Find out who blocked me on Whatsapp

How to find out if a friend has blocked me on Whatsapp preventing me from being able to send him messages

With all the message traffic there is, it is normal to use the function that allows you to block contacts on WhatsApp, in order to prevent unwanted people from writing to us or seeing if we are online. Being so simple to block a person on WhatsApp, it can be interesting to know what the effects of this action are and how we can find out if we have been blocked by someone who cannot read our messages.

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Unfortunately there is no such internal option to know who blocked us on WhatsApp, but by analyzing the effects that the various WhatsApp privacy settings and doing some test on the person who no longer replies to messages, however, you can have a reasonable certainty of knowing if we have been blocked on WhatsApp.

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How to know if we have been blocked on WhatsApp

To find out if we have been blocked on WhatsApp, just follow all the steps described below, so as to have the almost absolute certainty of no longer being able to communicate with the user with whom we had opened the chat.

Check the last login

The last login time appears below the contact’s name when you open a chat with them. This last access is not indicated in the following cases:

  • We or the user we are talking to have chosen to hide this last login time in the privacy settings.
  • The contact has chosen to show the last access time only to his contacts in the address book and does not have our number in the address book.
  • We have been blocked on WhatsApp.
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When a contact blocks us on WhatsApp we will no longer be able to see the last time they were online. If he can no longer see when that person last connected to WhatsApp chat, it may be that he blocked us or used the option to hide last time online. This control does not give us any certainty but it already has an alarm bell, a good starting point to understand if we have really been blocked or we are simply in front of a user who has raised his level of privacy to the maximum. Let’s not forget that if we have hidden the last access from everyone, we will consequently not be able to see the last access of the others.

Send a message and check if it has been delivered

By sending any message to the contact that we think may have blocked us, we will have another valuable clue: you can in fact see if a double check mark appears on our message, the one that identifies the receipt of a message on the other mobile phone, proof of the fact that we weren’t blocked. If, on the other hand, only one check mark appears, there are three cases: either the contact has changed his mobile phone number, or his mobile phone is turned off or he has blocked us. If every message we send has only one V next to it, we may have been blocked and our number is blacklisted.

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The problem with this test is that there is a trick to read messages without being seen online and even without letting the other person see the double check mark; but now we are already at two clues, we certainly have more than one suspect and almost certainly we have been blocked, even if for a series of coincidences this may not be the case. If we find that each sent message has only one check mark and we can see the last access time that is after the time of our message, then we have been blocked.

Check for changes in status or profile picture

Another clue may be that of a contact who, if before often changed their profile picture or status, now always remains with the same photo. This state of stillness may be normal for many people, but it can be strange for others who like to change photos or write status messages frequently. If you are blocked, you will not see the profile picture change or the new status. The contact profile picture will be invisible to the user, as it may not appear in the following cases:

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  • The suspicious contact hid his profile picture from the privacy settings.
  • The visibility of the profile picture is limited only to the contacts in the address book and our number is not saved in the contacts of the suspicious person.
  • Our number has been blocked.
  • The suspicious contact hasn’t set any profile pictures.

This is therefore a very weak clue, unless you have a mutual friend.
Thanks to this friend you could easily find out if your profile picture or status has changed for him but not for us.

Make a call with WhatsApp

proving the call via WhatsApp to a person, if he never replies, it may be that we have been blocked; in fact, if a contact has blocked us, we will not be able to initiate any calls with him.

Certainly it may also be that this person never wants to answer us or that this person ends up blocking us precisely because of the continuous, annoying, call tests we do, so better try only once or twice to switch from “annoying users” to “users. blocked “.

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Add the contact to a group

If we believe that a contact has blocked us we can do a very useful test: we can create a fake group, with an unsuspected title and try to add it. If we have been blocked, you will receive an automatic message saying “Unable to add contact” O “Failed to add“.

The drawback here is that if we have not been blocked then we will have to justify adding to this group and then come up with an excuse or something like that, but as a clue it is very valid: a user who has blocked us cannot be added to our groups , so in case of an error we are practically certain that we have been blocked.

Check the contact’s WhatsApp status

When someone opens the WhatsApp app to write a message, the word online will appear under their name; this function is always available and cannot be hidden by anyone.
If our number is blocked by someone, you will never see the text “online” under their name; in order to prove this clue we must always stay with WhatsApp open until the other user uses WhatsApp at least once.

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Ask a mutual friend for help

If we have a mutual friend with the person who has probably blocked us on WhatsApp, it is really simple to have the definitive proof: let’s try to ask this person to send a message or check the status of the WhatsApp profile on our behalf.

If the messages arrive or the profile is accessible, it means that we have actually been blocked and can no longer contact that person.

How to remove the block from blocked us on WhatsApp?

To date, we cannot unblock our blocked number on WhatsApp using tricks, shortcuts or hacks. If you wish to be unblocked, the best option will be to contact that person using alternative platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram etc, asking directly why they were blocked.

You can also call that person on their mobile or landline number if needed. Otherwise, let’s face it and continue our life with the contacts we have left, forgetting the contact who blocked our number on WhatsApp.

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In the end then, summarizing, to find out if we have been blocked on WhatsApp by a person, you can do the following checks:

  • if you can’t wait and last time online for a contact;
  • if the messages sent to him do not seem to be received because the double notification tick is missing; will be delivered to the recipient;
  • if you do not see changes in status and in the profile picture;
  • you can then try to make a call and, if no one answers, go to the test of 9 by adding a group, which will definitively tell us if this person has really blocked us from his chat.

With all these clues we will be able to immediately understand if we have been blocked or we have run into a simple error of assessment.
If you are on the other side of the fence and you absolutely want to block one or more contacts, we invite you to read our guide on how Block calls from unwanted numbers and unwanted SMS; if instead we want to discover all the tricks and secrets of WhatsApp that we do not yet know, we invite you to continue reading on the article WhatsApp: Tricks and secrets of chat on Android and iPhone.

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