APP see how much you spend on calls, SMS and see which cell plan is better

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APP see how much you spend on calls, SMS and see which cell plan is better
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Right now I have no idea who I call the most on the phone, who I write the most SMS to or how many megabytes I spend browsing. Worse still, I have an idea of ​​how much credit I spend on each call I make or the cost of surfing the Internet.

Nobody wants and I suppose nobody does this manually, but it can be very useful to have an exact report of this, because only by knowing how much I spend on calls, texts and navigation can I know how and in what aspects to control my consumption.

App WePlan

WePlan is a free application which is very useful for this. Keep track of data consumption, voice calls and SMS. Once installed and configured, you have to let it collect data for a few days to be able to see real statistics on how and how much I am spending on calls, messages and data.

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weplan consumption calls

It provides a friendly report that allows you to see the details of the calls made, which include the time of each call and the cost that each one has had. Apparently it can give the correct cost, according to the operator that has been configured at the beginning. It also provides details of the consumption and cost of data sessions by 3G or 4G (not Wi-Fi), and the number of messages sent per person.

Speaking of calls specifically, I really like that the application shows a small notice at the end of each call made, indicating the duration and how much it cost me. A good way to educate the user.

weplan your last call has cost you

Do you know if your rate or prepaid / postpaid plan is the one that suits you best? Are you sure that the mobile operator you are registered with is the best for you in terms of money / benefits? About this there is a detail that really enchants and impacts WePlan. When you start the application, it detects the operators available in the country, and asks to select the prepaid or postpaid plan to which you are subscribed right now. With this data, the app provides a list of the plans that are most similar to your current plan and the expense you make. In this way you can know whether or not you should switch to another plan or another operator that suits you best, paying the same.

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weplan alternative plans operators alternative mobile plan weplan

WePlan is an excellent app to keep track of data consumption, calls (balance) and messages. You do not have an option to control and limit consumption, but it is a huge first step to help in that regard.

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