How to install steam games on external hard drive – Easy Steps

How to install steam games on external hard drive

How to install steam games on external hard drive

Simply close your Steam client completely and then plug in the hard drive that the created folder is on. Re-publish the software and it should automatically recognize the volume and library you have inserted. In the new window that will open, first choose the Local Files tab.

Neither is there a system of levels as proposed by other stores, nor concrete public in social network mode. But beyond that, it has many faults. It also doesn’t offer much beyond Windows, as Epic isn’t betting anything on the game on Linux, which Steam is. I have both the OS and the apps installed on the SSD and I use the HDD for storage of multimedia, games and user profiles. A co-worker told me that SSDs suffer more than a normal hard drive when it comes to reading and writing data and the useful life is significantly reduced. I’ll have to format and reorganize the hard drive issue.

When the game finishes moving, you will have to go back to “Game Features”. What you should do now is simply click on “OK”. Do not change the name of the folder that Steam has configured. Go to the library and choose the game you want to download. Now we will have to proceed to buy the game in case you had not done so. If you are looking for games at the best price, take a tour of Instant Gaming.

I have read that you can make another steam library, install the game there and so on, although I don’t know how. If someone helped me I would reward him with a skin or whatever he has lying around. We click on the game that we want to have, and now a window like the following will appear. In it we will be able to select the folder where we want the game to be installed, and if we want to make a direct entry and use the updates automatically. By default, the game will be installed in a subfolder within the Epic Games Store directory, although we can modify it by clicking on the “Browse” button. Once we have a matching memory, we have to prepare the Steam configuration to install our games there.

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Video game

Another thing that can happen is that it does not recognize the files that are already there and we have to go back to download the game again from Steam. Either way, in most situations games will perform much better using a SATA work platform. A HDD inside connects to the PC via a SATA port. They are made especially for the agility of data exchange. An external one instead connects via USB, which is made for multiple gadget compatibility, and is incredibly slow in comparison.

Much easier would be to bypass foreign sticks like USB sticks, since their transmission speed tends to be much lower (and they also have more chances to get out and the program to error). The much safer thing if you opt for this development is to use an external hard drive that has a cable and some “protections”. Absolutely nobody likes that, due to an error or an oversight, the game is cut off unexpectedly. To the question Can you play on external storage with correction on PC? The answer is a resounding yes, but we must take into account some nuances. The first is that not each and every game can enjoy the main advantage of this option, which is to use our library on various devices regardless of where they are.

You can even distribute your files between mechanical and solid disks so that it reads from both and does not occupy its space on the SSD, by making symbolic links. You can always have a game that you use a lot on the SSD but the usual thing is the SSD for the OS and the most common programs and the HDD to save data, install the games, etc… Although it is not a very intuitive process, we have the possibility of configuring OneDrive so that it saves a backup of the saved games of Steam, or of any other game, on its servers.

how to install steam games on external hard drive

Games from Epic Games and Steam, and related platforms can be placed on a portable hard drive. It’s that they fill up a lot of space on my PC and I don’t know if it could be done, leaving only the launchers on the PC, and the games on the hard drive. Fortunately, there are other very interesting programs that allow us to easily manage our saved games. And one of the most complete and simple is EasySave Backup. Store the games in 3 different folders to offer redundancy and let us keep them organized. When we want to play a game again, we can do it right away.

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Can You Play Steam With Games On External Memory?

We recommend that you have already built the folder where you will store your games beforehand. That if we want to have everything in order, we will have to be careful with the programs that we install, and have everything very clean. For this reason, one of the most widely used solutions is that of external hard drives.

And if we are looking for an OpenSource and free alternative, then we have the possibility of using GameSave Manager. With this program we are going to be able to make a backup copy of our saved games, restore them and even transfer them to another PC in a really simple way. Thanks to this program we can forget about manual processes. Steam already compresses the game folders by itself when making backup. And the fastest and easiest way to do it is to use a file compressor, such as the situation with 7-Zip or WinRAR, and compress the game folder with maximum compression.

Without a doubt, the biggest attraction of this store is its free games and its discounts. Every Thursday, the Epic Store provides its users with one or two free games, which they can add to their library without having to pay anything. We managed to find very simple and cheap games, and paid triple A games that, sometimes, have exceeded 60 euros.

Onedrive, The Great Ally To Not Lose The Games

You can even make a shortcut to the game on the internal hard drive that continues to run the game that is actually installed on your external drive, although in some cases this can be a bit difficult. If you’re installing a game that doesn’t use a third-party launcher, the steps are fairly easy. If this does not happen, you only have to go to the Factors or Options and go back to look for the library path that you had created by clicking on the Add library folder option.

Batman was going to 40 stable and continues to go to 40 balanced on the hard drive of the pc. Choose the expected volume from the drop down menu in the window. If you put it in a usb 3.0 port you shouldn’t have any problems. Hello inde, in a case like this the first thing you have to try is to restart your PC, then restart Steam and, later, close the session of your Steam user and open it again. You do not have to worry about this issue as all the progress you have in the game is saved. So you will not lose anything at all.

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It’s also handy if you want to free up space on your primary drive and move certain games to the secondary. Finally, it’s also useful if you want to keep the game on the exact same hard drive but prefer to move it to another folder. By doing so, each and every one of the folders you have created on that hard drive will appear, so you will have to make an empty one or choose one without content so that you can save your games. If it’s not empty, Steam won’t let you select it to move what you need, so keep that in mind. If you don’t have empty folders, create the Games folder by clicking on Create folder. At this point you just have to make a folder on the source hard drive to which you are going to move your content, then press the Add Library Folder button.

You are not required to recreate that folder on your hard drive, just browse and select it, Steam will take care of the rest. I have a computer with almost full memory so I have planned to put the games on an external hard drive connected to the computer through a USB. From what I understand this is possible but I don’t know how.

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