How to download Windows updates | Tips and Tricks

How to download Windows updates
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We have formatted the pc. We reinstall Windows and the various programs… ok.
We wish it was over here, but there are still ALL the updates that weren’t included in the Windows installation files… and that’s not a few… how much time wasted re-downloading and installing them. And if the pc we have formatted is not connected to the internet it becomes quite complicated to have to update everything!

But luckily there is a program (for free!) That comes to our aid:
WSUS Offline Update.

The program is standalone, so there is no need to install it, just unzip the contents of the file into a folder and run the file UpdateGenerator.exe.

The program is very simple to use, there is a list of the various Microsoft programs of which you can download the various updates (in various languages):
Windows 7/Server 2008/Vista/Server 2003/XP/2000 versioni a 32bit (x86) e 64bit (x64) Office XP/2003/2007.
Just click on the desired item and then start the download by clicking on Start.

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There is also the option to create a file .iso to burn a CD / DVD containing all updates downloaded so that you can always have them available, without having to re-download them, and thus be able to install on PCs without internet connection, or you can also choose to copy them to a USB stick.

Once the updates have been downloaded, just go to the “client”And start the file UpdateInstaller.exe, a window will open from which it will be possible to select which of the downloaded updates you want to install; then just click on Start and the installation process of the downloaded updates will start.

Simple isn’t it?

Here is the link to download the program: Download WSUS Offline Update