How to Reset an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Controller Quickly and Easily?

How to Reset an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Controller Quickly and Easily?

How to Reset an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S Controller Quickly and Easily?

The Xbox console of the well-known company Microsoft has become a titan in the world of consoles. They have innovated in technologies to the point of being able to download games with the console turned off and use wireless controllers, but these controls they can fail sometimes and it is good to reset them At some point.

How to reset the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S controller easily?

Restarting an Xbox controller is a fairly easy task and may become necessary, because if your controller is linked to your console for a long time, connection failures can occur.

Some common failures are the delay or delays when executing actions. Clearly these failures, can be fatal when playing video games, mainly in high voltage situations.

Turn off your remote

The faults that your remote control can present, many times can be fixed with the simple act of turning it off and on your control.

This process is easy and is that once you have in your hand tu control de Xbox Series X o Series S, just press and hold the middle button (the one with an X) for about 5 to 6 seconds. After the above, the controller will turn off, then press the same button for a few seconds and the device will turn on again.

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Turn off the Xbox and unlink your controller

If you want completely unlink your controller from your consolea, the first thing is to turn off your console and then connect and configure your controller with a pc. Once this process is done, your control will be completely unlinked from your console. In any case, connecting it to the PC is optional.

Turn on your console and press ‘Pairing’

Pair your controller with your console again It is easy. And is that your console has an integrated button called ‘Pair’, you can recognize it because it has a circle with 3 slightly curved lines. By pressing this button your Xbox is immediately paired with the controller you want to pair.

Activate the ‘Pairing’ of your controller

As with the console, the Xbox Series X / S controller it has the pairing button, which is located in the upper left part of the control. By pressing it and pressing the button on the console, you can pair both devices (You can also link it by connecting it with cable to your Xbox).

Make sure your controller and Xbox are paired

If you did everything as we explained above, your controller should have been linked to your Xbox. Checking this is straightforward, since the remote should start responding when using it with your Xbox. If it doesn’t work, try unpairing it again and repeat the steps above.

How to update your remote if it doesn’t respond after resetting it?

This is something that can cause you problems and that is, what happens if after resetting your remote it does not respond? The best that we can do is update our command. To do this, we can connect the control to the console via USB and update it from there.

What to do if a control blinks and turns off for no apparent reason?

If your controller has these faults, keep calm, since possibly they are small and easy to fix faults. It may be battery or connection failures, in which case it is not a big problem. However, if that is not the case there are also other causes and possible solutions.

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resetear control xbox series x s

Put new batteries

The first thing you should do is change the batteries in your controller. Batteries can discharge over time or spoil, causing failure. To solve this problem, simply open the cover on the back of the remote and change with the new batteries.

Use a Micro-USB cable

The other solution you can try is connect the controller using a Micro-USB cable, useful when it is a wireless connection problem. It is also useful when we have a problem with the batteries, since the control will be powered directly by USB.

Unplug your Xbox for a moment

If you’ve done all of the above, but the controller keeps flashing and turning off, you should try turn off your console for a moment and unplug it. It may happen that the fault is from the console. Many times a simple reboot fixes connection errors between the console and the controller.

How to fix a remote that won’t turn on?

If you have a remote that does not turn on directly, does not flash lights or simply does not show signs of life, it may be that it is simply a problem of bad current contact Or that your command is failing. Next, we will tell you how to test if it is simply a bad contact or if you have to resort to more important solutions.

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reset controller xbox series x and series s

Accommodates battery contacts

The solution easier is to check the contact of the batteries, since these contacts can sometimes move or open a little more, causing the control not to turn on.

The first thing you should do is remove the back cover of the remote and check with the batteries inserted if there is good contact. In case it is not so, arrange them for proper contact (Also check if the poles of the batteries are correctly oriented, Positive-negative).

Keep the firmware up to date

If by arranging the battery contacts your remote control still does not turn on, try updating your firmware. If you do not know what a firmware is, it is better that you learn it before taking action. In any case, in recent years the company has focused on making the firmware update very simple.

Ask Xbox Support for help

As a last resort, try writing to tech support of Xbox, to see if together with them you can find a solution. When in doubt, Xbox support is the way to go if no homemade solution works. It is certainly the most recommended when there are serious problems with your console or controller.

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