How To Install The Official Rom In Spanish On Any Xiaomi – Easy Steps

How To Install The Official Rom In Spanish On Any Xiaomi

How To Install The Official Rom In Spanish On Any Xiaomi

Keeping an Android up to date on a frequent basis is quite an odyssey, even impossible. We already know that updates are not exactly the strong point of our system, but there are always options to support smartphones and tablets approximately every day. In Xiaomi’s situation there is a large community in the rear; with considerable amount of free ROMs. And the MIUI Downloader app centralizes all downloads. The app is completely free, and we will not run into payments within it either, but we will observe the occasional notice.

In any case, not everything cheap is expensive, especially if it is a Xiaomi. In truth, if you buy the non-international version, your new smartphone will be even cheaper. However, for you to be able to use it in Spanish, you will have to invest some time. We teach you how to install the official Xiaomi ROM in Spanish. Access TWRP Recovery, press Install, choose the .zip file of the downloaded ROM, and then swipe to start development. Although, we also find an application called MIUI Downloader where we can see the different update options that are available for mobile phones of the Chinese brand.

Xiaomi Has 2 Methods To Update Your Mobiles To The Latest Version Of Android Or Miui That Are Available

We open the My Unlock program and once it recognizes it, we give Unlock. It will indicate that we must wait something more than 300 hours to be able to complete the process. First of all, make sure you have created a Miui account in your terminal, otherwise it will ask you later. It is also essential to insert a SIM card in the Xiaomi smartphone. Be aware of each and every one of the news and offers from your favorite brand on our Telegram channel.

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If your terminal accepts the perfect EDL mode (it depends on the ROM but most of them accept it) the development will be very easy, you just have to follow these steps. The highlight is that you try this formula first because it is the easiest to do and usually works. We do not need several things but there is precise material to do the tutorial, such as certain files that must be downloaded.

And the truth is that if I were to stick only to organic traffic, I would certainly have long ago stopped talking about anything other than guides on ROM hacks on Android devices and also iOS. Online Training is a page promoting free courses to facilitate access to syllabi and educational content. Every day we promote new free courses and unique discounts to enter quality training.

Xiaomi Eu: How To Install The Rom On Your Xiaomi Smartphone

Dedicated to technological articles from a user point of view, easy and giving an honest opinion. The only downside is that the ROM does not come with Google+ services. Now we have planned on it and we are also going to leave you the steps so that you can do it. Right next to the ROM, you will have a file that is the Recovery, a menu, similar to the Windows BIOS, that we must install to be able to put the ROM in the mobile.

how to install the official rom in spanish on any xiaomi

One of the questions that you ask us much more in recent weeks, is what process must be carried out to be able to have the Xiaomi EU ROM on your smart mobile devices. For this reason, below we are going to explain in an easy and descriptive way, how to carry out this process to flash this incredible ROM, in any device of the brand. If the process does not even start, it may be because we have not downloaded a ROM compatible with our smartphone. After that, we invite you to test step by step that each and every one of the steps has been followed to the letter, another reason for failure. The smart phone will require an exclusive ROM that changes it completely.

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Tutorial Mega Video Tutorial Multi Rom On Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

We have experience in the installation of firmware in each Xiaomi model and we will return your smartphone without advertising and spy applications. On the other hand, you can also activate the possibility of receiving updates before other people, as well as having your mobile periodically verify the free ones. The first thing we must do is download the Mi Unlock application from here. It puts the downloaded ROM in the root folder, which you can support by the symbol below enclosed in parentheses (/). In addition, it offers you the possibility of making backup copies of the finished system, entering user data and partitions in a fairly simple way.

Xiaomi is a sample case in terms of updating its devices, since, periodically, they receive news with each version of MIUI they receive, despite the fact that an update of the Android version is not available. We open a thread for the roms in their creator versions We have another thread for the Balanced The Xiaomi.EU roms have what is necessary for Google plus Play and Google+ services to work. Those of have released the first permanent rom based on the Chinese stable. I installed it yesterday in my terminal, and I’m going to take it for a while to see how it behaves. It was hard for me to carry it out again with each and every one of the sets and data that I had before due to the fact that there was a change in the location of folders since Android 11. You simply have to use this Mi Flash app to be able to skip the closed bootloader restriction on your Xiaomi device.

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Xiaomi Latest News

Once this is done, we use the fastboot oem unlock command (the tablet will show a warning and we click on Yes). NameEmailWeb Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We will do this by clicking on select and looking for the file in the folder where we have saved it. We will be left with a folder with several files where we must double-click on the executable named XiaoMiFlash.

Xiaomi Mi A3 Smartphones 4 Gigabytes Ram + 128 Gigabytes Rom, 6 088′ Screen, Octa Processor

As soon as the previous process is complete, you can now use MiFlash to flash the ROM. If something has gone wrong, the program will inform you of a failure. The Xiaomi that have the GLOBAL package are precisely those that have the possibility of being used in Spanish. Keep this in mind when downloading the ROM to install. With communities and advances in technology, society has become dependent on mobile devices, so much so, …

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