Do you work from home? Here are 6 free collaboration tools to help you

With growing concerns about the outbreak of COVID-19, various workplaces have begun to instruct employees to work from home to prevent possible spread and infection. However, for some people, teleworking can be a bit difficult due to limited supervision, team communication and direction.


To help you with this, here are 6 collaboration tools that can help you manage your projects, tasks, and remote communication. Best of all, these applications and platforms are free to use.


Do you work from home?  Here are 6 free collaboration tools to help you 2

Developed by Atlassian Software, Trelly is a web-based project management tool that helps you track and organize tasks using visual whiteboards. This system is inspired by the creation of Kanban-style lists, which is a method that visualizes a view of the course and process from start to finish. Kanban’s goal is to manage work by balancing requirements with available capacity.

With Trello you can create worktops that can be moved between several columns. These columns include task statuses, such as Tasks, Ongoing, Done, and can be further customized to suit your work methods. This tool is commonly used for property management, software project management, accounting, etc.

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Microsoft teams

Do you work from home?  Here are 6 free collaboration tools to help you 3

Microsoft Teams is a unified platform that integrates workplace chat, video conferencing, and file sharing and storage. It allows local and remote workers to collaborate on content in real time on multiple devices, including laptops, tablets and phones.

In addition to offering chat-based teams, teams allow users to create different channels to organize communication by topic. In addition, users can use Microsoft-based applications such as PowerPoint and Excel during the session, which participants can also edit or contribute in real time.

The original part of the Office 365 subscription was a free version of the teams released in September 2019 for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux and the web. This version of the platform allows only 300 members per organization, 2 GB per user storage and 10 GB shared, guest access, 1to-1 and group calls for audio and video, channel meetings and screen sharing.


Do you work from home?  Here are 6 free collaboration tools to help you 4Some call it Discord’s serious cousin, mainly because of its almost similar appearance. Free is a proprietary messaging platform that offers Internet chat (IRC) features, including chat rooms, private discussion groups, and direct messaging.

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In addition, Slack can search for content, including files, chats, and a list of participating members. However, only 10,000 recent messages are visible and can be found in the free version of the service.

The platform also offers integration of more than 2,000 third-party applications, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Office 365. Its Teams feature allows communities, groups, or teams to connect to the workspace through a specific URL or invitations sent by administrators or executives.

Slack is available for download on the web, iOS, Android, and clients on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. It also offers paid premium features that allow an unlimited number of message searches, integration of third-party applications and users.

Google Meetings

Do you work from home?  Here are 6 Free Collaboration Tools to Help You 5

Hangouts was originally part of the now defunct Google+ social media platform and later became a standalone product in 2013. The platform is a unified communications service that allows two or more members to participate in text chat as well as voice and voice services. video calls.

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This service is available to all users with a free Google Account and does not require installation if enabled through the Chrome web browser. Meetings allow up to 25 active users per session, as well as additional features such as photo sharing, built-in screen sharing, and integration with other Google applications.

The Google Hangouts app is available on the web, Android and iOS devices, laptops, and computers. The enterprise-friendly version of the enterprise platform, called Meeting Meetings, is also available to G Suite users, allowing for more attendees, encrypted calls, and more.


Do you work from home?  Here are 6 free collaboration tools to help you 6

Another collaboration platform from Microsoft, Skype, is a communications application that provides private messaging as well as voice and video calls. The only unique feature found on the platform is the ability to call landlines and cell phone numbers.

In addition, the service allows users to store their Skype contacts in the address book, record audio and video calls, initiate private and encrypted conversations, and provide screen sharing for photos and presentations. For audio and video conferencing, Skype can host up to 50 people per session. It is available on Android and iOS devices, Windows, Mac, Linux and Xbox consoles.

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Apple FaceTime

Do you work from home?  Here are 6 free collaboration tools to help you 7

Apple’s patented product, FaceTime is a video conferencing service exclusive to the company’s devices, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and iMacs. This service also supports audio calls only through data that is an alternative to number-to-number calling.

Although the FaceTime offer is quite standard in terms of features, it is still a widely used Apple ecosystem service among users.

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Hopefully, these tools can provide you with basic features to help you increase productivity and communication when working remotely. The most important thing is to take care of your health and stay safe.

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