How To Install Google Play Services On Huawei P40 Lite – Easy Steps

How To Install Google Play Services On Huawei P40 Lite

How To Install Google Play Services On Huawei P40 Lite

That we have Google+ services does not imply that the certification that Google+ has is carried out. A menu will appear where simply by tapping on “Detect Device” and then on “Repair Now” the gadget manager will open, and once it is open, press “Activate”. Tap the file on the USB connected to your Huawei phone and then tap the Put Back function. (the required password is displayed on that screen). Make sure you have the “App and date” option activated, before touching the Reset function.

We are going to tell you how to carry out this process, what exactly is installed and tell you about certain causes to take into consideration. In the same way, from Xataka Android we have analyzed the package to check that the installation is safe. In our case, the development has been carried out on the Mate 30 Pro, although it is applicable to some other company model without Google+ Services. Press the blue button at the bottom and go to the main menu leaving the application in the background. Since this new method to have Google+ on Huawei is based on that to install them on the P40 mobile family, MediaPad M6 and Honor smartphones launched in 2020, such as the Honor View 30 Pro for example.

The Huawei P40 Now Have The Possibility Of Installing Google+ Services And The Google Play Store

Also, it’s the app we’ve been talking about, that is, Dual Space. The first time we enter the app that we have just downloaded and also installed on the phone called Dual Space, it will ask us for a large number of permissions, which we will have to accept so that there are no development failures. Without them we will not be able to continue, sooner or later, we could have errors and have to go through the development of uninstalling to start, then installing it again and starting the process.

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The process that we are going to use is known as Googlefier, the one that manages to automatically carry out all the installation processes of the services to find the best viable result. In this way we save ourselves possible failures and mistakes in the process, since the installation of Google plus services will be completed by means of fast buttons. The main drawback is that, in addition to not having the Google plus certificate, the experience that we are going to have after having the GMS through the choices that we have explained to you may not be the same. And all for not having the certificate, causing different applications, such as those of banks, to not be able to run on a Huawei smartphone. To this we must add that the Google+ payment system, of course, will not be available, and other applications such as Netflix cannot reproduce content in HD, since these smartphones do not have Widevine certification.

One of the much better known ways of having Google plus services on Chinese brand mobiles is to use GoogleFier, a well-known app that allows us to install Google+ apps on Huawei smartphones without too many complications. It was one of the first methods discovered and that today continues to work in most Huawei smartphones, although for this we must previously follow a development to download it to the EMUI 10 version. Once we found ourselves in EMUI ten in the model in question , we are only going to have to download the Googlefier application that we are missing and it is the one that will give the game to complete the process. A method that is repeated in the same way as others that we can find on the net, although in this case without adversity for us. The next thing the store will ask us to do is log in, which we have the possibility to do as we normally would and without limitations to be able to enjoy each and every one of the services and applications.

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Other App Stores

They are linked to our smart mobile and until further notice there is nothing that can affect them. However, with none of these methods we are going to be able to make Google plus Pay work to pay with the mobile, since it needs approval from Google plus and these platforms will never get it. This is another of the methods that gives us the opportunity to download the Play Store on Huawei mobiles and that is even easier. This is where Gspace comes into play, an application that creates a private space on the smartphone’s desktop where we have the possibility of having the Google+ store and other company apps. These live parallel to Huawei’s own services, preventing errors between the two.

how to install google play services on huawei p40 lite

After completing the installation development, we will see new icons on our smartphone. One called Googlefier and another LZPlay that is in charge of offering us access to a backup with Google plus available. In addition to the fact that it will allow us to enjoy the services of the US company in Huawei without this affecting the terminal or being seen as a threat. All we need to have apps on Huawei smartphones is the brand’s signature store, Application Gallery. Here you will find the majority of free applications to install everything as if it were the Play Store.

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Huawei P40, P40 Pro, P40 Lite, Mediapad M6 or Honor smartphones released in 2020.

Make sure you have the Mega application, since downloading the file with the Google plus services installer is so heavy that you will need Mega to download it. This video is endorsed by the official Huawei website where you can get much more information about using Google+ Play apps on the latest generation Huawei platforms. If you look closely, this procedure is very similar to the previous one, only here you will have to install the APK packages separately. At this time you just have to go to the applications folder and open the Google plus Play app.

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Huawei has a mid-range smartphone with a knockdown price. Certain Android phones do not have the ability to download Google plus Play. Today we tell you how to have Google plus Play Store on Huawei 40 Lite and other android platforms. We have already seen with the Mate 30 Pro how a door was opened with the LZPlay application to provide Google+ services throughout the month of October of last year. Once the app is downloaded, we continue to install it as usual.

In any case, as we have just seen, it is always feasible to dispose of MSG outside. However, our Chinese company has continuously warned its users of the different risks that this may pose to their smartphones. Fortunately, we have the possibility to log in without it, we just have to go to the browser and enter Google plus. Once inside we go to the Security section and in the Two-Step Verification section we deactivate it momentarily. Therefore, when we already have the account linked to Dual Space on our Huawei P40 Lite, we will be able to activate it again in the same menu and nothing will affect us.

Wow, it’s already an Android smartphone with Google plus services. At this time it is the turn of admitting permissions and giving the power of manager to Chat Partner to carry out the installation of Google+ services. The ideal in this step is to restart the terminal so that everything is configured properly.

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