How to Install the Application of Sacyl Online Appointment – Easy Steps

How to Install the Application of Sacyl Online Appointment

How to Install the Application of Sacyl Online Appointment

You can request an early appointment for yourself, or for any other person, as long as you indicate their date of birth, name and surname. You can make this call any day of the week and at any time. Despite having multiple functionalities and possibilities; Sacyl’s appointment system does not have the option to change an appointment.

It also assists in better distributing appointments among all free professionals, thus reducing waiting time. The launch of the new service to make an appointment in Primary Care is part of the multi-channel appointment venture that the Ministry of Health has developed in several phases since 2006, a period in which it has managed 35.8 million procedures. As in the rest of the channels, the system provides the user with the first available slot for the requested date, so that they will be able to reserve or cancel if they want to carry out another search that is more suited to their needs.

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The code is located in the upper right part of the health card and has 16 letters and numbers inside. The service is available to everyone who is registered in the system. It is important that the user knows which is the Health Center that corresponds to him. For SACYL, it represents a way to avoid the accumulation of patients, while optimizing the personal planning of users. SACYL’s appointment request system works 24 hours a day, every day of the year, facilitating patient requests.

NameEmailWeb Store my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Now, you will have to identify the person for whom the appointment is requested. This can be done through the electronic DNI, incorporating it into the computer you are using and clicking on the image of the electronic DNI that is on the page. The email address requested will in no case be used for commercial purposes. [newline]Appointment receipt, by pressing the “Print” icon; or, you can send it to your mail.

With these applications, available on Android and iOS, you will have the Aegon medical team at your disposal. We are talking about a global app of the Government of the Balearic Islands that also allows contact with other departments such as Consumption, Training or Social Services among many others. In many regions, the installation compact disc does not include the application installation package. When this file is executed, the app download window opens.

It is enough to access with the corresponding identifier of the health card and the date of birth. Among them, making a prior Sacyl appointment to attend a hospital; also, through the official website, you can access your medical history, get important information about organ donors and much more. Vithas is a group with almost twenty hospitals in Spain and as many medical centers spread throughout the national territory. The application is free for iOS and Android and allows you to request an appointment online in each and every one of the services and each and every one of the health centers in Spain. We have the possibility, as in the previous ones, to access the user area and find supporting documents or outcomes, see which are the closest clinics, etc.

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Much More Requested Appointments

When you choose what kind of professional you want to make an appointment with, the option to select the time and date will appear. If you don’t have any specific preference, the system will assign you the first one it finds free. The appointment can be requested through the SACYL website, having as a great virtue that the procedure can be carried out from any place and any occasion, without limitation of date or time. The above appointment is the procedure through which admission to SACYL services is achieved, particularly for consultations, diagnoses or other examinations at the corresponding Health Centers. In this call, the first attention will be by an automatic system; which, requests data from the tolerant, such as names, surnames and date of birth.

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Not only can they assist us remotely, but you also have free electronic prescriptions and up to ten free deliveries of drugs that you may require depending on the assistance of these doctors. In addition to this, it also has other advantages such as discounts on Quirónsalud or DKV consultations if you want to go in person for a check-up or test. Osakidetza also has a particular app to stop smoking, with recommendations or information and a calendar to keep track of the days. When we request a medical appointment, a direct reminder can be activated or through the calendar of our smartphone. You will find the SACYL CONECTA in the apps tab on the main screen of the Bluestacks window. If the patient has much more than one appointment, the system will let you choose which of the appointments to cancel.


To make an appointment with the doctor online, all you have to do is go to the website of your health system in the Autonomous Community. Normally it is enough to look for the medical appointment section and access with your health card number, your DNI or your date of birth. But resorting to the web page is not always comfortable and they are usually much less intuitive than applications with which you can stay logged in and be able to access a calendar, all your data, contact information, etc. For this reason, if you want to request an appointment with the doctor online, we advise you to install the health apps of all the Autonomous Communities or, in the case of having contracted insurance, of your corresponding insurance company or even of your hospital.

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This application will give us access to certain diagnostic tests and X-rays, we will be able to ask for our electronic prescription and medication history as well as each and every one of the reports of prepared units and emergencies. For all this confidential information, electronic identification is necessary. In the My HEALTH section with Cl@ve we will be able to identify ourselves digitally with a persistent password and access all our notes. It belongs to the most complete apps that, in addition to teleconsultation, also allows you to raise concerns by chat with the SCSalud Health Council. To install Kaspersky Security Cloud, you can also download an installation package from the Internet.

To enter, all you have to do is have the data from the Navarra health card and download it to your mobile or tablet. Since then, the patient can store it on his phone and choose the professional with whom he wants to make an appointment, the date and time, without having to re-enter his personal data. If instead of Mapfre you are from Sanitas, the Mi Sanitas application allows you to manage and request appointments at any hospital or see the calendar with upcoming appointments. You will also be able to see the available medical chart, find specialists or ask nearby hospitals or emergency centers. If you live in Aragon, SaludInforma is the app of the Department of Health of the Government of Aragon that makes the procedures much simpler.

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Once you have completed this procedure, you can ask about your scheduled appointments or request an exclusive one depending on the availability of the health center or the expert you wish to see. In Navarra, the Personal Health Folder is available, an app in which you will be able to have all the notices of upcoming appointments, the vaccination record, medical card information or medical reports that may be useful in your next consultations. You can also request a doctor’s appointment, postpone them, consult them or see your previous appointments.

The initial step to request a Sacyl appointment online is to enter the official website of the institution; and enter the “Citizens” section, which is at the top of the home page. Once there, the user must click on the “Request an appointment online” button. Through this app, the citizen will be able to arrange demand appointments for the different qualified expert categories.

If you want to request an early appointment by phone, you have to find your hospital’s early appointment phone number. You can find this number on the back of your health card. The Public Health Service of Castilla y León has established an advance appointment system, so that its users attend their health centers with an appointment already arranged. You have to call the number that corresponds to the Health Center and choose the option to “ask or cancel an appointment”, after which the system will verify your identity and let you ask what appointments you have predetermined. Sacyl makes the SACYL CONECTA application available to customers via Android or iOS mobile. With this application, access to the administration of appointments on demand with the Health Centers, access to clinical documents and more services and information is facilitated. The health system in Spain is dependent on the Autonomous Social Network in which we are and for this reason there is no global app to make an appointment with the doctor but it will depend on where we are.

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If in that Health Center there is much more than one patient with that date of birth, the system will ask you for the name and surname of the patient. has no relationship with the companies, organizations or institutions that are present on the portal. does not guarantee that all the information displayed on the website is adequate and up-to-date. First, you must download the “Sacyl Conecta” application; which is available in the app stores for devices with Android or iOS operating systems. Sacyl; At this time, you must enter the “Request an appointment” section and, later, in “Expert categories”. It is there, where you must put the medical specialty you need; as well as the respective date and time.

If the use of VPN networks is not allowed in your country, Kaspersky Secure Connection will not be installed. That will take you to a website from which you will be able to download the app manually. To stop wizard activity at any step of the installation, close the window. The storage or technical access is necessary to create user specifics to deliver advertising, or to follow the user on one page or across multiple websites for similar marketing purposes. Storage or technical access is required for the legitimate purpose of storing options not requested by the subscriber or user.

Open the main window of the Kaspersky Security Cloud app. Kaspersky Secure Connection may be available on the device as a stand-alone application or as part of Kaspersky Free, Kaspersky Anti-Virus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security or Kaspersky Security Cloud. The storage or technical access that is used exclusively for statistical purposes.

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