How to Put Apostrophe with the Keyboard of a Mac? – Shortcuts and Other methods

How to Put Apostrophe with the Keyboard of a Mac? – Shortcuts and Other methods

Apple is of the brands most recognized in the world of technology for offering quality products. Among them, Macs stand out, which have great functions. And these computers also have in themselves shortcuts and other interesting navigation methods, which will be discussed in more detail below.

How can you put the quotation marks on the Mac keyboard if you have it in Spanish?

The ability to use quotation marks on a Mac keyboard for those who use these devices and love good spelling is great. Well, using these spelling signs on Mac is nothing to write home about, although it is true that it is quite different to the method of other computers.

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To place the single quotes (”) you will have to press the Alt + Shift + 8 and Alt + Shift + 9 keys at the same time to use the opening single quote and the closing single quote respectively.

Now for be able to use the english quotes (““) What you have to do is press Alt + 8 and Alt + 9 at the same time, to use the English opening quotation marks and the closing English quotation marks respectively.

Moreover, to use the latin quotes («»), Which are most used in books, you have to press the Alt + Shift + tilde, and Alt + Shift + ç keys at the same time; thus you can use the Latin opening quotation marks and the Latin closing quotation marks respectively.

Now, it is important to say that, since Macs are devices that work with a different operating system than Windows, the commands for the quotes are different if the system is configured in English. For this reason, the following will show how to put apostrophes to documents if the system is in English and if you do not know the language, you can take advantage of some pages to learn to master it.

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How can you put apostrophe to your Mac documents if you have the system in English?

To be able to place an apostrophe in Mac English documents, you will simply have to perform some specific commands, which are the following: key of apostrophe + question mark + O key. Of course, these commands must be carried out just before writing the letter of the apostrophe.

Having done this, the apostrophe will appear, and voila: so without further complications we will have that special character placed in an English text written with Mac. But, there are other special commands which are quite functional on these devices, and some of them will be explained below.

What are the other commands to use other symbols on your Mac?

On a Mac, many other commands can be used to perform different functions. In fact, Apple support has given a complete list of the commands that can be used. However, two of them will be shown below, how to use them and when to do it.

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mac with keyboard and mouse on the table

Con ‘Option + Alt’

When using the Option key on Mac computers they would be the equivalent of the Alt keys on keyboards used by Windows. With these keys you can carry out different processes, which they are mainly for computer performance. For example, backing up, making sound adjustments, exiting programs, etc.

Of course, the Option key can do all of this in combination with other keys; however, it can be seen that it is a fairly complete key. Also, it is important to say that is represented with this symbol (⌥).

Using ‘Option + Alt + Shift’

With the Option keys (known as Alt in Windows) and the shift key, you can also perform another specific task on Mac, but with the help of other keys: you can empty the trash without the need for confirmation with a dialog window. To be different from what most of us are used to, this key is very complete.

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Well, you can see that the commands in Mac serve as keyboard shortcuts and are different from those in Windows, which It is the most used operating system in computers. However, they are also quite complete, so this tutorial is highly recommended if you are a user of this operating system.

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