How to Locate Your Lost or Stolen Android Mobile or Tablet?

How to Locate Your Lost or Stolen Android Mobile or Tablet?

Although you can remove Google’s anti-theft protection, the truth is that we recommend activating these protection options. In fact, it is essential for when you need to locate your Android device after a loss or theft. Next, we will talk to you about the way to find your mobile if it is lost or stolen.

What is the first thing I should do when I lose my Android device?

Certainly there are several ways to protect our mobile device from theft or loss. And the first thing you should do will depend on the conditions in which you have misplaced your device. For example, if you lost it at home or think you have left it at a friend’s house you should not worry too much. On the other hand, if you were the victim of a robbery, the matter becomes a bit complicated.

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In the event that you have simply misplaced your cell phone, you can find it using the tools that Google provides us. Still, several criteria must be met for you to be able to find your device using Google’s locator.

  • First of all, the cell phone has to be on
  • You must have an internet connection
  • The cell phone must have an associated Google account
  • The location / GPS of the mobile must be active
  • Finally, you must have enabled the function to find the mobile

If you meet all the above criteria, then you can try the search tool that Google provides us. In any case, as we pointed out, the cell phone must be on in order to use this function.

Locate and ring the Android cell phone using the ‘Find’ function

  • The first thing to do is to realize that you are logged into your Google account on your computer.
  • After doing the previous check, go to ‘Google find my device’
  • Your devices will be displayed on the left, select the mobile you want to find. Wait until the connection with the mobile is established
  • Finally, click on ‘Play sound’ and the cell phone will start ringing so you can find it
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How can I remotely lock my device?

  • First, log in to your Google account
  • Go to the website ‘Google find my device
  • It may take a while before the cell phone information is displayed. Once it appears select it
  • Two options will appear on the left side ‘Lock device’ or ‘Delete device data’. If you select the first one, you will block the mobile, with the second option all data will be deleted, so do it only in extreme cases

How to track my smartphone or tablet if they are turned off?

Google’s ‘Find my device’ function is exceptional if you want to know the location of your mobile. In any case, it will only work if the mobile is on. Regrettably you can’t track the device in real time if it is off.

Either way, the ‘Find my device’ page will show the last known location of the mobile, which can help you determine where it is. In turn, it doesn’t hurt to check every so often in the event that they turn on the cell phone.

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find lost or stolen android mobile or tablet

If the mobile turns on, you can track it with the tool provided by Google. In any case, if you were the victim of a robbery, we recommend you go to the authorities in the event that you manage to locate the device. Don’t take risks if you think you are dealing with someone dangerous.

Are there tools to find lost devices?

Undoubtedly the best tool to locate your mobile is’ Find my Google device. This application is installed by default in the most recent mobiles, also you can download it through the Play Store. Even so, it is not the only application that can help us in case of theft or loss of the mobile.

Another functional application is Prey Anti-Theft, which pretends to be a system to prevent theft and protect devices. In any case, we reaffirm that the most recommended tool to find your mobile when it is lost is the one provided by Google.

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Therefore, to avoid problems in the future, make sure you turn on ‘find my device’ features from Google and also apply other methods how to lock your cell phone screen. These simple configurations will be extremely useful in the event of loss or theft of your mobile.