How to Activate Autosave in Microsoft Word and Excel? – Keep Files

How to Activate Autosave in Microsoft Word and Excel?  - Keep Files

How to Activate Autosave in Microsoft Word and Excel? – Keep Files

In the development of these lines we provide you with useful tools to configure the time of autosaved in the files you are working on. This information will be useful for when you are working on a desktop computer, the power is momentarily cut off and you do not have a UPS to give you time to back up the information.

What are the steps to activate autosave in Excel?

First we need to know how often Exce file is automatically savedThe one we are working on, following these steps: Go to the file tab, press options, in the pop-up panel click save, determine the auto-save time in the ‘save auto-recovery information’ option.

This information will be displayed when turning on the computer after an abrupt power outage and will allow you to access the latest version saved of the document.

Another way to save without doing it manually is: go to the files tab, choose options, press customize ribbon, select within commands available in ‘all commands’, look for the one that says ‘Autosave’, finally the autosave interval will be defined by the time configured in the process initially described.

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How do I activate automatic saving in Microsoft Word?

This time we will teach you how to configure a document in Word to prevent valuable information from being lost due to an event that causes the computer to shut down or if you forgot to save your file.

The trick is very simple, you just have to go to the file option, go to the last part of the menu called ‘options’, specifically the ‘save’ statement, enable the ‘save auto-recovery information every’ box, define the interval of auto saved according to your preferences to minimize the impact of information about to be lost.

Another way to autosave is to use an updated version of the office package and click on the option located in the upper right corner called autosave-. Is indispensable when enabling the option, link the Word document to a OneDrive account (Hotmail, Outlook, …) that can be business or personal, as the case may be.

If you want to upload your file to the Microsoft cloud in order to have access to the document from anywhere, you must do the following: go to the home tab, choose the save as command, select the OneDrive option located in the upper left part , log in with your Outlook or Hotmail account previously created, in your document the username and photo of your account will appear at the top right.

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Next, where what OneDrive said will now be replaced by personal OneDrive, you will have access to the folders you used recently and it will allow you to generate locations for your files.

How to recover Word and Excel file on Mac?

To recover a Word file on Mac, you must follow the following steps: Open a Microsoft Word file on the Mac PC, select the Word option, choose preferences, press ‘file location’, andLight recovery files, click modify, in the pop-up window define the path of the recovery files generating a folder and now all the recovered files will be saved in the new folder.

time intervals in document autosave in microsoft excel

On the other hand, we will show you how to recover deleted files on a MAC computer acting quickly, if you have deleted and emptied the trash. You just have to download an application called ‘Data recovery wizard for Mac’.

Once downloaded, enter your user password, select the type of file you want to recover (audio, image, graphic, document, among others), choose the partition where the file was located, scan, preview, recover, define the save path, click on recover and look for the recovered file in the location you determined.

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What to do if my PC does not allow to activate the autosave in some document?

Due to a security option that Windows has, sometimes the saving of Office package files is prevented. To solve this problem easily and simply you just have to:

Go to the start logo, settings, in the menu go to Update and Security, click Windows Security, click on virus and protection, in the drop-down menu active ‘Windows Defender Antivirus options’, accept the changes, deactivate the ‘controlled folder access’ option and you can automatically save your files.

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