancy test results and LH ovulation testas well as a careful analysis of any abnormal symptoms based on weight and basal body temperature entry (also known by the acronym BBT).

The Femometer app – fertility tracker is available for free download on iPhone and Android smartphone. To access the full functionality of the app, you need to subscribe to a monthly plan of € 10.99 per month (a free 7-day trial is available), a quarterly plan from € 19.90 per month or an annual plan from 49.90 euros per year.

Download App Store (iPhone) – Download Google Play Store (Android)

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