How To Install Hbo Max On My Samsung Smart Tv 2014 – Easy Steps

How To Install Hbo Max On My Samsung Smart Tv 2014

How To Install Hbo Max On My Samsung Smart Tv 2014

On the other hand, in AirPlay 2 you can do it with a compatible device. You can also use an HDMI cable to connect your computer, tablet or smartphone to your TV and use it in this way. You can do this on Roku streaming devices running Roku OS version 10 or later.

Today it is an incredible alternative or complement to Netflix or HBO, among many others. In Spain, the price of the subscription is 8.99 euros per month, which you can cancel at any time. You can also save up to 35% off with an annual subscription, which costs €69.99 each year. Although it does not have permanence, since you have contracted it with virtues for a year, that is the minimum time in which you will enjoy it. With the launch of the new interface, both customers with direct HBO GO subscriptions and those who can access HBO GO through a participating cable or satellite service provider will have access to HBO Max. Proceed to the app store, located to the left of the TV’s home bar.

This has an attractive catalog of series and movies so that individuals can enjoy them whenever and wherever they want. All we have to do is have a compatible device and follow the instructions to enjoy the content we have chosen. While the content on the interface is nearly identical to that in the US, with hundreds of series, movies, and shows, it still doesn’t match the amount that WarnerMedia provides to that region. However, HBO Max is committed to becoming the much larger streaming service in the region with original content and the option to watch movies 35 days after their release in theaters.

Samsung Smart Tv

In this way you will be able to own it in one or in multiples, then you will be able to use it whenever you want or manage gadgets at your convenience. Although currently the app of the different OS, Android and iOS are not well received by all individuals, the truth is that accessing HBO Max from your smart mobile device is very comfortable due to the mobility it gives you. You will be able to see your favorite contents wherever you want, wherever you go.

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The usual thing will be, today, 2016 as the date, but this will change as the years go by and more televisions are launched and others become obsolete. This can change in each application… As we will see now, DAZN marks as after 2015 but Filmin those after 2014, to serve as an example. You have to look at the corresponding web page for the exact compatibility by model and year of manufacture or sale and in this way we will get rid of concerns when installing an application. When looking for apps for our television, we must take into account the year of the television. 2 The time between publication and availability of an app may change.

how to install hbo max on my samsung smart tv 2014

Despite having announced some small problems at its launch, the streaming platform will incorporate a considerably wide catalog for each and every one of the ages. In addition, it will include tapes from DC Universe, authentic HBO series, movie classics, Hollywood franchises and unique ones that will only be released on the interface. If you want to carry it out from your mobile phone, you must search for the HBO Max app from your Play Store on Android or App Store for iPhone. The HBO Max catalog for Latin America brings us a lot of news on movies and series with productions from DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Warnes Bros, The CW and much more. HBO Max’s streaming content also includes series such as Game of Thrones, Friends, Sopranos, South Park and Mare of Easttown.

ᐈ How To Have Hbo Max On Smart Tv

This is under your total commitment, because it is not a safe process and it is possible that you download it with a virus or it simply does not work. If you want to carry it out from your computer, you only have to log in and in the upper right corner you will give the profile. There you will go to the Manage devices option and the gadgets that have used your account and information about the last time they did it will appear. Keep in mind that for this you must access from a console compatible with HBO Max and have a good internet connection both for downloading and to be able to see its contents correctly. You can see above which are the compatible brand models, which are basically the latest models of the Microsoft console.

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You can manage the devices to add new ones, remove them or configure them according to your needs from your mobile or tablet. For this, you have to have the app, otherwise you have to download it. As far as brands are concerned, we agree that the compatible Samsung models are those from 2016 and later, while LG Smart TVs with web OS 4.0 or later are compatible. This option, according to Elle magazine, is an alternative option that lets you play certain content for free, without requiring a subscription. With this, people will be able to enjoy certain titles and the first episodes of certain series, without a time limit.

Once you do it, on a computer it is not a requirement as you will instantly view it by accessing your account, you will be able to enjoy its contents. On their site, open a browser on your PC and go to Then, in the top right corner, choose Sign In or Subscribe Now. In order to enter the app store and install them on your TV, it will ask you to sign in with a Samsung Account. If you do not have one, you will have to create it using a valid email and it will only take a few minutes to carry out this process that will allow you to express the uses you give to your TV. In the menu that appears at the bottom of your screen, scroll to the “APPS” section and press to access it.

Bajar Hbo Max En Smart Tv 2021

HBO GO is a television service which is used to watch different premium programs. The menu in question may vary from model to model, but you should find it in the Smart Hub changes. You will be able to continue updating the rest of the apps manually, from the TV applications menu. In addition to this, it will offer a trial time interval of seven days, which it calls “tasting zone”, to be able to watch reports and series for free.

For this reason, we mention how you should follow its installation in each of the much more recognized manufacturers. Also remember that if your television has this OS, it will be as simple as opening the Play Store on your Android TV and searching for HBO Max. Firstly, you can install the streaming service on Android TV devices running Android OS 5 or later. You can also do it on Apple TV 4K or Apple HD TV models with the latest tvOS software. If your Apple TV is 2nd or 3rd generation you should see ways to cast on your TV.

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Starting June 29, Samsung Smart TVs from 2016 to 2021 models will have the HBO Max app available, the streaming interface operated by WarnerMedia. When it comes to installing apps from USB stick on Samsung TV, there are eminently two different types. You are going to have to install the precise model for your TV, although the truth is that if you make a mistake nothing happens, otherwise the application will simply not be installed. To download the HBO application on a TV that does not have Android, whether on Samsung, LG, Sony, or any brand of TV, we must do the following.

How To Have Hbo Max On My Sony Smart Tv

We recommend that you delete any other files on the USB memory before connecting it to the television. If you’ve seen a device that doesn’t ring a bell or you think someone may be using your account without your permission, change your password and log out of each and every gadget that appears active. Code to start session in HBO Max Now write your account and password and you will be able to enter HBO Max and see all its FREE PREMIUM content. To find out much more information and resolve any questions regarding the HBO MAX app, visit its FAQ site. To serve as an example for models that begin with UN, the 5th digit corresponds to the year. The HBO MAX app will be available in the Samsung App Store on Smart TV models from 2016 to 2021.

When the installation is done, open HBO Max and sign in as well. Or, if you must register, request Register through an App Store. Open the Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet and search for HBO Max. Store my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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