How to install two operating systems in a virtual machine – Easy Steps

How to install two operating systems in a virtual machine

How to install two operating systems in a virtual machine

Once you have accessed any of them, the one you want, you will have to touch “Get” at the top of the screen and on the screenshots of it. It will be installed on your computer with the Windows operating system and you will be able to start it. It will take several minutes to download when finished and you can start using the downloaded distro on your computer with Windows operating system. To be able to use it you will need minimal understanding of Linux and use the corresponding command lines. Once the corresponding data has been entered, you will be located with the Linux OS. It is essential that you are connected to the Internet so that you can fully evaluate the system.

In the manual that comes with the software you will find how to do much more complicated hardware simulations. To have the sums for guests, you just have to double click on the file and accept the license (You must go to the bottom so that the button appears). Evaluate an OS without making any modifications to the hard drive.

From Grubaker it is also possible to change the waiting time that the user has to choose the system in which he wants to boot before the default system or the image (caution, it must have a very specific format) of the background of the menu starts. These options are accessed by clicking on the Options button on the main Grubaker screen. Click on Add and we will return to the main Gparted screen. Let’s repeat the steps above to make the swap partition. We are going to give the swap partition a size of 512 mb and we will select linux-swap as the file system.

How To Install Ubuntu In Virtualbox

Click on the folder icon to open the screen where you can choose the iso image, and then click Start. After selecting the type of hard disk file, where the highlight is to keep the VDI preselection unless you know well the performance of these systems, you must select if you want a dynamic save disk or fixed size. The difference is that the dynamic reserve will only use the allocated space as you use it in the virtual machine, a much better alternative if you don’t have enough storage on your computer.

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It is useful for developers, for example, if they want to create an environment to test a tool from Windows without modifying it. You can test the applications that you have created yourself if you are a developer. We will now reach a section where we must use a slider to select the RAM memory that we want to grant to the virtual machine. The advisable thing is 2048 MB according to what we can consult in our program but we have the possibility of selecting what we want by sliding the configuration bar. The megabytes you choose will be reserved for the machine on your pc so we will make sure it has optimal performance and is fast enough.

When to Emulate a So

The images are compressed in ZIP format and you can import them with VirtualBox. Try tools or apps that are made for other systems if you need to use something that isn’t specifically made for your operating system. If you have Linux and a game or application is only for Android, you can use this development in reverse as we teach you. The first thing will be to make a USB boot disk, for this you can use different tools, among the best known and much more reliable is YUMI, it will allow you to create different USB boot disks with various OS.

how to install two operating systems in a virtual machine

This step is very important as it already establishes the superuser password, which is going to be the only one that will have permissions in the whole system to edit it as you want. To finish we choose the name of the disk file and establish its size. For this we carry out exactly the same process that we did in the other OS. We want to change the descriptor, that is, the name that appears in the boot menu. Developed on the line of operating systems produced by Microsoft Corporation. Surely you also read about Hyper-V because it is the app that Microsoft has for this purpose.

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At that point we click on the new unallocated space for your USB drive and choose New Volume to open the New Volume Wizard, then click Next. We must go to the page that Microsoft created and that will serve us for the objective that we require at this time, which is none other than saving the Windows 11 ISO image on the computer. As we have already explained, a portable Windows or Linux is useful at a time when we usually use several different computers for leisure, study or work reasons and we want to have the same system in all of them, as this gives us peace of mind, security and privacy. However, if we only use one computer, and very occasionally we can sit in front of another, the truth is that it is not quite worth it. We have multiple hard drives in the PC and we do not know exactly what to use them for. We are now ready to test the actual operation of the “burg” bootloader, for which we restart our computer.

Dual Boot, Dual Boot OR Dual Boot

By making this partition, we protect the documents that we have created if, for example, we want to return to disposing of the system. You can easily install and use dozens of operating systems if you want. Opt to dual boot an OS anytime you want it to be a part of your PC. You must be ready to use the secondary operating system for a much longer period, as it is difficult to break free from an OS in a dual-boot setup.

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There are many programs to check the integrity of the files. For example, you can use the exact same 7-zip program or the Linux sha256sum program. Integrate Google+ Analytics in WordPress Learn how to link the tool with your website in compliance with data protection regulations… At this time that you have made each and every one of the preparations, insert the USB memory into the desktop or laptop computer and restart the system . Upon reboot, the BIOS will access the USB stick and the Ubuntu installation will begin. You may also need to set the boot order you want in UEFI.

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We will also explain to you, in the following paragraphs, how the Windows subsystem for Linux works. We are talking about a program of the Microsoft operating system that allows us to use Linux as a guest OS without having to give up the system that we have installed. It has been working since 2020 with the WSL 2 version that adds improvements and allows the use of the original version of the Linux kernel. It is a very interesting alternative if you want to run Linux programs without complications. This is the virtual machine software presented to us by our Microsoft.

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The main virtue of using this software is that there are many manuals on the Internet that we can follow in case we have any questions or problems with the development, although below we will explain how to do it step by step. Oracle VM VirtualBox is a program created by Oracle and, as its name suggests, it allows us to have “guest operating systems” on our computer with an OS. It has been working for more than ten years and is fully available in Spanish to use any ISO image and be able to evaluate systems such as GNU/Linux, Windows, MS-DOS, macOS, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and much more. Here you have to give a name to the “VirtualBox disk image” if you want to do it, this procedure is not mandatory. At this moment, with the slider that appears on the screen, you must select the amount of hard disk that you want to give to the Linux distribution, keep in mind that the minimum amount that you can choose will be The most recommended thing is to give it a minimum amount of 8GB.

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