How to Sort Text Alphabetically in Word Automatically?

How to Sort Text Alphabetically in Word Automatically?

How to Sort Text Alphabetically in Word Automatically?

We usually use text editors like Word to make works and any type of document in which it is necessary to add written information. Despite the many functions that this program has, there are many that average users are not aware of, among one of the most forgotten, the possibility of being able to sort a text alphabetically.

Using this function is not very scientific, of course its application will depend on the needs of each person. But in general terms, it is enough to make 3 clicks to be able to order any text that is previously shaded. Anyway, we will talk more about this function.

In which versions of Word can you automatically alphabetize a document?

As it develops a new version of a program, its functions can improve and be much more precise or disappear due to poor use or poor implementation. One function that has been kept in the program is to write a text in uppercase and lowercase letters with accents, although it is not necessary to know how to handle yourself well on the keyboard.

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In the case of the Sort function, this has been maintained since the Word 2003 version up to the most recent. Of course, in the case of Word 2007, it will surely be a bit difficult for you to find said function since this version of the program was characterized by having reorganized the functions in each of its panels.

How can you alphabetize a Word document?

Keep in mind that you can do this operation regardless of whether you are from a Windows or Mac computer or from the same Web version. Each of these gives you the same function and possibility. However. To be able to sort alphabetically a list you have created in a Word table:

To alphabetize a list

To order a simple or separated text by paragraphs, you just have to do the following, but not without first mentioning that the first letter of the word that begins the paragraph will be taken into account:

  • Shade paragraphs or lines separated by a space
  • Then you will go to the order option.
  • To do this you have to locate in the File tab and then select the AZ option with a down arrow.
  • A box will appear where you can choose whether the order will be ascending or descending.
  • Then you click OK and the changes will be applied instantly.
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sort text in word

If you want to alphabetize a table

In the case that you have tables, there is not much difference. Best of all, you can apply this function on separate tables. Therefore, we recommend that you divide the Word sheet correctly to avoid complications. After this, you have to:

  • After you have the table created, you are going to select it, no matter where you do it.
  • Next you will go to the option of Table Tools Design and there we click on Order.
  • Here you will be shown a series of options or criteria that you can take into account. Among these criteria are:
    • o Choose which column you want to sort alphabetically
    • o If you want to order a second column, you can choose the After by option and modify it as you wish
    • o Choose if the order will be ascending or descending
    • or you can modify header row if you think it necessary.
  • After you have made all the pertinent modifications or adjustments, you proceed to click on Accept and the changes will be executed in the table you have selected.
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How to automatically alphabetize a Word document from mobile?

The truth is that there is not much difference with the desktop versions, of course you have to be aware of whether the version of Word you have installed on your phone It has the latest features. To avoid cheating, it is best to go to the app store and update the app from there.

This will not only help you to have all the functions of the program, but it will also make it much easier for you to be able to place the date and time in a Word document very easily. The rest, computer alphabetically on mobile it is necessary to follow all the steps that were mentioned a moment ago.

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