How to Share a Video From IGTV Easily | Instagram TV

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How to Share a Video From IGTV Easily | Instagram TV

Instagram has become one of the most used applications to highlight your presence in social networks, being a tool that has several methods to share your content one of them is Instagram TV “IGTV” which is one of the innovations that Instagram has, since it allows you to create and share long-term videos from your smartphone in just a few seconds.

Steps to share videos from IGTV

  1. You must sign in to IGTV, or you can log in with your Instagram account.
  2. Then you must click on the settings icon that is in the right corner and then you click where it says “Create channel”.
  3. Now you can start posting videos, but you must first log into your account and click the “+” icon in the right corner.
  4. Then go to the gallery of your smartphone and choose the video you want to share it is important that you take into account that video format must be vertical or horizontal, but it must not be square.
  5. Once you have chosen the video at the bottom of your screen you will see a three-dot icon, click to expand the menu.
  6. Finally, several options will appear and you must click on the option that says “copy link”, Then go to the site, or application where you want to share it and that’s it.
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Is it possible to share content within my TV?

Yes, you can share your content and one of the ways is through direct messages from Instagram and we will explain how to do it.

  1. Select the video, and click to open it.
  2. Then click on the date symbol which is at the bottom of the video you want to share.
  3. Select the people you want to share your video with and click “send.”

What features are available for Instagram TV?

The main one is that it is an independent app, and that we can also access it easily from our Instagram account. This app is characterized because it allows you create and share longer videos up to a maximum of 10 minutes, it also allows you to “like”, comment and share the content you want with other users through direct messages; It also allows you to categorize the content you want to consume. Finally you can download or save videos on your smartphone or pc using the application IGTV Video Downloader that you can get in the Google Play store.

Does it matter if I don’t use the Instagram App to share something?

No, IGTV is an independent app you can access it from your team’s application, however, if you want to grow your community of followers either because you are a content creator or a company, the ideal would be for you to get double advantages using both IGTV and Instagram.

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If you are on a Smart TV

Unfortunately IGTV is not yet available on smart TV platforms, therefore, it is necessary to install IGTV on your smartphone, and then implement a screen mirroring method.

If you are connected via Chromecast

To send the Instagram signal to the TV, we must use the Google Home device which allows us to bring content such as video and photos, from our phone or Tablet to the TV. First go to the Google Home app and then click on the dispositivo Chromecast (in the same way Android TV or Android Box) to which we want to send the signal. Then in the screen to define the background, we select the option that says “share screen”.

share videos on instagram igtv of your smartphone

How to copy a link from some Instagram content?

Start by selecting the content you want to copy the link to, then search for the three dots icon Sometimes you will find this icon at the bottom, bottom of the right side and top of the right side, then display the menu and the option to “copy link or copy link” will appear and that’s it.

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Is it possible to link a mobile to IGTV and share content?

IGTV can be used from a mobile or a computer, to use from a Android or iOS mobile. Start by downloading the IGTV app (go to your Android or iOS app store), after you download it you must register, but if you already have an Instagram account with the section started, it will automatically recognize you.

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