How to Share Posts on Instagram Stories? – Stories Feed

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How to Share Posts on Instagram Stories? – Stories Feed

The Stories function on Instagram has given many registered in this social network the ability to connect with their audience, in addition to having a better interaction with followers. Despite being a fairly simple tool, many people do not know how to share stories on Instagram.

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What does Instagram allow when sharing other people’s posts?

This section of Instagram allows you to share more personalized posts than usual, in addition to making them more interactive with followers. The reality is that you can go from a simple post with a monochrome background, to boomerangs, short videos with filters, place photos with background music and more.

Can a post be shared from a public profile?

In fact, you can access the option to share a post on Instagram even being out of the app. In the case of having a public profile, you just have to follow one of the two options that we will detail below:

  • Access the application and once the interface loads, click on the + icon in the upper right. You will be shown a pop-up window where you will choose what type of post you want to make. You just have to choose the one you prefer best and follow the steps to move forward.
  • The other option is to go to the photo gallery and press and hold the photo you want to share. Depending on the phone you have, the options that will appear may vary, but you have to locate the one that refer to Send or Share. Once you select it, you will see all the available options depending on the apps you have installed.
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If you choose Stories, you have the advantage that you can choose the best templates for Instagram Stories and better connect with your followers.

What does Instagram let you do if the other’s profile is private?

It is also possible share posts in your Feed or Stories When you have a private account, the only difference is that only those who follow you and / or you have accepted will be the ones who will see your publications. Of the rest, you can do the same as in public accounts and in the same way. You can even announce your birthday on Instagram using Stories.

how to see instagram posts in a storie

How to share a post from another user on Instagram stories?

Instagram allows you to share a wide variety of publications that other users post with any of your followers or contacts on Instagram. The idea of ​​that is that all content can be seen and that in some way, the account that made the publication has relevance on the platform.

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What option is the one that allows you to share another publication in your story?

This option is right at the end of the options that are under all the publications and that it is shaped like a paper airplane, When you select it, a small window will open in which you can send that publication to your followers or contact, or publish it in your story directly.

How to edit post history before sharing?

Instagram itself has functions so that users can add filters and make certain modifications to their publications, either in the stories or the Feed.

  • Change the size and position of the post
  • Add text with or without animation.
  • Add filters available on Instagram
  • Save the post
  • Add a tag
  • Add location, mention a user, add gif, questions, music and more.

As for the way of editing, this will be up to each one, since there are many tools or functions that are adapted according to the needs. Sometimes just apply a filter and voila, while other times you will have to be more precise in the edits.

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Is it possible to send the publication to other people by message?

In fact, if possible and this is achieved by the option or icon that resembles a paper airplane. After you select it, you can choose any of the contacts that appear there or look for a specific one.

step by step method to place a post in an instagram story

Does the other person find out when someone else shares their posts?

This will depend on whether you have activated your account posting notificationsThat is, someone else can choose whether to receive a notification when you make a post of any kind or not. If you don’t, they won’t know you’ve posted something unless they see it in the beginning.

Is it possible to also share someone else’s stories on Instagram?

If it is possible to do this, with the only exception that you cannot share the story of another user in your story, but you can send it through the same Instagram chat, other social networks and even share them on Facebook home.

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How do you share someone else’s story in your stories?

Both yourself publications in your Feed, Like the publications of other users on Instagram, they can be shared in the story, with the great advantage that you can edit it to your liking and if you want, tag the user who is the owner of the photo or video you want to share.

Mention notifications on the Activity tab

In this tab you can see if another user has shared their publication and if they have mentioned you, if it is a mention in a normal publication, you can reply directly from there without having to enter the publication.

share stories on instagram

What are the notifications of private messages for?

They serve to be aware of who are the users who write to us and have the option of accepting or not that message. That is, you can accept it and send it to the main tray, or leave it in spam and not accept it.

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What to do if you want the other person to know that you shared their story or post?

You can do a number of things, from sending your post to that person privately, mentioning in stories, and even your post comments. Another thing that you can also do and is less invasive, tag that contact of your interest in your publications.