AMD Radeon HD 7670M videocard review :Test | Specs | CPU | Config

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AMD Radeon HD 7670M videocard review
: -If you are looking for information relating to the Specs, Hashrate, CPU performance, configuration, benchmark and also a testing of this SSD Drive. We will go into more details as it regards to the testing in the article below.

The next generation AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics card, based on the AMD Thames XT graphics processor, belongs to the middle class of mobile accelerators. AMD / ATI engineers did not offer us anything new in terms of innovations, as the chip is manufactured on the same microarchitecture as the Radeon HD 6650M according to the old 40-nm process technology.

Thus, AMD Radeon HD 7670M supports DirectX11 and Shader 5.0. There are two versions of the video card with underclocked GDDR5 memory and a version with DDR3 memory. The video card has 480 stream processors> relies on a 128-bit bus for communication with DDR3 memory, while operating core and memory frequencies are at 600 MHz and 900 MHz, respectively. The performance of the graphics card should be identical to that of the previous generation Radeon HD 6650M. Nevertheless, the test results showed that the performance of the video card is on par with the Radeon HD 6730M, which has a higher frequency. Hardware-demanding PC games such as Battlefield 3 are best run on laptops with AMD Radeon HD 7670M graphics at medium graphics settings. Compared to its closest competitor, the Nvidia Radeon HD 7670M is slightly higher than the competitor.

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AMD Radeon HD 7670М
AMD Radeon
ATI Radeon HD7000
Thames XT
Core clock speed
Shader frequency
600 MHz
Memory frequency
Memory bus width
Memory type
Memory Amount
1024-2048 MB
DirectX 11, Shader 5.0
40 n.m.

Synthetic tests

  • 3DMark (2011) – Performance GPU: 1078
  • 3DMark (2013) – Ice Storm Standard Graphics: 71142
  • 3DMark (2013) – Cloud Gate Standard Graphics: 6359
  • 3DMark (2013) – Fire Strike Standard Graphics: 817
  • Unigine Heaven 2,1 (DirectX 11 1280×1024): 12.1 kad sec