How To Install Mtk Preloader Drivers For Flashtool – Easy Steps

How To Install Mtk Preloader Drivers For Flashtool

How To Install Mtk Preloader Drivers For Flashtool

Once the file is downloaded and unzipped on the PC you will have each and every one of the drivers in the folder. It is time to have the MTK6589 drivers in Windows 7 that will serve to warn any 65xx series mobile. To have the MT65xx Preloader USB drivers, you must first connect the mobile device to a Windows computer, whether it is XP, W7, W8 or W10.

Download the two Android Drivers and Drivers Preloader files and inside those folders there are a lot of files and it seems to be different for other models which now caused me confusion as to how it will be the correct one. This has been all friends in this article, if the information provided was useful to you and it helped you, participate in the Blog, give us a like on the Fb Page and of course subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

So if your device is powered by 6572, 6582 or 6592 processor chip then the guide will definitely help you. It could work well even for much newer gadgets. In this article I will show you how to have MTK USB VCOM drivers in Windows 10 (Also used for Windows Vista, 7, 8).

I use Windows 10 freshly ported from Windows 8.1, but I think for the situation the downside is the same, so I don’t think that matters. You will need the preloader if you want to flash the terminal. The moment I connect the phone to the computer, the folders and what I have on the phone are shown to me. Not having the mobile connected, you have to choose the second option and offer the next one.

After getting a bit dizzy with the exact same issue and trying to find information, I managed to at least be able to use the driver, although I still don’t know if it will accept it permanently. When the step is reached, click on “use disk” to choose the drivers from the downloaded folder. In the file are included the VCOM, USB drivers for each and every one of the Windows interfaces, 32 and 64bit. You can make a nandroid backup using TWRP Recovery and in this way, later, quickly put the entire system back in case we need it. The MT65xx Preloader USB Drivers are, for example, precise when carrying out any process on a smartphone through flash tools for Windows such as SP-Flash-Tool or similar. Thus, you will have a clean session, without temporary files or possible failures generated by residual files or configurations.

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What is it and how can you download

Find the drivers folder and find the inf and usb2ser_Win764.inf files. If you have a device with the higher Windows 7 operating system, they are in the Win7 folder. Hi guys, I’ve been going around all day with exactly the same problem and in the end I was able to solve it. My inconvenience was, like that of many, that when I put the update before activating the superuser, I was left without the root option.

The computer leaves you at MT65XX android phone with little yellow triangle. It’s a Leagoo z5 LTE that I want to remove the pattern lock from. We are going to do the flashing with the SP Flash Tool app. Of course, after downloading and having the MT65xx or MT67xx drivers, depending on our central processing unit model. What I did was download the 2gb s3 drivers, flashtools and recovery and unzip everything. Plug the mobile to the computer and it came out installing everything.

How to Install Drivers Mtk Preloader Usb Vcom Drivers In Windows 10

You have to choose option 7 that disables the requirement that drivers must be signed. If the system still does not detect the terminal, we will also install the “MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port” drivers. In principle, having the “Mediatek PreLoader USB VCOM Port” should be enough, but there are cases in which much more drivers are needed. We have the possibility of adding them one by one, until installing all the free ones, if necessary. This program shows a list of each and every one of the drivers installed on the device, and lets you uninstall them one by one.

how to install mtk preloader drivers for flashtool

Indispensable for our PC to properly detect the phone via USB. @antoniantuan , from what I have read in some thread, the preloader drivers are exactly the same as for the 2Gb one and the flashable ROM that must be put by flashtools is in a specific thread with the other Roms. In relation, let’s put the USB with the smart phone, we will observe that in the gadget manager it will come out with a yellow triangle. Hello friend, to those who offer us a format error of the scatter.txt?? I have tried multiple flashtools, several roms and several pcs…and it always fails me….

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Auto-executable installer of universal drivers for MTK mobile devices, all versions of Windows, from Windows XP, W7 to Windows 10 and Windows 11 through Windows Vista. Thanks to the latest version of MTKroot that we have published today, apart from being able to install the MTK USB, VCOM and Preloader drivers through a single click, we will also be able to install the ADB and Fastboot drivers. To which we have added an added option to easily dispose of each and every one of the Mediatek gadget drivers for Windows.

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The moment you do that, Windows will look for the drivers for your phone in the mtk-drivers folder, and when it finds them, it will start installing them. By having the drivers you will no longer have problems now that we are going to install the android preloader mtk driver. First of all we must download the drivers for Chinese mobiles with mtk processor. The initial step is to install Chinese phone drivers for the MTK65xx processor.

If we have the universal drivers for Chinese android, any mobile that we connect to the computer will admit it. The terminals that have the MediaTek chip are known as Chinese. These are carried by many manufacturers such as ZTE, Alcatel, Zuum, M4tel, Blu, Bmobile, Hisense, Huawei, Lanix, Solone, Polaroid, Samsung Calco and many other android terminal manufacturers. Well for this we use the driver for Chinese mtk cell phones so that the computer recognizes the android device.

Drivers Mtk Para Windows 10

It only works for me using the apps from the developers for each brand. I have a Tablet that does not start, it only cycles in the logo and returns to the logo and so on. With this flashing and choosing the main boxes can this problem be corrected? In addition to this, you can go back to see the personal data such as the documents and images that you had ??? It’s a question… thanks in advance. My Tablet is a Lenovo A3300. Help to get a solution and not lose the information I have….

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Once located, choose the file with the .inf extension, click on “Open” and then on “Admit“. In the Add Hardware wizard window, first click “Next”. Then we are going to select the second option “Install the chosen hardware manually from a list” and offer the “Next” button. Download the files and unzip them in a location that is easily accessible so that it is quick to enter and also have the driver. Now we must continue a few steps choosing the manual way and the installation disk.

Is it done this way? Install Drivers Preloader And Flash By Flashtool

You get a black window and you must wait for another window to appear 4 times that will put you to dispose, you give it to dispose and wait. Many at least open the USB debugging of the smartphone. After downloading the file in .ZIP format, we unzip it to a folder on our desktop. I have tried to install them capon and they are loaded but in the controller it makes an appearance, error ten, the driver will not be able to start.

While @Nivu makes the specific video tutorial for our terminal and makes everything clear and visible that several forum members have an essential problem and need to solve it urgently. If everything went well, you will see the message “The next hardware has been installed”. Repeat the procedure and also install the MediaTek DA USB VCOM Port and MediaTek Preloader USB VCOM Port drivers. Once the above is done, to obtain MediaTek drivers press HERE or HERE.

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