How to Change or Modify the Layout of a SmartArt Graphic in Word

How to Change or Modify the Layout of a SmartArt Graphic in Word

The program par excellence of the Microsoft Office Suite is Word. Which is so popular all over the world, mainly because it offers us the possibility of create beautifully crafted text files as well as it also allows us to place exponents or fractions, which comes in handy in the mathematical field, all this, through its multiple tools that turn out to be so versatile.

As for the field of visual elements such as images, Word allows you to write or insert text on them. As well as you also have the opportunity to insert graphics or SmartArt, which are ideal for provide relevant information to users through visual representations.

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That is why, on this day we bring you this simple tutorial so that you learn the correct way to change or modify designs regarding the SmartArt graphics you decide to make.

How to modify the layout of a SmartArt graphic in the Word program

The first thing you will have to do is insert the graphic you want in a new Word document. For this, you must go to the Insert tab and which is located next to Home. Once there, you will go to Illustrations section and you will look for the SmartArt option where you will be displayed a number of options and designs available to choose the one you prefer.

When you’ve made your decision, it’s time for you to select it to be added to the blank document you just created. By doing this, you will look at a ribbon, which will let you change the design or add new shapes to give a much more personalized touch to your graphic.

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So, if you need to modify something, you can do it, but you must keep in mind that this type of changes will be added to the document and so you can appreciate the results at once. When you have finished everything, you must click anywhere on the sheet of your document for the changes made to take effect.

Similarly, when go save your chart in the program to later print or edit it, you need to know how to close the Word document correctly so that none of the changes you previously applied are lost.

Things to consider when making changes or modifications to SmartArt graphics in Word

Before you decide to make a change to the graph you just made, it is important that you know that the program has a number of predesigned models to be applied inside the sheet, in order to work more comfortably and quickly, so you will have several options to choose from.

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how to create graphics in word using the keyboard

Among which, stand out the designs that unfold in the form of list, others in the form of pyramids and cycles. Everything will depend on the specific need of the user since some adapt better than others depending on the type of information contained in them.

In addition, a point in favor is that modifying them gives them a unique touch, either in the color or in extra shapes that can be added through the program.

It should be noted that this type of graphic elements can also be done without problem in PowerPoint, in case you want to create attractive presentations. And that, in addition, when these types of graphics are worked in both programs, the information collected within them can be lost if you change chart types for new ones.

That is why it is so important that first you create the entire structure of your chart, choosing the type of font, the colors, the extra shapes to be added to later place the information so that it is not lost in the process. Since, it is impossible to maintain the content when the user makes the decision to change the category regarding the tools conferred by the program.

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And this is mainly because each category is different one from another and are created to fulfill a specific purpose. Therefore, it is necessary that if you want to change the type of graph, do not collect the information until you are sure of it.