How to Make the Circumflex Accent Sign with Your Computer Keyboard? (Working)

How to Make the Circumflex Accent Sign with Your Computer Keyboard?

How to Make the Circumflex Accent Sign with Your Computer Keyboard? – We have already seen how versatile our PC can be when it comes to inserting symbols or special characters. Although we can think that some of them, such as the circumflex accent, is not available, because it is not used in Spanish speech. We can tell you that you are wrong and then we will tell you how to do it the circumflex sign on your computer keyboard.

How to write the circumflex accent mark with your keyboard according to the operating system of your computer?

From the keyboard of our personal computers it is possible to insert different characters, symbols or punctuation marks, regardless of your operating system. The circumflex accent sign, which is also known as power or caret, will not be the exception. Next we will show you how to place this little inverted ^ above the letters.


If you are using a PC with a Windows operating system, you can insert the circumflex accent mark from the keyboard. To perform this operation we must use the numeric keyboard that is to the right of it. Then we will enter an ASII code, in this case it will be code 94.

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To get started, you must first lock the number pad by pressing the ‘Num Lock’ key on the top left. Now you must press the keys ‘Alt + 94’ and when releasing the circumflex sign will appear on the screen.

For accentuate vowels whether uppercase or lowercase you must press the ‘Num Lock’ key to lock it. Then press the following codes:.

  • ‘Alt + 0194’ will appear Â
  • ‘Alt + 0202’ will appear Ê
  • ‘Alt + 0206’ will appear Î
  • ‘Alt + 0212’ will appear Ô
  • ‘Alt + 0219’ will appear Û
  • ‘Alt + 0226’ will appear â
  • ‘Alt + 0234’ will appear ê
  • ‘Alt + 0238’ will appear î
  • ‘Alt + 0244’ will appear oh
  • ‘Alt + 0251’ will appear û

GNU y Linux

Something similar can be applied to GNU and Linux operating systems, but instead of entering ASII codes, we will enter hexadecimal values. In the case of wanting to put the circumflex accent from the keyboard, we must simultaneously press the ‘Ctrl + Shift + u’ keys. Now we must release only the letter ‘u’ and press ‘5e’ which represents the sign.


In the case of using a computer that works in an iOS environment, you can insert the circumflex accent from the keyboard, via the accents menu. To do this, we must write the letter that needs the circumflex accent and hold it down until a box appears. This will be the ‘accent menu’. Also choose the character we need in the document.

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Another way to do it is through the character viewer. In this case we must select the text where the circumflex sign will be inserted and then we must select ‘Edit’. Therefore we choose the ‘Emoji symbol’ option and in this way the viewer will appear.

method to make the circumflex sign on a mac

Using the keyboard paths, we can also make the viewer appear. To do this, press the keyboard shortcuts ‘Control + Command + spacebar’. Now, we just have to scroll in the character viewer to find the sign we need in this way. Once we find it, we click on it.

A point to highlight according to the previous information is that from this viewer we can also insert other symbols such as the apostrophe for our documents. Regardless of the operating system, we can use these diacritics to our benefit.

How do you put a circumflex accent on your cell phone?

The process to accentuate a letter with the circumflex sign from a mobile phone can be done from the virtual keyboard of the device. For this we only have to apply a series of steps using our cell phone.

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First of all, write the letter that we are going to accentuate, keeping it pressed until several options appear between these different punctuation marks. Then we select the letter with the circumflex sign, which will be highlighted when you lift your fingers from the keyboard. As a result we will have the letter with the sign in the text from our mobile phone.

In this simple and fast way we can include a rare sign of our language in the most prominent text editors using only the mobile phone. In a very similar way, when we want to do the bracket sign from the keyboard on our devices. A whole variety of symbols that is generally used in other languages.

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