What is a PC fan? What are its characteristics and what type of fans are there?

What is a PC fan? What are its characteristics and what type of fans are there?

Almost all electrical equipment due to its constant use tends to heat up, the heating in equipment such as computers could cause Prosators are overloaded and damaged. That is why a specific supplement is very necessary to help cool the internal system.

It is curious that all computers they have a kind of fan inside, which in normal terms works at a very high speed all the time and many people wonder, what they are for, how they work and what they really are. We have chosen to disclose such information to you as this article progresses, let’s get started.

What is a computer fan and what do they do?

This specific class of fans are known as “Electros” they are called by this name because they are extremely small and make no noise at all. Such objects are a miniature version of the classic fans that we have inside our homes.

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But the different materials of this type of fan they are very different from the components of common fans. The blade of these is always usually made of light and resistant plastic, the small cables that it has are made of fine copper and are almost never made of steel material and the plate that holds them is also made of plastic.

The voltage of the electros of computers is very low, it is almost always of 5V, and the maximum voltage is 20V. The voltage of computer fans always varies depending on the size, since the larger the magnet and the larger the copper bond it will be able to carry more electrical load.

Its source of energy is electricity, once the electro pin is connected to the socket on the computer board, it will only wait for electricity to start moving. Although the fan always stays connected to the computer board This will not stay on due to the diversion of electricity that the motherboard has.

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Only when the CPU power button is pressed the diversion of electricity to the electro is removed. So all at once the fan starts working and spreads fresh air everywhere it can.

What are computer fans for?

All computer integrations come in small iron drawers or narrow plastic plates. As the various circuits and processors on the boards begin to work, they begin to heat up rapidly and lelectros fulfill the task of cooling said cards.

If the computer boards become overheated, the pc may shut down or sometimes it will not respond. The computers that require good cooling are mini laptops or laptops, since unlike desktop computers these do not have a special drawer that gets fresh air.

what are the different brands of pc fans

On the other hand, the tabletops have a lot of space inside the drawer and the fans that these computers have are large. What allows to absorb and spread enough air to the internal PC boards. However, Laptops have an extremely small electro and their force to extract and spread air is very low. However, sometimes the computers have a deficiency in the power supply and therefore the electro does not work well.

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Fans voltage according to PC

When it comes to desktop computers, the fans that use these are from 20V to 14V. The two different draw voltages of these fans are based on the size of the CPU. If it’s a laptop these usually use electros from 12V to 9V, have a low consumption due to the fact that they are smaller. If it is a mini laptop the voltage of the electro is at least 8V to 5V.

These types of fans can be put to work up to the voltage of a phone charger. So your computer can have a good cooling, it is important that you clean it inside and out.

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